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Gu Ruoyun ignored Yun Yan's exclamation. Her eyes had remained on the Clan Leader as she slowly declared, "If there's no other business, it's time for me to leave now."

"Alright." The Clan Leader smiled. "Once you're done with your matters outside, I'd like to trouble you to pay the Secret Order another visit."

Gu Ruoyun nodded before she turned to walk out of the door, not saying another word.

"Leader, wait for me."

Yun Yan, who was still in shock, and hurriedly chased after her and walked out of the door at the same time.

The Clan Leader watched Gu Ruoyun as she left and sighed, "While this little girl's features are far too similar to Yu'er's, her personality is entirely different! Yu'er is far gentler but she is cold and is not concerned with worldly matters. However, her daughter has certainly inherited one of Yu'er's traits. If anyone ever lays a hand on her loved ones, she will make them regret it for their entire life!

The Clan Leader chuckled softly when she remembered the rumors surrounding Gu Ruoyun in the secular world. She then relaxed and a smile bloomed on her wrinkly face.



Just as Gu Ruoyun had stepped out of the clan hall, a snow-white figure descended from the sky and fell into her lap.

The little fellow blinked its large, bright, and intelligent eyes. It then made chirping noises at Gu Ruoyun as if it wants to say something. Unfortunately, no one could understand what it was trying to say.

"You want to come with me?"

Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders as she asked.

The little fellow nodded vigorously, afraid that Gu Ruoyun would refuse to take it along with her.

"Alright, I can let you come with me but if you wish to stay by my side, you must listen to my every command. Understand?" Gu Ruoyun swept her eyes towards the little fellow and spoke casually.

The little fellow nodded again. It had decided to sell itself out completely for the sake of more pills.

"Since you agree, I will allow you to tag along."


As soon as Gu Ruoyun had spoken, the little fellow leaped and forcefully burrowed itself into Gu Ruoyun's clothes until only its little head peeked out. It would be impossible to notice its presence without looking carefully.

However, when the little fellow buried itself into her clothes, Gu Ruoyun's expression turned black.

The little fellow had brushed against her bosom as it placed its claws on her chest. It even rubbed them several times enthusiastically. Ultimately, that was not satisfying enough so it had placed its little head on her bosom like a pillow, looking utterly satisfied and at ease.

"Er." Yun Yan was shocked. He quickly turned around and said, "I didn't see anything."

He never thought that not only was the Lord Sacred Beast a glutton, it was also very... Perverted!

"I don't want anyone to find out about this little fellow tagging along with me." Gu Ruoyun turned towards Yun Yan and spoke very clearly. "Do you understand? If I find out that word of this matter has leaked out, I'm afraid that your small life would not be guaranteed."

The little fellow's identity was not like the others. If someone were to find out that she had this little fellow in her possession, it would draw trouble.

Yun Yan was so frightened that his body shook uncontrollably. He then hurriedly made a solemn vow, "Don't worry, Leader. I'm very watchful with my words so I will never reveal this carelessly! Otherwise, may I be struck by lightning and suffer a horrible death!"

Gu Ruoyun nodded and was just about to speak when an anxious voice rushed over in front of them.

"Lady Gu, there's a man outside the Secret Order gates and he's asking to see you!"

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