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"Father, I'm not bluffing, it really is Yun'er!"

Dongfang Shaoze's entire face was filled with glee as he quickly shook Master Dongfang.

Unfortunately, Master Dongfang was not having any of it.

'You must be hallucinating! Yun'er isn't home!"

Master Dongfang scoffed as he kept his gaze trained at a different direction and did not turn around at all.

Suddenly, a hand landed on his shoulder which made him furrow his brows impatiently. He lifted his hand to slap it away as he muttered, "Damned kid, I've told you, I'm not going to fall for your tricks! Quit annoying me and get your butt back to cultivation. How are you going to be any match for Yun'er and Shengxiao with your cultivation speed?"

Before Gu Ruoyun and Gu Shengxiao were born, Dongfang Shaoze was the top genius in the Dongfang family! Master Dongfang was terribly proud of him too! Unfortunately, in contrast with those two, Dongfang Shaoze's cultivation speed was not worth a second look now.

As Master Dongfang was flying into a rage, a leisurely voice rang out behind him.

"What? Are you losing your temper when I've just returned? I guess it would be better for me to leave."

That voice was very familiar and caused his body to stiffen immediately.

Master Dongfang turned around mechanically. His eyes, filled with disbelief, looked at the grinning woman. He then rubbed his eyes furiously and was so shocked that he could not even speak.

"You... Yun'er? Impossible, this must be an illusion, it's an illusion!"

Yun'er is on the East Peak Mainland, how can she possibly be here?

This is all an illusion!

"Looks like Master Dongfang does not welcome my return. I had come back with some good news for you but since I am not welcome, I'm going to leave now."

Gu Ruoyun turned around as she spoke.

Master Dongfang finally returned to his senses and charged in front of Gu Ruoyun with a whoosh, blocking her way.

"Yun'er, are you really Yun'er? You're back?"

One could not really blame Master Dongfang for his disbelief about Gu Ruoyun's return. After all, he has had this hallucination so many times until even when the real Gu Ruoyun was standing in front of him, he does not dare to believe it!

"I've come back this time with other matters to attend to. I had stopped here to visit you all because it happens to be along the way."

Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders and stared at the old fellow's disbelieving face with a tight smile.

The old fellow hesitated for a long while before he reached his trembling hand out to touch Gu Ruoyun's face. When he confirmed that she was indeed real, this old man finally believes that the woman in front of him was really Gu Ruoyun!

Instantly, hot tears began to fill his eyes. He opened his mouth but was speechless.

"Yun'er, you're back, you're really back! Do you know how much your great uncle and your maternal grandmother have missed you all these years? Your great uncle had even run to the East Peak Mainland to gather some news about you. He has just returned to the Spirit Sect and your maternal grandmother has gone to see him."

Hearing what the old fellow had said, Gu Ruoyun's heart softened and her face lit up with a smile, "Maternal Grandmother has gone to the Spirit Sect? Looks like I won't be able to meet her this time. Please send her my regards when she gets back. Tell her that I'll come back to see her once I've finished everything that I need to do."

"Yun'er." Master Donfang furrowed his brows and asked, "You mentioned that you've returned to attend to some matters. What are these matters? Do you need any help?"

"There's no need." Gu Ruoyun shook her head. "I'm only going to look for something. I'll be back very soon. By the way..."

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