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The Underworld?

Left Protector?

Those words rang into their heads and the guards looked at each other. One of the guards then joined his fists in reverence as he said, "Please wait here, I will inform His Imperial Majesty immediately."

He muttered a few words into his comrade's ear before he quickly rushed into the Imperial Palace...

"This Imperial Palace sure is troublesome!"

The woman behind the Left Protector raised her willowy brows as the corners of her eyes flashed with impatience. "Come on, we've come from the Underworld but they've actually barred us from entering! These people are certainly audacious!"

"Quit your nonsense!"

The white-robed Left Protector glanced cooly at the people behind her when she heard this and replied in a cold and distant manner, "It's best to avoid talking nonsense in the world outside. Even though the Underworld is more powerful than the Heavenly Moon Empire as a whole, the Emperor of the Heavenly Moon Empire is also a cultivator in the ninth transformation state. If he causes trouble, we won't be able to leave this place today!"

The Underworld may be powerful but the Left Protector does not hold the same power as the Underworld's Governor. Hence, she understands the situation very well!

"Yes, Lord Left Protector."

The woman quickly lowered her head after being chastised by the Left Protector and replied with reverence.

Not too long after that, the guard who had left to make the report quickly ran over. He faced the group of women with reverence and spoke respectfully, "My Lords, our Imperial Majesty welcomes you."

"Let's go."

The white-robed woman straightened her sleeves before they headed into the palace gates.


The Heavenly Moon Empire's Emperor was seated on his dragon throne in the main hall. He rose to his feet immediately when he saw the group from the Underworld entering the main hall, escorted by a guard.

In the eyes of the world, the current Underworld faction has lost their position as the most powerful force in the Dark Earth Realm and the Spiritual Military Academy now holds that position! Nevertheless, only those who have reached the same rank as the Emperor of the Heavenly Moon Empire knows very well just how powerful the Underworld truly was. How could they possibly be on the same level as the Heavenly Moon Empire?

However, ever since the Underworld's Master had disappeared back then, the powerful cultivators who had once followed him also began to live in seclusion and no longer appeared before the eyes of the world.

Even though the Underworld's current Governor was not as powerful as those cultivators, he has broken through to the ninth transformation state. This way, the Underworld was almost on par with the Heavenly Moon Empire so even if the other party was only the Left Protector from the Underworld, the Emperor could not put on airs in front of them.

"Ladies, may We ask what business do you have with Us?"

The Emperor smiled cooly as he asked. His tone of speaking was devoid of his usual cold and arrogant air.

"Your Imperial Majesty, as You've gotten right to the point with your question, I see nothing wrong with being straightforward in our answer. Our objective here is very simple, we're here for the sake of the Moon Soul Herb. The Underworld's Young Master desires it very much and I wonder if You could gift it to us, Your Imperial Majesty?"

The Left Protector politely replied.


The Emperor was shocked. He clearly had not anticipated the Underworld's reason for journeying here. He knitted his sharp brows and replied, "It's not that We don't wish to give it to you, We've already used the Moon Soul Herb as a prize in our competition. This Moon Soul Herb is only useful to those aged thirty and below. Besides, it's only effective towards those at the exceptional state and is useless to anyone at the refined state. May We ask why the Young Master of the Underworld wants to utilize it?"

"Our Young Master wishes to use the Moon Soul Herb to save someone. If Your Imperial Majesty would give this Moon Soul Herb to us, the Underworld would be deeply grateful to You. The Young Master himself would owe You a debt of gratitude."

The Left Protector calmly raised the corners of her lips though her eyes remained somber.

"Left Protector, if you had arrived a month earlier, We might have been able to gift this Moon Soul Herb to you." The Emperor of Heavenly Moon Empire shook his head and sighed, "Unfortunately, We've already promised the Moon Soul Herb as a prize in this competition. If We were to give it away now, the Heavenly Moon Empire will be criticized for going back on our word. How about this, once the competition is over, have your members of the Underworld step out personally to make an exchange with the winner for the Moon Soul Herb. Does that work for you?"

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