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At the same time...

A hurricane rose from within Gu Ruoyun's being. The hurricane was very powerful and destroyed the surrounding trees in an instant. Dust flew everywhere, turning everyone's vision into a blur.

"It's a breakthrough to the refined state!"

The Regional King immediately paused in the air as he stared at Gu Ruoyun in shock. "If it had not been for that lord's orders, I could never bear to kill a genius such as this."

Unfortunately, such a peerless genius would turn out to be that lord's enemy!

Qianbei Ye paused as well and his scarlet eyes stared at Gu Ruoyun. His gaze was filled with pride because this talented and powerful woman belongs with him!

"I've not experienced another breakthrough for a long while and I did not expect to breakthrough at a time like this." Gu Ruoyun smiled gently and looked at the shocked crowd. "Is it your turn now?"

She slowly raised her hand and did not give anyone else the chance to speak as the Nine Emperors slashed down once again with a loud crash until the heavens and earth cracked! The flurry of dust that rose buried everybody, causing them to disappear from the face of the earth.

"Half an incense's time has passed." Qianbei Ye lifted the corners of his lips and turned towards the man before him. "I had mentioned that I would only allow you to live for half an incense's time."

The Regional King was staring dazedly at Gu Ruoyun's direction and did not hear a word Qianbei Ye had said. When he finally reacted, it was too late! The man's hand had landed on his head.

"You... Aren't you at the late stage of the refined state?"

The Regional King had only managed to utter this question before he died. Unfortunately, his skull exploded like a watermelon soon after with a loud crack and blood spilled all over the ground.

Qianbei Ye did not look at the Regional King anymore as he slowly turned around. However, when he turned his gaze towards Gu Ruoyun, his blood-red eyes instantly narrowed as he quickly cried out, "Yun'er, watch out!"

Sadly, it was too late. Qianbei Ye had just spoken when a black shadow appeared behind Gu Ruoyun. The man's hands, which were like the talons of an eagle, immediately clasped tightly around her neck.

Their new adversary was an old man dressed in black robes whose entire figure was shrouded in darkness. Dark and creepy, he was very terrifying and caused Gu Ruoyun to heighten her vigilance. She had not sensed the man's presence so one could imagine the old man's power.

"Hand over the Ancient Divine Pagoda!"

The old man's voice was gloomy as he spoke coldly.

"If you hurt a single hair on her head, I will give you a taste of hell!" Qianbei Ye's voice was filled with powerful murderous intent as his entire body was enveloped in a gloomy aura. There was an unprecedented look of rage in his bloodthirsty red eyes.

In contrast with Qianbei Ye's anger, Gu Ruoyun had remained calm. She smiled coolly as she asked, "Which master do you serve? Is it the Regional King or the Emperor? No, you can't be the Regional King's man or you would have tried to save him!"

The black-robed man scoffed icily. His voice filled with arrogance and disdain as he replied, "Neither of them is fit to deserve my loyalty. My true master is another!"

It was likely that the Heavenly Moon Emperor was unaware that the Regional King was not the only one who harbors wild ambitions. Even this black-robed old man that the Emperor had trusted explicitly was not loyal to him at all!

"I'm guessing that you and the Regional King both serve the same master. Am I correct?" Gu Ruoyun smiled calmly. "The only thing is, I'm curious. What had you used to conceal your aura? I couldn't even detect your presence at all."

The black-robed man scoffed icily, "I only want the Ancient Divine Pagoda. You're not fit to possess any knowledge on anything else!"

Qianbei Ye saw that the black-robed old man had placed all his attention on Gu Ruoyun and quietly raised his hand as a red light flickered in his eyes! However, just as he was about to attack, a sword-like black figure shot out from behind him and crashed into the black-robed old man.

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