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To be precise, the Clan Leader wants to save the entire Dragon Clan!

"Hmph, you overestimate yourself! Do you think you can defy me with just your powers alone?" Murong Xiao raised his head arrogantly as his disdainful eyes slowly swept across the Clan Leader's elderly features. "All of you, attack and catch this old geezer."

He commanded the Dragon Clan indifferently and looked as if he was watching an entertaining show.

The Dragon Clan fell silent and no one made a move.

A sinister light flashed in Long Xin's eyes when he saw this. "If you aren't going to attack, I will attack first! The Clan Leader has offended the Dragon King, damn him!"


At that moment, Long Xin moved in a flash towards the Clan Leader and raised his hand, ramming it against the Clan Leader's chest.


Long Yuan reacted and immediately stepped in front of the Clan Leader, raising his hand to stop Long Xin's attack.


Long Xin's body was instantly pushed backward. He spat out a mouthful of blood and his pale white face was filled with malice.

"Long Yuan, so you want to help the Clan Leader!"

Long Xin's expression was rather unsightly as he gave Long Yuan a deathly glare.

"I believe the Clan Leader's words!" Long Yuan scoffed coldly. "Besides, the Clan Leader is right. You can see that Murong Xian is a vicious and merciless man from the way he wants to make use of Lan Ge's body to raise his powers. Someone like that will never lead the Dragon Clan to greatness but to ruin! I'm not doing this for the Clan Leader or for Lan Ge's sake. I'm doing this for the entire Dragon Clan's future!"

"Hmph, Long Yuan, you'd better stop denying it. You are the Clan Leader's dog!" Long Xin responded viciously.

He has never liked Long Yuan all the while. Now, with such a good opportunity on hand, how could he let it go?

Long Xin looked at the unmoved citizens of the Dragon Clan and sneered, "Will you choose to listen to the Dragon King's order or the Clan Leader? If you betray the Dragon King, you will probably never want to experience the consequences!"

Long Xin was right!

The Dragon King was their Dragon Clan's faith. When asked to choose between their faith and the Clan Leader, they would naturally choose the former.

The members of the Dragon Clan looked at Long Yuan and the Clan Leader at the thought of this. Even Long Yan and Long Ling'er were surrounded by all of them.

"Don't be afraid, Ling'er, I will protect you. Cough, cough."

Long Yan wanted to comfort Ling'er but coughed out another mouthful of blood instead. He looked very frail.

Long Ling'er did not speak. Her eyes were not as bright and quick-witted as before. Instead, they were dull and lifeless. It was obvious that the events of today have shaken her to the core.

She did not dare to believe that the members of the Dragon Clan would turn out to be this way!

"Clan Leader, we're sorry, we have no other choice!"

One of the Dragon Clan's elders stared at the Clan Leader apologetically, "Why don't you obey Murong Xiao like us? The Dragon King has approved of him so we can't be mistaken in following him. The members of the Dragon Clan could not possibly betray the Dragon King!"


The Clan Leader scoffed coldly and turned around. He no longer looked at the members of the Dragon Clan as his stern eyes shot like knives towards the man in the sky.

"Do you intend to get us to kill each other?"


The man laughed coldly, "If you can endure attacking your own Dragon Clan citizens, you may do so now!"

The Clan Leader's body trembled and he closed his eyes hopelessly.

This fellow was right.

He could be cruel to people like Long Xin who had betrayed him yet he could not do the same to the others who have been misled! Murong Xiao knows that the Clan Leader would never attack these people and all he needs to do now was to sit down and enjoy the show.

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