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"I know that you want to obtain the Ancient Divine Pagoda so that you can reach the Full Circle State which no human has yet to reach! However, you should also know that there's another way to reach the Full Circle State and that's by merging with my soul. If you merge with my soul, you can break through to the Full Circle State. However, if I were to merge with you, the person who will achieve the Full Circle State is me!"

Cang Ming laughed disdainfully as he stared mockingly at Qianbei Ye, "Are you planning to compete with me and see who can merge with who first?"


Qianbei Ye snarled at Cang Ming, "It should be who defeats who! The loser will then disappear from this world along with his soul! I wonder if you would dare to fight this battle with me?"


Cang Ming burst into arrogant laughter. "Qianbei Ye, both of us had suffered ten thousand years ago! At that time, you were heavily wounded and had no way of merging with my soul. Hence, you could only seal me away. I was then trapped inside that seal for around ten thousand years while you, on the other hand, slipped into a coma because of your heavy injuries. Even your powers had diminished to such a degree. Though your powers have been restored substantially over these past few years, you're still no match for me! In this world, I can't exist if you exist and you can't exist if I exist. There should only have been one of us in the first place!"

Gu Ruoyun, trapped in the formation, listened to the conversation between the two as her heart filled with panic. She banged her fists violently against the invisible wall.

"Qianbei Ye, let me out!!!"

"Qianbei Ye!!!"

Qianbei Ye's body stiffened when he heard her slightly hoarse voice.

However, he did not turn back to look at the woman in the formation whose eyes were filled with despair.

He was afraid that if he turned around now, he would be plunged into an endless agony.

"Cang Ming, why don't we go out and fight?"


Cang Ming burst into wild laughter again. "Qianbei Ye, I'm not like you. I'm heartless and merciless yet you are an affectionate person! If it had not been for this woman's presence, you would never have slipped into a coma that year nor would your powers have regressed to such a degree! Now, you have left the hope of survial to her! Is it worth it for you to do this?"

"Whether it's worth it or not, it is not for you to decide. This is my own decision."

Whether it's worth it or not, it is not for you to decide. This is my own decision...

The man's voice was like a heavy weight as it slammed violently into Gu Ruoyun's heart, causing her to feel a searing agony. She then looked on helplessly as the peerless man left the cave with Cang Ming. Before he left, she cried out in a rough voice, "Qianbei Ye! The child and I... will await your return! Our child and I will wait for you!"

The man paused before he walked out without looking back.


Gu Ruoyun's fist punched forcefully against the protective shield as she stared at Qianbei Ye's departing figure. Tears began to stream down silently from her face. At this moment, she seemed to lose all strength and her legs gave way before she crumpled heavily onto the ground.

Zuo Shangchen, who was next to her, quietly watched the silently weeping woman and was about to console her when he remembered that he could not speak. He placed his hand on her shoulder and patted her gently.

Gu Ruoyun's body stiffened and she turned to look at the evildoer behind her.

"Zuo Shangchen, this pill is the antidote to your poison." Gu Ruoyun said as she procured a pill from her lapel. "You will be able to speak again once you've taken this. I had not given you the antidote at the time because I was afraid that you would expose the fake Qianbei Ye. If that had happened, we would truly have been in danger."You know you in deep shit with bae calls you by your full name.He definitely knows he's in trouble with bae.

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