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"Are you done?"

Zuo Shangchen's heart grew anxious and he asked nervously when he noticed that there was no longer any movement or noise behind him.

"It's alright now."

Gu Ruoyun nodded. Her voice was still a little frail.

"You're done?"

Zuo Shangchen was shocked and a look of astonishment flashed across his face.

Even though he has never witnessed anyone giving birth, he knows that a child will wail loudly once they've arrived in this world. However, the scene behind him was silent and there was no sound at all.

This feeling made Zuo Shangchen very uneasy and he could no longer ignore it. He quickly turned around and headed towards Gu Ruoyun.

"Xiao Yun'er, is something wrong with the child? Err..."

Zuo Shangchen had just reached Gu Ruoyun when he was shocked.

He saw was a pair of bright, jet-black eyes staring curiously at him. There was an innocent look in those eyes and just as Zuo Shangchen was coming out of his shock, the little baby smiled at him.

The baby's smile was so pure and clean that it made one think of a white sheet of paper without a single blemish or flaw.

"Xiao Yun'er, is this fellow your son?" Zuo Shangchen was entirely dumbstruck. "Why isn't he crying? He's even smiling at me! Furthermore, your son has the power of a Martial King at birth?"

More importantly, why was this newborn not all wrinkled up? This little one looks as soft and smooth like a jade bracelet. He was so adorable that one could not help but want to pick him up and kiss him violently.

Of course, he does not know that this little one had already begun to cultivate while he was in Gu Ruoyun's belly.

One should know that Gu Ruoyun was now a cultivator at the late-stage of the Refined State! The spiritual energy which had been refined and tempered through her was so pure that it could not be any purer! If a Refined State cultivator were to temper and refine spiritual energy for a cultivator at the beginning stage of the cultivation journey, their breakthroughs would be exceptionally rapid!

However, aside from this little one, no one else had started cultivating before birth...

"He has finally come out after almost a year." Gu Ruoyun carried the little baby in her arms as her eyes filled with tenderness. "Unfortunately, Xiao Ye had not known that I was pregnant and had not given you a name. However, you must have a name."

She then fell silent for a moment. After a long pause, she smiled and stroked the little baby's tiny nose.

"You shall be named Qianbei Xun, alright?"

The soft, supple and jadelike baby seemed to understand what Gu Ruoyun said and flashed her a brilliant smile. He reached his little arms out and gesticulated with joy in an adorable manner as he smiled and gurgled.

This scene filled Zuo Shangchen with even more wonder. "This is indeed the son of two abnormalities. This fellow is also fated to be a small abnormality!"

He could already imagine the little one's outstanding talents!

The little one was a mixture of all of Qianbei Ye and Gu Ruoyun's good qualities, how could he not excel?

"Xiao Yun'er, you and Qianbei Ye draw admirers very easily. When your child is older, I'm afraid that all the women on the mainland will be attracted to him."

Zuo Shangchen narrowed his peach blossom eyes and smiled at Gu Ruoyun.

"Evildoer." Gu Ruoyun passed the baby in her arms to him with a sense of reluctance in her eyes. "I'll need you to help take care of Xiao Xun'er for a while. I must have my breakthrough quickly!"

Xiao Xun'er has just arrived into the word. How could she bear to leave him in another person's care?

However, she had to do this! She could only save Qianbei Ye once she has broken through!

"Don't worry."

Zuo Shangchen held the little baby and smiled magnificently. "I will take good care of my godson for you."

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