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"Why, why did you do this to me?" Murong Qian stared at Cang Ming with despair, "We have no grudge between us, why had you let a spiritual beast hurt me?"

Each time Murong Qian thought about how she had copulated with a spiritual beast, her heart would twinge painfully.

"Why?" Cang Ming laughed icily and slowly swept his gaze across Murong Qian with eyes filled with contempt, "You're not worthy to know that!"

You're not worthy to know that...

This reply was like a sword which stabbed violently int Murong Qian's heart and caused her to feel unbearable pain! Suddenly, she smiled but that smile was absolutely wretched.

"I regret it. I regret believing in your sweet nothings, I regret losing my judgment and mistaking you for him."

"Did you know how happy I was when you had descended from the sky and asked me to become your woman? I had mistaken you for being Qianbei Ye and you had not denied it! How would I have known that you were someone else?"

"Cang Ming, do you feel no pity for me after being together with me for one year?"

She widened her eyes and looked at Cang Ming as her frail voice slowly rang out.

Cang Ming coldly shot her a look. "There has never been love in my heart and I certainly would not feel pity for you. Murong Qian, you're too stupid. You can't blame anyone else."

Murong Qian slowly closed her eyes. Her features turned even paler as the pool of blood grew.

Indeed, it was my extreme stupidity which had caused me to believe him...

However, who would have thought that there would be someone in this world who looks exactly like Qianbei Ye? When faced with such a peerless man, who could resist his powerful charms?

Hence, it was because of this that I had fallen into his hands, unable to escape!

Once Muring Qian came to this realization, her hands slowly slipped to the ground and she gradually stopped breathing...

Her death had not affected anyone in the great hall. Everyone was indifferent as if they had not seen her at all. Instead, they were staring cautiously at the man who looked exactly like Qianbei Ye.

"Qianbei Ye." Cang Ming's eyes slowly landed upon Qianbei Ye before his cold arrogant voice rang out again. "In this world, I can't exist if you exist and you can't exist if I exist. One day, the two of us shall fight to the death!"

Once he had said this, he carried the dead little lion and flew out of the great hall.

Some had wanted to rush out to stop him but Gu Ruoyun restrained them.

"Stay, we have no way of defeating this fellow at the moment so chasing after him would be useless. However, I wonder what he plans to do with that dead demi-beast human?"

Gu Ruoyun knitted her brows as her eyes filled with confusion.

Lan Ge looked at Gu Ruoyun before he slowly explained, "That demi-beast human may be dead but his talent is substantial. He could be considered to be a product by chance in ten thousand years amongst demi-beast humans! If my guess is right, he intends to eat this demi-beast human to raise his own power! Also, it's a good thing that this demi-beast human is dead. Otherwise, he would be unstoppable when he grows up."

Lan Ge was glad about this.

When the dead demi-beast human had stepped into the world, he had sensed a terrifying power about it. It was a good thing that Murong Qian had come here to stop Qianbei Ye from marrying Gu Ruoyun.

Otherwise, no one could stand in this demi-beast human's way in the future!

"Continue the ceremony."

Qianbei Ye turned away and spoke indifferently as he looked at Liu Yue who was shocked into a daze.

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