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The Underworld's power was the greatest of all in this entire world, that was without a doubt. Even the people of the First City was no match for the Underworld's might.

"Alright." Gu Ruoyun nodded. "Leave Cang Ming to us. You can join forces with the Four Divine Beasts to deal with everyone else!"

"As you command!"

The people of the Underworld joined their fists and quickly charged towards Cang Ming's subordinates! With the addition of these people, the battle quickly became one-sided. Cang Ming's subordinates were unable to defend against the Underworld's people and were easily trampled over.


Cang Ming did not care about his subordinates' casualties. His lips curled into a disdainful sneer as he turned towards Gu Ruoyun and the others.

"It's useless no matter how many people come to your aid. Not only have I returned to the peak of my power, but I'm now more powerful than ever! Even though I was at the late-stage of the Ninth Transformation State in the past, I was still a substantial distance away from achieving the Full Circle State. Now, I'm only one step away from reaching the Full Circle State. Do you really think that you can defeat me as you are now? Hahaha!"

Cang Ming burst into maniacal laughter. The dominance on his face was clear for all to see.

"Little girl."

Zixie turned towards the woman next to him and curled his lips into an enchanting smile. His purple eyes were full of tenderness like a pool of water filled with indulgence.

"Cang Ming at present is indeed very powerful. If this were ten thousand years ago, anyone of us could go against him. However, that's not possible now! Not only has he recovered the powers from his peak after consuming the little lion's body, his power has even increased by one level. So..."

He paused. The smile on his face carried a hint of warmth, "If I run into any danger, I hope that you can forget about me..."


Gu Ruoyun's heart clenched. She was not aware that the situation has grown so dire!

"Zixie, the three of us have gone out to battle so we have to return home together!" Gu Ruoyun looked at the two men by her side and said, "Xiao Ye, you are the most important person to me in this lifetime. Zixie, you are a companion I can never lose. 1 I don't wish for any of you to be in danger. No matter what happens, you must both survive or I will blame myself for the rest of my life!"

If there really was any danger, Gu Ruoyun believes that these two men would sacrifice their lives to save her from harm! This was not what she wants.

She wants the three of them to return home together!

Zixie smiled as a wave of hurt appeared in his demonic purple eyes. He turned towards Qianbei Ye and smiled bitterly. "Qianbei Ye, I used to object you being with her but now, I know that you love her with your life! If I can leave her to you in the future, I won't have any more worries."


Gu Ruoyun's heart throbbed as she grabbed the man's hand.

She does not know why but she felt that the purple-robed man's hand was icy-cold and that he has turned ashen-white.

"Xiao Ye had mentioned that we might stand a chance to defeat Cang Ming if we stand together! Nothing can possibly happen to you!"

Zixie smiled but he declined to comment. "Little girl, you must remember that if you're in any danger, you must unlock the last door in the Ancient Divine Pagoda! That door can save your life once but you only have that one chance!"

Furthermore, once she has opened that door, the mission he had inherited from the ancient times would be complete... Way to rub the friendzone in the poor phoenix's face, GRY... 😅

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