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Concubine Liu closed her eyes in despair.

She knows that she has now fallen into an unavoidable calamity!

"I beg you, kill me."

Asking Feng Qianhuan to kill her was better than enduring this torture...

"Don't worry, I will most certainly kill you. The only thing is, I'm waiting for your blood to stop dripping before killing you!"

Feng Qianhuan raised her brow as a bloodthirsty light flashed across her eyes, "This is the price you have to pay for harming Chen'er!"

She considers Zuo Chen to be her only blood relative on this strange mainland. Besides, the previous owner of this body had begged her to take good care of Zuo Chen before passing away.

However, Zuo Chen had still ended up being hurt by others.

How could she ever forgive these people?

Gu Wanbai's eyes sparkled as her bright eyes stared at Feng Qianhuan. She likes her temper.

"Hey." Gu Wanbai seemed to remember something all of a sudden. She turned towards Qianbei Xun and said, "Your great-grandfather's birthday celebration is coming in a few days. Your parents should be joining the celebration so when are you going to get going?"

Qianbei Xun raised his brow. "Once this matter is settled, I will take Feng Qianhuan along to introduce my mother to her daughter-in-law. Furthermore, I want you to send a message to great-uncle and tell him that he must bring Yan Zichen along when he makes his way to great-grandfather's birthday celebration in the Dongfang family home!"

He reckons that Yan Zichen must have fled the palace while he had rushed over to save Zuo Chen.

Unfortunately, regardless of how far he could run, it was useless!

Gu Wanbai felt her body shiver at the sight of Qianbei Xun's eerie smile. She then backed away and asked with mild sympathy, "How did that fellow named Yan Zichen offend you?"

"Mm?" Qianbei Xun stroked his chin as the smile on his handsome face deepened. "He wanted to challenge me for my wife."


Gu Wanbai leaped in anger when she heard that someone had the audacity to fight Qianbei Xun over his woman. Her graceful little face was full of rage as she gritted her teeth and spat, "That b*stard actually dared to try and snatch my Master's daughter-in-law away! He's simply digging his own grave! Where's that b*stard? I'm going to destroy him right now!"

Qianbei Xun's woman was not just anyone but her Master's daughter-in-law!

How dare he scheme to take my Master's daughter-in-law away? He must be sick of living! If that fellow were to fall into my hands, I would certainly poison that fellow to death one day!

Based on the conversation between the two, they did not seem to place any importance upon the Spirit Sect and were taking Yan Zichen very lightly.

It was as if Yan Zichen was only a tiny little ant to them and they could end his life whenever they wished.

When Concubine Liu overheard the conversation between the two, she once again fainted from shock...

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