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The Dongfang family home.

As it was Master Dongfang's birthday celebration, Dongfang city was thronged with people. Powerful cultivators from all around the mainland have come to send their best wishes and even the two organizations from the greatest peak of the mainland had sent their representatives over.

At this moment, Qianbei Ye had his arm wrapped gently around Gu Ruoyun's waist as they walked along the bustling streets of Dongfang City. His lips were raised into a pretty and flirtatious angle as his red eyes stared at the lucid and elegant woman next to him.

"Yun'er, it's Master Dongfang's birthday today. What do you think we should gift him with?"

Gu Ruoyun gently shrugged her shoulders. "The past years of closed-door pill refinement has allowed me to refine a pill which could allow a Martial Honor to break through to the Exceptional State immediately. However, the person who consumes this will encounter difficulties in cultivation in the future. Nevertheless, to an old man who's already unable to progress in his cultivation, it would be the best present."

The old man's birthday was drawing near. If she wants him to live on for a much longer period of time, the only way was to give his powers a breakthrough! However, based on his talent and age, it was impossible for him to progress any further. Hence, that was why Gu Ruoyun had abandoned Qianbei Xun during these past few years while she left with Qianbei Ye to find a suitable place for closed-door cultivation.

Her purpose had been to conduct research on pills.

She had brought Gu Wanbai along because that girl's talents and area of expertise was immensely helpful to her!

It was a good thing that she had been successful in her research before Master Dongfang's birthday! With this pill, it would not be a problem for Master Dongfang to live on for another hundred years.

Just as she and Qianbei Ye had decided to continue forward, an arm reached out from behind them followed by a voice filled with joy.

"Xiao Huang'er, we've finally found you!"


Before that hand could land on Qianbei Ye, powerful energy exploded from the man's body and caused the other man to stumble back. 

"Xiao Huang'er, you..."

Zi Qianjing furrowed his brows. Just as he was about to teach him a lesson, he lifted his head to find a stranger's face looking back at him.

He was shaken and rubbed his nose in embarrassment. "My apologies, I had mistaken you for someone else. Your back looks too similar to my younger brother's so I had thought you were him."

Earlier on, he had been rather curious when he had spotted the two figures from a distance. When had this kid, Ye Sihuang, become enlightened and would allow a woman to accompany him? However, who would have known that he had mistaken that man for his brother...

However, he never thought that someone else's back would bear such a strong resemblance towards Ye Sihuang!

They had the same head of silver hair and crimson robes! Based on how similar they looked from the back, it would have been strange if he had not mistaken this man for Ye Sihuang!

Qianbei Ye gently furrowed his brows and ignored Zi Qianjing. His red eyes were turned towards the couple who had rushed after Zi Qianjing instead.

Those two were the very definition of a handsome man and a beautiful woman! The man was devilishly handsome and the woman was magnificently exquisite! However, in Qianbei Ye's opinion, no matter how outstanding the couple looked, it had nothing to do with him.

All he cares about was the terrible power which the two had concealed.


Qianbei Ye wrapped his arm firmly around Gu Ruoyun's body as a peculiar light flashed in his blood-red eyes. "These two are very dangerous."

They were the most dangerous people he had encountered so far!

"Qianjing, come back here." Mu Ruyue looked at Zi Qianjing and called out to him lightly. She then slowly turned her gaze towards Gu Ruoyun and her ice-cold eyes filled with admiration.

She never expected such a powerful person to exist in this dimension as well! Indeed, each dimension has its own leader in the hierarchy! If her guess was correct, these two hold a powerful existence that none could attain in this dimension!

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