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"That's not a bad idea." Ye Wuchen followed suit and descended from the sky. His handsome was face lit up with an enchanting smile as he continued, "However, I need to ask my daughter's permission first. Of course, I certainly want to unite our families in marriage."

"I will help you to find your daughter but I need to attend an old man's birthday celebration first. I wonder if you'd all like to come along?"

It was rare for Qianbei Ye to meet a rival that he respected so he would not let go of this good opportunity so easily.

Ye Wuchen thought for a moment before he turned towards Mu Ruyue and asked, "Yue'er, what do you think?"

Mu Ruyue nodded gently. "It isn't much use for us to search blindly here. Why don't we join the birthday celebrations with them? As for searching for Xue'er, it shouldn't be a problem with their help."

Mother and daughter were connected by heart.

She has a feeling that her daughter was not too far away in this world...


As it was Master Dongfang's birthday celebration, the Dongfang family home was now filled with many visitors. Also, due to the Dongfang family's current level of prestige on the mainland, everyone had to lower their head even to the Dongfang family's footboy regardless of how powerful their organization was or how famous they were.

In the great hall, Master Dongfang was busily looking everywhere until even his vision had turned vertical yet he could not see the figures he wanted to see the most. A disappointed light flashed in his eyes.

Just as he was sighing in lament, a familiar voice suddenly rang out and caused his elderly figure to freeze instantly.

"Great-grandfather, I'm back."

There was a smile in the youth's voice and Master Dongfang turned around. His gaze landed upon the youth's handsome and beautiful face.

Master Dongfang opened his mouth and was about to speak when he saw the magnificently beautiful young girl who was next to the youth. He was immediately slightly dazed. "Xun'er, who's this?"

"Great-grandfather, this is my wife." Qianbei Xun ignored Feng Qianhuan's protests and dragged her into his arms. The corners of his lips curled into a smile as he continued, "I had come here today to introduce her to all of you."


Master Dongfang was dumbfounded.

This kid, Qianbei Xun, had moved so quickly? He was able to entice such a devastatingly beautiful woman into his arms?

Lan Yuge was able to recover herself the fastest and stepped forward to grasp Feng Qianhuan's hand. She then smiled and said, "Little girl, has Xun'er caused you any trouble?"

Lan Yuge knows Qianbei Xun's character very well. This fellow has a short temper and was very domineering. She was worried that he would bully this little girl.

Feng Qianhuan looked at Qianbei Xun and smiled as she replied, "He hasn't caused me any trouble. He has even helped me out several times."

If it had not been for Qianbei Xun, Chen'er's life might have truly been at risk.

"Haven't my maternal grandfather and grandmother as well as my parents arrived?" Qianbei Xun looked around the great hall as he furrowed his brows.

"They should be on their way and should arrive very soon. Xiao Xun'er, once your parents see that you've found a wife, they will certainly be very excited." Lan Yuge's gaze was tender as she spoke with a gentle smile on her face.

Despite the many years that had passed, Lan Yuge's looks were still well-maintained. She was as beautiful as a twenty-year-old woman, no one could have noticed that this woman was already nearly a hundred years old.

Just as Qianbei Xun was about to speak, someone made an announcement outside the hall, "Master, Madam, the Honorable Sir Tianqi of the Spirit Sect has arrived with gifts."

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