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The Honorable Sir Tianqi?

Lan Yuge was overjoyed when she heard this and she hurriedly rushed out the door.

A gray-robed figure could be seen in the far distance from the Dongfang family courtyard. Lan Yuge paused in her footsteps and smiled at the old man who was walking quickly towards her, "Big Brother, you've arrived!"

The Honorable Sir Tianqi laughed. "I had run into some issues on the way over so I had arrived a little late. Oh, that's right, let me introduce our Spirit Sect disciple, Yan Zichen."

A few days ago, the Honorable Sir Tianqi had received Qianbei Xun's request for him to bring Yan Zichen along to the birthday celebration. However, the letter had not stated any specific reason and though the Honorable Sir Tianqi was confused by this request, he had brought Yan Zichen along.

Yan Zichen put on a humble front when he faced Master Dongfang and Lan Yuge and seemed modest and polite. "Master Dongfang, may your fortune be as boundless as the East Sea and your life last as long as the South Mountain! I also wish you and the Madam perfect harmony and to be blessed for the rest of your lives."

"Big Brother, this little fellow from the Spirit Sect is quite the sweet talker and is also very polite. He's not bad." Lan Yuge smiled as she spoke.

Her first impression of Yan Zichen was quite favorable. At least this kid was very polite in front of her.

"Oh, that's right. Has that niece and great-nephew of mine arrived?"

The Honorable Sir Tianqi seemed to remember something as he asked.

Lan Yuge was just about to answer his question when she suddenly heard Yan Zichen's surprised voice, "It's you?"

She then noticed that Qianbei Xun and Feng Qianhuan had stepped out from the great hall. She looked at Yan Zichen again and her eyes flickered as she asked.

"Do you know each other?"

Yan Zichen was quick to figure out the situation.

Only those who have an exceptional identity could participate in the birthday banquet.

Hence, regardless of how angry he was feeling, he had to force it down and smile. "Madam, I had met this silver-haired youth in the Imperial Palace not too long ago and a dispute had occurred. However, it's not too much of a hindrance! Our fight is one between men and should not involve her! Don't worry, Madam Dongfang, I won't spoil the occasion over selfish matters."

By saying this, he had divulged his personal enmity with Qianbei Xun but had also displayed his high principles at the same time by promising not to disrupt the banquet because of their personal issues.

Based on Madam Dongfang's good impression of him, she would certainly chase this damned kid out. He has long heard that Madam Dongfang was very defensive until she would discard all decorum just to shield those who were in her favor!

Yan Zichen, who was lost in his own thoughts, missed the change in Lan Yuge's smile which gradually transformed from warm and inviting to distant and courteous.

It goes without saying that Yan Zichen had been overthinking things.

In the beginning, Lan Yuge had indeed had a good impression of this polite fellow. However, that impression had only stemmed from their first meeting. Which great-grandmother would chase her own great-grandson away just for the sake of an outsider whom she had just met?

No one would ever do anything like that.

"Based on the meaning behind your words, it seems that you have a dispute between the two of you. Can you tell me what that is?"

Lan Yuge clearly does not want to let this go as she stared at Yan Zichen with a smile.

Yan Zichen had assumed that Lan Yuge wanted to stand up for him and secretly glanced at Qianbei Xun. He then turned towards the woman in front of him who was as gentle as calm waters.

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