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"Madam, it's not really a big issue. This mister here has stolen something which I cherished and taken my woman away. I can deal with this matter discreetly and I don't want to trouble you."

No matter how Yan Zichen thought about it, he never would have guessed the relationship between Qianbei Xun and Lan Yuge.

After all, Young Master Dongfang, Dongfang Shaoze, had never taken a wife so this fellow could not possibly be Lan Yuge's grandson!

As for Gu Ruoyun and the others from the East Peak Mainland...

Why should Gu Ruoyun's son take notice of a princess from a small country? Even if he had, knowing Gu Ruoyun and Qianbei Ye's power, they would not possibly agree to let their son marry a princess from such a small country!

However, Yan Zichen had clearly over analyzed this. Not everyone would prioritize a marriage between families of equal social rank and not everyone would want to separate a pair of lovebirds from the younger generation...

"Has something like that happened?" Lan Yuge replied indifferently and spoke in an apathetic manner, "Big Brother, is this fellow the most remarkable disciple out of the Spirit Sect's younger generation? I don't think that he's all that!"

Yan Zichen's smile froze in place as he stared at Lan Yuge in disbelief. He blinked in astonishment.

He could not understand what had just happened.

Didn't Lan Yuge have a good impression of me? Why did things suddenly turn out this way?

As Yan Zichen was still working through his astonishment, the Honorable Sir Tianqi chuckled. "I have overlooked this matter as well. I too, never thought that Yan Zichen would have been such a two-faced person. Since that's the case, I will have him dismissed from the Spirit Sect."

At that moment, the Honorable Sir Tianqi finally understood why Qianbei Xun had wanted him to bring Yan Zichen here. This fellow had actually wanted to snatch Qianbei Xun's woman away. Besides, he had even vilified Qianbei Xun in front of Lan Yuge.

Knowing his sister's defensive nature, how could she tolerate this?

The Honorable Sir Tianqi's words struck Yan Zichen like a bolt of lightning. He was dumbfounded as he asked in a trembling voice, "Honorable Sir, what have I done wrong to cause you to dismiss me from the Spirit Sect? If you do this, wouldn't it draw the ire of the Sect Elders and the Sect Master?"

After all, he was the number one disciple in the Spirit Sect! What right does the Honorable Sir Tianqi have to dismiss him?

When the Honorable Sir Tianqi heard this, he swept an indifferent gaze across Yan Zichen's face as he replied, "The pills from our Spirit Sect are supplied by the mother of the kid whom you have accused of robbing you of your cherished item! Isn't that enough?"

The pills from the Spirit Sect were all supplied by this b*stard's mother?

Doesn't the Spirit Sect's pills come from Gu Ruoyun?

Could it be...

Yan Zichen's body shook as he thought of something. His legs nearly gave way and he almost fell onto the ground.

At this moment, his face has turned pale as he stared at Qianbei Xun in horror. His heart was gripped with such intense fear that he could not say a word...

This kid is the son of that famous number one cultivator?


This is simply impossible!

If he really is that person's son, why should he have noticed Feng Qianhuan?

After all, Feng Qianhuan was only a princess from a small country...

Qianbei Xun did not seem to notice the fear in Yan Zichen's eyes as he lifted his chin and spoke cockily, "Great-grandmother, can you make an announcement for me that I want him ostracized from the mainland. If any organization were to take him in, they would immediately become enemies of the Cloudy Wind Empire, Red Lotus Territory, and the Secret Order!"

The Cloudy Wind Empire was Gu Ruoyun's organization and Gu Tian was the Grand Lord of the Red Lotus Territory. As for the Secret Order... Dongfang Yu had inherited it several years ago!

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