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Feng Qianhuan did not even bother to look at Yan Zichen the entire time. She had stayed by Qianbei Xun's side from the very beginning and her blood-red eyes were filled with smiles. The space between her brows was also filled with pride.

"Let's go."

Qianbei Xun slowly turned around and wrapped his arm around Feng Qianhuan's waist as they walked back towards the great hall.

Yan Zichen finally returned to his senses after the two of them had left. He then threw himself down and knelt in front of the Honorable Sir Tianqi before begging with a frightened look on his face, "Honorable Sir, I was wrong. I was really in the wrong. Please don't do this to me..."

The Honorable Sir Tianqi scoffed coldly as he swept his cold and distant gaze at Yan Zichen.

"Do you understand your mistake now? Unfortunately, it's too late. Yan Zichen, you have offended someone whom you should never have offended in the first place. Otherwise, you would not have ended up like this. Men, take him away."

"Yes, Honorable Sir."

Hearing this, two Spirit Sect disciples immediately stepped forward and grabbed Yan Zichen without giving him a chance to fight back. They then forcibly dragged him away.

His face was the color of dead ashes and he clearly understood that he would be ostracized from this mainland for the rest of his life.


Lan Yuge was still feeling a little bit angry after they had re-entered the great hall. She spoke fiercely, "Big Brother, how does the Spirit Sect select their disciples? How dare he claim that he was the number one member in the Spirit Sect? He had the audacity to fight with my grandson over his wife. You actually had the courage to accept someone like that?"

A bitter smile formed on the Honorable Sir Tianqi's face as he shook his head in exasperation. "Yan Zichen had performed very well while he was in the Spirit Sect. He was modest and polite and his talents were exceptional. Who would have thought that he was actually that kind of a person? I had misjudged him as well but you can now rest assured. Someone like Yan Zichen would never have the ability to fight Xiao Xun'er for a woman."

"Even if he isn't capable, I'm annoyed by his attitude." Lan Yuge replied irritably. However, when she looked at Feng Qianhuan, her expression changed and the corners of her lips curled into a tender smile. "Oh. that's right, I haven't asked you about your name."

Feng Qianhuan was about to reply when Qianbei Xun interrupted her, "Great-grandmother, you can call her Xue'er."

"Alright." Lan Yuge smiled gently as she softly grasped Feng Qianhuan's hand and asked, "Xue'er, where are your parents? I want to discuss your marriage with Xiao Xun'er with them."

Feng Qianhuan's body froze as a complex look flashed across her blood-red eyes. "They're in a faraway place."

They were so far that they were not even in the same dimension.

"That's no hindrance. You only need to tell me where they are and I will immediately send someone to fetch them over."

Lan Yuge clearly had no idea about what Feng Qianhuan had meant as she continued to ask with a gentle smile on her face.

Feng Qianhuan gently pursed her red lips and wanted to explain things when a voice suddenly chimed in from outside the great hall. Lan Yuge shook when she heard that voice and her eyes filled with excitement.

"Grandfather, grandmother, Xiao Ye and I are here to celebrate your birthday."

A green-clad figure quickly walked into the great hall and appeared in Master Dongfang and Lan Yuge's line of sight.

"Xun'er, why are you here as well?"

The green-robed woman was about to approach Lan Yuge when she suddenly noticed Qianbei Xun who was next to her. She paused in her footsteps and looked a little bit embarrassed.

After all, she and Xiao Ye had abandoned Qianbei Xun all on his own in the Cloudy Wind Empire. Now that the youth they had abandoned has found them, how could she remain aloof?

Indeed, an aggrieved look appeared on Qianbei Xun's handsome face when he saw Gu Ruoyun. "It's great-grandfather's birthday, how can I not be here? As for you two, you're finally willing to show yourselves."

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