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The youth's words were filled with resentment but most of his anger was gone. After all, if he had not gone off to search for Gu Ruoyun and Qianbei Ye, he would never have met Feng Qianhuan.

"Xiao Xun'er, this young lady is..."

Gu Ruoyun noticed the young girl next to Qianbei Xun and she gently raised her brow as she asked.

"Your future daughter-in-law."

Qianbei Xun pulled Feng Qianhuan into his arms. He then lowered his gaze towards the young girl in his embrace as he said, "Xue'er, this is my mother. You can call her mother just like me."

However, Feng Qianhuan did not react to Qianbei Xun's words. Her eyes were instead fixed upon a couple who had just entered the great hall with Qianbei Ye. Her blood-red eyes were filled with excitement.


Qianbei Xun was shaken and he followed Feng Qianhuan's line of sight. At that moment, a handsome-looking man and a beautiful woman entered his gaze.

He furrowed his brows and was just about to ask some questions when the young girl in his arms struggled in his embrace before she broke free and rushed madly towards the white-robed woman.

From the moment they had entered the room, Mu Ruyue's eyes had been drawn towards Feng Qianhuan. With one glance, she was immediately able to confirm the young girl's identity.

When Mu Ruyue returned to her senses, the young girl was already in front of her and shot forcefully into her arms.

"Mother, you're here, you're finally here!"

The young girl hugged the white-robed woman tightly. Her arms were trembling and even her voice was no longer haughty and egotistical.

They're here, they're finally here!

Feng Qianhuan no longer held back as all the grief and hurt she had suffered over the past few years exploded out into the open. Her arms were clasped tightly around Mu Ruyue, unwilling to break apart.

Ye Wuchen's demonic eyes gazed at the two most important women in his life as his handsome face lit up with a smile. He then stepped forward and pulled his wife and beloved daughter into his arms.

No one knows the incomparable emotions they were feeling at that moment!

It has been ten years!

Ten years have passed since Xue'er had left them. During these past ten years, they had searched relentlessly for her day and night. They never thought the day would come when they would be reunited again.

Qianbei Xun narrowed his eyes as he stared at the white-robed woman who was hugging Feng Qianhuan. A nearly undetectable light flashed across his handsome features. 

Is this woman Xue'er's mother?

According to Xue'er's own words, her parents were not in this dimension. Where had these people come from?

"Looks like your daughter and Xun'er have already met." Gu Ruoyun stared at the family of three who were hugging each other as a smile lit up her face. "It seems that we were really fated to meet. We were just saying that we wanted to ask you to matchmake your daughter with Xun'er yet I never thought that they would already be acquainted with each other and have decided to marry."

When Qianbei Xun heard Gu Ruoyun's words, he turned to look at her and said, "Mother, I didn't think that you would be so impressive and decide on marrying me to Xue'er. With this, I can forgive you for the offense of abandoning me."

He never expected to have such a strong fate with Xue'er. Even if he did not meet her now, she was fated to become his wife sooner or later.

Qianbei Xun's lips raised into a brilliant smile at the thought of this as his black eyes gazed quietly upon Feng Qianhuan. An unusual look of gentleness appeared in his eyes...

Qianbei Ye walked towards Gu Ruoyun's side and pulled her into his arms. There was a charming smile on his face as he said, "Yun'er, looks like Brother Ye's daughter is destined to become our daughter-in-law. Once Master Dongfang's birthday celebration is over, let's hold their wedding ceremony."

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