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Fairy Tail - Rise of Rune Knight
Author :Darthnorther
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15 chapter 13

The Donovan family was standing with their luggage in front of their house waiting for Ardent to close the door with the magic rune. He had been trying to do it for some time yet there seem to be some problem with the runes.

Claire glared at her husband and said," Your runes had always been poor. If not, then you would have become the head of the rune Knight of a region by now. "

Ardent wasn't willing to back down and said," it isn't my fault. The runes always try to annoy me. Look here, I remember it was this seal that I used last time. "

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" Then how is it working. We are always late because of your stupidity," she yelled at him.

" Hey, not Every time. You take a long time to dress up and get ready. You are the reason we are late for occasions half the time. " He left the work of closing the door and decided to fight with his wife this time.

Arthur was scared by the yelling of his parents and moved closer towards Daven and asked," Is Everything going to be alright?"

" Don't worry Arthur. There is nothing serious reason between them to fight for a long time." And then Daven cane forward to close the door.

His father was writing close on the rune line to complete the circuit which was the former lock. But, it was changed last time, the current word to close was" shut".

He input the word and the runes around the house glowed brightly once and then faded away.

This bright light brought the fierce discussion between the two adults to a halt and then turned to Daven," what was the word?"

" Shut". He replied.

" Of course. How could you not think of it earlier?" Claire asked.

Daven intervened so that the fight does not continue, "Mom, Dad, aren't we getting late? And you should calm down, Sarah is still sleeping." As Sarah started to feel uncomfortable from the sound of their fight.

They turned to see the uncomfortable Sarah trying to sleep peacefully on Daven's arm and decided to cease their aggressive discussion.

"Fine. let's get going then."Ardent told his family. " Come and stand around me with your luggage. It would be better if you touch me."

Everyone did as he asked, even Daven who knows the trick joined them.

Arthur asked his brother," Big brother, you can travel the shadow so why are you joining us?"

" Yes, I can do that. If I am alone, I could travel that far without a problem but I am carrying Sarah and her grip is strong. The amount of magic needed for two people to travel like that is well over the current me." Daven explained it to Arthur.

Claire placed her arms on one side of her husband's shoulder and daven held the other side. Meanwhile, Arthur gripped his father's Legs.

After that, Ardent thought," Shadow Magic: travel"

A purple array was formed below them which sucked them inside. They were in complete darkness until they reached their destination.


location: Fairy tail guild, Magnolia city

The fairy tail guild like every day was in chaos. The guild members have started a food fight which later evolved into throwing anything they got hold off until their opponent is knocked out.

The two sides leaders were Macao Conbolt and Wakaba Mine respectively.

This battle ended in a double knockout along with massive bills for damage repair.

The third Guild Master of Fairy tail sat on his chair by the bar and cried out at the thoughts of the guild repair cost. He thought to himself," I am already poor by paying the damage they cause in their mission and now there is guild repair cost in the list too. " He sobbed quietly.

His hands run through his hair or what remained if his hair and thought,' I had great blonde hair before second Master left for his journey and made me the Third guild master. I thought he was happy because he was proud of having a good successor, but it seemed it might be due to his escaping from the troubles caused by the guild.

Dealing with the council's nagging and writing apology letter for the destruction the kid's cause had caused my hairs to fall and they have even turned white.

I need a successor so I can be free from all the stress. '

Beside him sat Gildarts who laughed at the event happening in the guild along with the distressed one on the guild master due to the destruction they are causing while drinking alcohol directly through the bottle.

His eyes trailed towards a six year old brown haired girl who had her hair tied in a volumnous ponytail style. She had an orange sundress with straps hold on her shoulders.

' She is a good kid and will be a powerful mage in the future when she grows up. She has a large Magi reserve not compare to Laxus let alone Daven yet enough to show she may be a potential S rank mage in the future.'

On thinking about potential S rank, an image of both Laxus and Daven happily playing in the clearing as kids came in his mind. He turned to look his grandson Laxus who sat at the far corner seat at the bar alone away from everyone else.

He sighed sadly,' Since I banished Ivan, he has changed so much. Damn you, Ivan, how could you do that to your own son. '

At that very next moment, the door of the guild opened with a loud bang.

Everyone's eyes turned towards the door. A family of five were standing there. Two adults, one of them a handsome male and another was breathtaking beautiful female, whom some of the older members of the guild recognize, along with three kids.

The eldest of the kids held a sleeping kid on his arms, who had woken up from the loud noise and looked around.

She was curious about the new place she arrived until her gaze fixed on the short old man. She shouted out in delight," Grandpa Makarov!!". She jumped out of Daven's hold and ran towards him as fast her legs could and hugged the diminutive old man with great enthusiasm.

This was returned back by a similar amount of enthusiasm. He pulled her up and placed her on his lap as he sat back on his chair and asked," Did Sarah miss her grandpa?"

" Umm uhh, yes, I did," Sarah said happily and by this time, her family had entered the guild and arrived near Makarov with the exception of Daven.

" Good morning, Master" Ardent and Claire greeted him.

Meanwhile, Arthur greeted Makarov, similar to Sarah, with a happy smile and a hug.

" You have grown bigger since the last time I saw you. You are even stronger ." Makarov said after initial greeting to Arthur while touching his biceps. Arthur was happy and proudly declared," Now I can even run to Daven's secret training ground with Sarah."

Makarov knew what Arthur was doing but he let him show off," Really. Then you can even defeat various animals and monsters hidden in the forest."Makarov asked since he wanted to see how far Arthur was from his brother Daven.

In the age of four, he could outrun small animals in the forest.

Arthur thought of bragging how he could beat them and protect Sarah But, Sarah didn't give him the chance.

She revealed the incident regarding the Vulcan to everyone.

After hearing this, Claire was angry, forget angry, she was outright livid. Her children were in danger l, although they were unscathed. " So you attacked by a forest Vulcan in the forest and why haven't I heard about it yet, Arthur?"

Her magic was running out of her body and people who remembered her past rampage, ran away from the guild shouting," White witch is on a rampage. Save your life."

Ardent was walking away from her but she gripped his shirt and pulled him towards her," So did you know about it too, dear?" She had a very sweet smile on her beautiful face but it doesn't bring any gaze towards her. All of them were afraid of her.

He was terrified beyond belief and couldn't utter a word," umm.. ii.... Yee.... Noo... Yes"

And when she heard 'yes', she turned to her father figure," Master Makarov, can I use the basement?"

Although she requested, she wasn't willing to accept a no and he just nodded. Too terrified to speak.

She pulled her husband towards the basement but ardent tried to escape her hold. He held onto table chairs and even dug his finger on the floor but except for mail marks, nothing else happened.

She took her husband inside and closed the door.

Everyone except for the clueless Arthur and Sarah sighed in relief. Their life was saved.

Gildarts mumbled out loud enough for everyone to hear," She had become even more terrifying after becoming a mother. I almost wet myself when her gaze passed over me. "

Makarov nodded and said, "nothing is scarier than a mother especially when she learns her children were in danger. "

Laxus and Daven chatted among themselves. They watched the episode between husband and wife.

Laxus grumbled to his friend," You just dodged the hit. "

" And I am very happy about it."

As soon as he uttered this, Claire opened the door with a bang and a whimpering sound was heard. Her eyes ignored everyone and settled on Daven," Daven dear can you come and join your father, please. It seems I wasn't diligent enough in teaching you about not lying to your parents or hiding things from them."

His face turned as white as a ghost and Laxus Almost burst out laughing. But he persevered knowing if he did, he would be joining them in the basement.

He bit his tongue hard enough to draw blood. Daven wanted to escape and he was perfectly capable of doing it, but her eyes told him if he did he won't be liking the consequences.

He walked towards her with a heavy heart. As soon as he entered the gates of hell the door slammed shut.

All the senior members who were aquatinted with her temper prayed for their life.

Arthur who was still confused asked," Grandpa what happened? Why did the mother call Dad and Daven?"

Gildarts felt it was too early to

introduce young Arthur to such

horror and simply lied," They are getting some things your mother used in her childhood here at the guild. Don't worry nothing will happen to her. "And thought in his mind, ' But I am not sure Ardent and Daven will be fine after she what she does to them.'
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