Fairy Tail X
1 A Wish
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Fairy Tail X
Author :TheSystemsChild
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1 A Wish

Year X793

It's been one year since that battle with Acnologia. A bunch of things happened, but... We're all doing great.

Yes... A lot happened. Let's start with me.

The novel I had been writing bit by bit on the side somehow managed to win the new author's prize. I didn't sell a ton of books and become super rich or anything, but one of my dreams did come true.

Miss Anna is still in this time. Meeting your own ancestors is a bit of a weird thing, but I still go visit her from time to time. She's a teacher at a small village now, apparently.

Gajeel and Levy have gotten super close. Looking at them makes me feel kinda jealous. Wait. For a moment, I thought I heard her say "Baby", but... That was just my imagination, right?

Wendy is with me at my side. Ah! I forgot that she got better hearing than me... Wendy often goes with Charle to hang out at Lamia Scale pretty often. They made her participate in the Lamia Scale Thanksgiving day Festivities again. "I can never tell what Toby's thinking", or "Sherria's learned to use a little magic!". She's always telling me what's going over there with a smile.

As for the other guilds? Well, Minerva won Sabertooth's customary eating contest this year too. And over at Blue Pegasus, Ichiya got selected as Hoy. And Mermaid's Heel is now the exclusive model agency of weekly sorcerer.

Everyone's doing really well. I'm so glad.

I'm worried about Gray and Juvia, too, but... Lately, there's been a few other boy-girl couples that have been worrying me. Elfman and Eva? Yeah I'm worried about them, but they're pretty close. Laxus and Mira? No, no! But there was a rumour like that going around for a little. Laxus and Lisanna? Laxus and Cana? This guy's just full of rumours.

Yeah, I think the two I'm most concerned about...

It's the two that somehow always just happened to pass each other by, Erza and Jellal.

Now, for a bit of tangent, the previous king of Fiore went into retirement, and princess Hisui succeeded the throne. The Queen has begun trying to re-establish relations with alvarez, and has been trying hard to bring wealth back to this country. And as part of that initiative, Jellal and everyone else in Crime Sorciere were pardoned and so, Jellal and the others were freed. I thought for sure Erza'd be super happy about it, but... Really! I can never tell what this girl's thinking. But, I know. Ever since the pardon letter arrived, Erza, despite never having any interest in it, started doing her hard every single day.

As a result of what happened back then, master's legs aren't what they used to be, but the master's as cheery as ever. And, from time to time, he'll talk rather mysteriously about what happened back then.

Uff! Everything's so happy! I almost feel myself being enveloped by a warm something...

Do fairies have tails? In fact, do fairies even exist? An eternal riddle. An eternal adventure. That's the story behind our guild's name. We're a bit more rough around the edges than that cute name would imply, but every day's a blast, and I love everyone in this guild. I hope everyone finds one.

Something as irreplaceable to them as Fairy Tail is to me.

Something like these beloved friends.

These beloved friends that I have.




These beloved friends that I have lost.

I lost them...

I always wished it was all a lie.

I always wished that everything's alright.

That's everything is so happy. I wished it was really that way everything had end up. We defeated Acnologia and happy ever after. But, it's not. We lost.

Everything was going all right. We managed to confine Acnologia using Fairy Sphere but it was not enough. Our magical power was not enough to contain him. Meredy tried to connect the whole continent's magic but in the end her body didn't manage to withstand it and as she fell, everything collapsed. We failed in sealing Acnologia. So, he became more powerful that Natsu and the others stood no chance in killing him. Almost everyone is dead.

Everything is a lie.

Everything is but a simple wish of mine.

But now I have the chance to change it all back.


This is the only chapter where I copy most of the content from the original series. I needed to do this to show the connection of this spin-off to the original series.

I dont want to change the story abruptly. I want it to flow seamlessly from the original series to my spin-off.

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