Fairy Tail X
2 The Ritual
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Fairy Tail X
Author :TheSystemsChild
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2 The Ritual

Walking to the center of a park, Lucy takes out a gold key from her pouch.

"Gate of the Water Bearer, I Open Thee." She says as she thrusts the key on the fountain. A blue-haired mermaid holding an urn appeared while Lucy's clothes changed into her star dress-Aquarius form.

"Aquarius, it's time." She smiles at Aquarius.

"Are you really sure about this Lucy? We don't even know if the King will allow us to be near that thing. You do know that what you're planning to is not as easy as you think. It will not be as easy as going through the Eclipse Gate. " She warned her with a grave expression in her face. She knows it will be really dangerous for Lucy to do the ritual.

"I need to do this Aquarius or else the future will all be gone and the future where Acnologia really rule the world will happen." Fear, dread and conviction filled Lucy's eyes as she steeled herself to put forward her plans.

Then, from her side an orange-haired young man of with delicate facial features wearing blue glasses appeared, Loke. "Is that really the case? You know, I also missed them all."

'I- I want to see them all again..' Tears ran down Lucy's eyes as she remembered the past.

"A Year have past and you've experienced many things while searching for me but you're still a crybaby, Lucy. But, we don't even know if the plan will work." Lucy smiled as she thought how stern Aquarius is as always.

"Yes, it will be dangerous. We might fail even with all the preparations." Loke reminded Lucy as he thought of what might happen to Lucy if they failed.

The plan that their talking about is going back to the past.

The Eclipse Gate, which is capable of this feat, has been destroyed by Natsu in the Festival of Dragons. It is created by the Black Wizard/The Emperor of Alvarez/ The Springgan, Zeref. It is nigh impossible for it to be restored. As Zeref died every creation of ceased to operate so even if they managed to restore Eclipse, it won't work.

After searching for any possibilities, they managed to find a way to turn back time. The book given by the Celestial King to Levy, when they celebrated their release from Fairy Sphere, which halted their time by 7 years, contained notes for how can one can revert time. It was a forbidden ritual hidden from the human knowledge.

Using Ouroboros as a gate, the caster needs to use the 12 Gold Celestial Spirits to support their master's body to withstand the time flux plus the 13th Key, Ophiuchus, the snake charmer, to engage connection with Ouroboros, the symbol of infinity. The caster will then need to pour large amount of magic to support the time gate for one could pass through it.

It is said that Ouroboros, the symbol of infinity was sealed in a place humans are incapable of reaching. But with the help of Levy, they managed to locate it. They learned that Ouroboros was sealed in Celestial Spirit World.

"I've trained hard for this moment. We can do this." A resolute face appeared in Lucy's face.

Seeing her so determined, Aquarius opened the portal to the Celestial Spirit World.
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