Fairy Tail X
3 Celestial Empress
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Fairy Tail X
Author :TheSystemsChild
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3 Celestial Empress

They arrived at the Celestial spirit world.

Lucy was welcomed by her contracted spirits and the other celestial spirits.

"Welcome, old friend! We missed you." A great masculine voice sounded. Lucy saw the Celestial Spirit King.

"Celestial Spirit King, I'm here to-"

"I know what you're here for but no. I can't give you permission." Even before Lucy finished her sentence, she was outright denied by the king.

"B- bu- " "Your Majesty, I plead you to give Lucy permission" Loke pleaded the King. As a member of Fairy Tail, the disaster that happened also scarred him.

"We also plead you, your Majesty!!!" The other contracted spirits also pleaded in unison. They are already accepted to Lucy as their master. Their bonds grew stronger as days past by.

"Hmm. It's not that I don't want to but it's because I also don't have the right to give you my permission." The king said with apologetic smile.

While the king ruled over the silver and gold celestial spirits, he was not the ruler of the celestial spirit world. With the vast space the spirit world has, the inhabitants in this world vastly numbered, with a few beings as strong as he is and even stronger. He can't just give permission to Lucy who will going to do a forbidden ritual.

"This Empress give her my permission." While Lucy is thinking on who and how she would be able to get permission, a voice that astonished the King was which sounded heavenly to ears of all who heard it.

"Everyone, the Celestial Empress, the ruler of the Celestial Spirit World." The king introduced her like a butler introducing his master. Every spirit was overwhelmed by her aura that they knelt down just with her voice.

Lucy was not compelled by her aura but she was also feeling the divine aura from the owner of the voice.

"Good!" After she said that Lucy and her 13 contracted spirits found their selves teleported. In the area, they saw a snake biting its own tile.

"The Ouroboros!" Loke exclaimed.

"Ouroboros, the symbol of infinity." Lucy said as she slowly steps closely to the snake.

"Thank you Celestial Empress!" She then turned back as she thanked the Empress. Although they can't see the empress, Lucy feels that she is watching them in this moment. Hearing no reply, Lucy just scratched her head as she turn around. Then gathering her resolved and focusing once more, she walks forward.

She released the 13 keys in the space. They glowed as they float in front of her. The 12 Celestial spirits also glows as they encircle Lucy.

"Ophiuchus, your turn." the seemingly mechanical-like snake flew around Ouroboros.

"No Beginning No End." Lucy put her hands in front and starts to mutter the chant.

"No End No Beginning." Shining glyphs surround Lucy as she continues to chant. The circle of spirits around Lucy closed their eyes as they gave their essences to Lucy. Their essence flows through Lucy then to Ouroboros.

"The Beginning will be The End and The End will be The Beginning. Open the Gate of Time, Ouroboros." As she pours all her magic, pain went through her body. Ouroboros opened its eyes as Lucy continues to pour her magic to it. Her whole body felt like burning while being electrocuted. She felt like her body is rotting away. She wanted to stop the ritual but memories of the guild appeared in her mind. Reminiscing the guild, she persevere in the spell that might take her life. She felt like the spell has no bottom, it continued draining her magic.

'It's not enough. Our magic is not enough. Lucy stop the ritual.' Aquarius shouted anxiously in her mind. Her body can't move due to being bound by the ritual. 'STOP IT LUCY OR YOU'LL DIE.' 'No. No. No' Without any other choice, she poured more of her celestial magic into Lucy. The other celestial spirits followed this action.

'Again? The magic is not enough again. Will I fail?" asks Lucy to herself.


"To protect the world"

"To protect the guild"

"To protect my family"

"To see my family once again"

"I can't fail"

As she pours every magic she can pour from her body, her body started to dissipate.

"I underestimated your determination, little mage. I'll lend you my help." As the flames of their hope dwindle, a voice reignited it. It was the Empress. She opened her deep eyes that seemingly contained the universe itself.

"Good Luck to your journey little mage" The empress said as Lucy dissipated.

'And I wish you to stop the impending doom to the worlds' The empress thought to herself.
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