Fairy Tail X
4 Memories
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Fairy Tail X
Author :TheSystemsChild
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4 Memories


After destroying Tartaros, everything in Magnolia is in ruins, even the guild. It was a long battle but they emerged victorious.

As Lucy went back to her room, she found a letter. It was a letter from Natsu and Happy telling her that they will go on a journey while training and will be back after a year. Although she got really shocked about it, she was more sad about the fact that they left her. She fell asleep as she cried about it.

The next day, master suddenly gathered them around. It was on that day that Fairy Tail's dissolution was announced. Lucy was really shocked about this development. She went to her house with a blank expression to her face. She sat down in her bed. Tears suddenly ran down her eyes.

"Natsu and Happy are gone. Fairy Tail is gone. What am I going to do now?" She said to herself while tears pouring from her eyes. Unable to take all of that in at once, She sank into a deep depression. She walked around the ruined town without any life in her eyes.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Suddenly, memories came flooding to her mind. Memories. Memories of herself that is not herself. She screamed as the memories flowed into her mind. She clutched her hear trying to bear the pain. In the dead silent night, her voiced echoed. Then, she lost consciousness.

"AcK! Where am I?" She wakes up with her head hurting.

"You're in my house" A grumpy voice sounded. She saw "Porlyusica", their medical advisor.

"Why am I here?" She asks as she looked around.

"You've been heard screaming in the middle of the night. They found you lying on the ground unconscious. I checked your body and everything is fine. Looks like you didn't managed to take the guild dissolution quite well." Porlyusica explained when suddenly a blue-haired girl wearing orange dress came in the room.

"You're finally awake. Are you alright Lucy?" She asked.

"I'm okay, Levy."

"Well, she's fine. But she must not move around for now. She needs to take more rest." Porlyusica said as she left Lucy with Levy.

She remembered the memories that came from her supposedly future self.

"No. Where are the others? I need to warn them all." She said, holding her head, as she tried to stand up. But her legs don't have energy to move so she fell down.

"I told you not to move!" Porlyusica yelled as she came back hearing the loud fall and smacked Lucy.

"Ouch. No. Porlyusica, I need to tell everyone. Levy, where are the others?"

"Calm down Lucy. They already decided to try and find their own path after they checked that you're alright and just need to wake up. They have left. After all, Fairy Tail's no more" Levy said sadly not noticing the anxious face of Lucy.

"Acnologia. Acnologia will kill everyone." Porlyusica and Levy is shocked by Lucy's revelation.

"Calm down, Lucy. Tell me. Why do you say that? What do you me-" Levy asked when someone barged in.

"Oy, oy. What's about Acnologia?" "Eh? Gajeel?" "What's with Acnologia?"

"Quiet, you idiots. She needs to rest." Porlyusica yelled at them.

"You need to calm yourself first Lucy." She added.

After a while, she managed to calm herself down. She then told them about the memories that suddenly flowed to her mind seemingly from her future self after some organizing. She told them about the upcoming war and the conclusion of having to fight Acnologia and losing.

They were a bit skeptical at first, not knowing how did she know about it, but then she suddenly told them about the book that Levy got from the Celestial King which the ritual to turn back the time came from. After they checked it. They managed to somehow believed it.

"Oh boy." Porlyusica said as she went into deep thoughts.

"We need to tell everyone." Levy ponders.

"Why did we even asked about it? You guys never learned your lesson." Porly sighed.

"What do you mean by that granny?" Gajeel yelled but immediately slapped by Porlyusica in return.

"Don't yell" Porlyusica yelled at Gajeel. Gajeel gritted his teeth but remembered the serious topic so he quieted down.

"Don't you guys know about the consequences of time travelling. There's a lot of taboos concerning time travelling." She looked at them seriously then smiled helplessly "Well, that's all I can say as a fellow time traveller."


"Well, that explains why Edolas Grandeney is in this Era." Levy muttered.

"So, she shouldn't have told us? What should we do then?" Seeing that Porlyusica not adding anymore to her story. Gajeel asked.

"What are you all gonna do now? Lucy already told us about it. So no matter what, the future will change one way or another." Porly returned it.

"So, will we defeat Acnologia now? No, future Rogue already went back before but we are still defeated by Acnologia." "True. That doesn't mean you will already succeed"

"Then, there's one answer left. TO GROW STRONGER. and KILL ACNOLOGIA!" Gajeel exclaimed excitedly.

"Council members. You guys have applied to be council members." Lucy while getting information from her memories. She told them all the location she knows when her future self searched for them 1 year later.

"Ok then, let's apply as council members. We need to acquire news about everything we can find. We need to send message to everyone we can. There is still 1 war coming up for our guild" Levy proposed..

"I hear my calling. I need to tell Lily." Gajeel agreed to Levy then ran outside to find Pantherlily. Then, Levy looked at Lucy.

Lucy shook her head. She opened her pouch and showed them the broken key of Aquarius.

She clenched her palm onto the key as she said. "I need to find Aquarius. If my memory serves right, I will find her there and it will also serve as training for me. I will meet you all after 1 year, stronger."

"Good plan but you better rest first." Porly said as Levy nodded.

'I'm not going to be as useless as I am before' Lucy thought as she fell asleep.


Reincarnation to the past. Welp. Tho it's not really that much of a future and rather than reincarnation, it's just the memories of the future Lucy going back to past. Since Fairy Tail has time travel in the first place, I just needed another way to time travel.

1 year time skip after this like in the manga. Lucy's journey to find Aquarius will be a backstory. :D

Natsu will be joining in the next chapter.
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