Fairy Tail X
5 Natsu Vs Lucy
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Fairy Tail X
Author :TheSystemsChild
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5 Natsu Vs Lucy


It's the last day of Grand Magic Games. Everybody is going wild. Everyone is cheering for their own favorite guild. Very soon, the number one guild in Fiore is going to be decided.

"Dullahan Head!!!"

"Skull Millione!!!"

The final match is between Dullahan Head and Skull Millione. The battle started with guilds going head to head with each other. Everyone thought that Dullahan Head will win but to all their surprise Skull Millione won handily. They crushed Dullahan Head. With a moment of silence then followed by wild cheers from the audience. Everybody is going crazy. This signify the end of the Grand Magic Tournament and the new number 1 guild.

"Unbelievable! Skull Millione are our champions! Fiore's number 1 guild is Skull Million!" the commentator exclaimed.

Outside the arena, a group of kids can be seen at the entrance trying to see if they can know how the tournament turned out. They are discussing the possible outcome of the tournament when someone ran outside from the arena announcing the champion of this year's tournament who immediately ran back inside to cheer again.

"Ahhh, So boring!!! Why didn't Sabertooth participate??? They will surely beat that guild." Boy A exclaimed.

"Yeh, yeh even Blue Pegasus." Girl A seconded.

"Lamia Scale and Mermaid Heel also didn't participated." Girl B.

"What are you guys saying? Fairy Tail. Fairy Tail is the best guild, you know. They won the last tournament and if they participated they will win again, I'm sure." said by Boy B with stars in his eyes imagining his idols battling in the tournament.

"Yes, Fairy Tail. But, dad said that Fairy Tail is gone forever." "Yeh, they are gone forever." "Yes, my mom said it too" The kids replied making them all sad.

Three robed-figures passed them. "Who said that Fairy Tail will be gone forever?" one of the robed figured smiled as she said while they continued walking towards the arena. "It's time." Without looking back, she waved her hand at the guild showing the guild mark imprinted in it.

"Fairy Tail!!!" The kids' eyes shined as they shout.

Inside the arena, while everyone is cheering for the new number 1 guild, a mysterious figure makes his way into the arena.

The temperature suddenly rises. The arena becomes hot enough that it started steaming.

"Kya-""Kuuhh""Agh!""Wahh""Run!!!!" Wails and screams are everywhere as they all try to run away.

"You have got big guts, picking a fight in the capital." said by one of Skull Millione members arrogantly as they continued to stand in the middle of arena seemingly not minding the temperature which continues to rise.

"So you chumps are the number 1 guild in Fiore, huh?" the figure said as he gathered his magic power.

"I'm your next challenger" the figured grinned as he punched out fire from his fist making all Skull Millione's members blast away.

"Wahahahhahaa" Along with Skull Millione's, his cloak was burned away revealing a man with pink-colored hair and abnormal sharp canines. His flames even started to melt the whole arena as he laughed.

Then, suddenly a torrent of water came gushing down. "Bluurghrhghg."

"It's been a year but you're as hot-headed as always, Natsu."

"Eh! That voice-" Natsu was flabbergasted as he looked at the direction where the voice came from. He saw three-robed individuals pulling out their hoods to show their faces.

"Lucy! Aquarius! Another Lucy?"

"Eh two Lucy????" A flying cat appeared.

"Long time no see, Happy. You've gotten strong Natsu but so am I.?"

"Hah! I wanna fight. Bring it on! I'M GETTING FIRED UP!" Natsu exclaimed as he gathered up his magic once again.

"Sorry, Natsu but it's all over." Lucy smiles.

"Unison Raid: Aqua Coaster!" This is a magic combination of Lucy, Aquarius and Gemini transformed into Lucy just for Natsu and this very moment. Lucy knows even with one year of training and memories of her future self, she won't be able to best Natsu and the others but to show her improvement, even if it's just a trick, she will win against Natsu.

From the puddle of water on the ground from the earlier water torrent, it rises up carrying Natsu. Then, a whole water world was formed. Natsu was carried through out all course. From horizontal, diagonal, to vertical climb and slide, to loop and double loop, Natsu was carried through-out the whole ride again and again.

"[email protected]$#@[email protected]#!%#!^#" Natsu was caught in a seemingly endless coaster. As he was "riding something". His motion sickness acted up the whole time. " I --- Gib --- up" He said as throws up.

"Looks like I won." She said as she cancelled her magic. She felt relieved. 'I'm not going to be a burden.'

"Eh? Lucy won against Natsu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Happy was shocked bulging his two eyes out. Hearing Happy's astonished remark, she felt really good.

"Ok brat, stop being smug about it. You actually called me for something like this. Huh!" Seeing Lucy being haughty Aquarius smacked Lucy's head. "Teehee! Thank you Aquarius."

Aquarius continued to scold Lucy as the twins return to their original form. "*Sigh* Oh well, I will return now. I still have a date to go." Aquarius disappeared followed by the twins. "Thank you Gemi, Mini.

"Lucy became strong. Eto~ Natsu, you lost. Pfft." Happy being happy.

"Looks like our entourage is here." Lucy said as she helped the still motion-sicked Natsu stand up.

The army of the kingdom encircled them. They followed them to the castle.

"Rematch. I need a rematch." Natsu called out to Lucy as he recovered from his motion sickness.

"Nope. Hehe. Oh, look we need to ride a carriage." She smiles.



Well, it's not really a match. Still, Lucy won. But, Natsu is still stronger. Still, Lucy won.
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