Fairy Tail X
6 Fairy Tail is Back
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Fairy Tail X
Author :TheSystemsChild
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6 Fairy Tail is Back

Crocus. Inside the castle Mercurius.

Lucy and Natsu was walking with the guards in the hallway when they saw Princess Hisui.

"It's been a while, Lucy, Natsu and Happy." The princess greeted them.

"It really has been a while, Princess Hisui. I'm really sorry for the mess." Lucy said feeling guilty about the mess Natsu created.

"Looks like you've made quite a mess, Natsu-kun." The princess laughed.

"Yep, and I subdued the rampaging mage. I swept him down." Lucy smiled. Technically, it should be both of their mess since she also fought Natsu.

"Lucy, we need a rematc-" "Nope" Natsu still seems dissatisfied about before. But, clearly, Lucy wants the victory so she will reject any rematch for she knows it was only a fluke that she won.

"Looks like you guys have experience quite a lot." The princess noticed the aura exuded by them. From the princess perspective, their both grown even stronger than before, more so for Natsu.

"I guess so." Lucy smiled mysteriously.

"I have also trained with Natsu" Happy joined in the conversation.

"Let's go inside, I'm sure father will not really give you punishment" the princess whispered to both of them.

After the discussion inside the main hall, in the end, the king acquitted them. Since Natsu really made quite a ruckus, the soldiers are angry but they have no choice but to acquiesce.

"Don't come back here!!!" The soldiers yelled as they leave the castle.

"Hahahahaha. Hey, Lucy, you came to see us by yourself?" Natsu asked Lucy.

"Where are the rest of the guild?" Happy seconded wondering about the guild.

"Oh, that's right. You don't know do you? Fairy Tail has been disbanded." Lucy dropped the bomb casually.

"F-F-Fairy Tail... Broke up??!!!" "Wh-wh-why?? Why?! Why!?" Both Natsu and Happy already have droopy eyes because of the shocking revelation.

"The day after you guys left, master announced Fairy Tail's dissolution. Then, he went missing." Lucy added, still casually.

"Is everyone okay about this? What about Gray and Erza? and the others? Everyone was okay with the guild just breaking up? Even if gramps told them, they could have just refused. Laxus could have easily be the next guild master.

Lucy remained silent watching Natsu cried his anger and grief with Happy depressed. She was actually secretly laughing at Natsu and Happy.

"There's no way Fairy Tail is gone." After releasing their anger, they became depressed.

"Fairy Tail is not gone." Lucy finally smiled. After seeing them like that, Lucy decided to already tell the truth. "Just a little punishment for you leaving one year ago without even telling anybody." Lucy smiled as she said to the miserable boys (one is a male cat). Both boys became dumbfounded to this reveal.

"What do you mean by that Lucy?" "So Fairy Tail did not really broke up?" Natsu and Happy inquired.

"Nope. Fairy Tail did broke up." Seeing them both getting more confused. "Actually, We already found master and brought him back. While everyone knows that Fairy Tail disbanded, we are actually already preparing." Lucy said wanting to tell Natsu about the war but-

"Yosh, as long as Fairy Tail is still here." Natsu and Happy both heavily sighed at the fact.

'Well, I will just tell him later' "Let's rest for a day. Then, let's go find the other members. Fairy Tail is back!!"

They went to find an inn to stay in for the rest of the day.

The next morning. A ruckus can be heard outside waking Lucy up.

"Eh? What's that going on?" Lucy looked outside and saw the army in front of the inn.

"Oh shiii, they did it! Natsu! Happy!" Remembering what they did she yelled.

"Did they found out already?" "Aye, sir." Natsu and Happy yawned.

"Time to run, Lucy!" Then, he dragged Lucy and jumped onto the window.

"Why the heck am I still get sucked into this shenanigans!? You can put me down now!!" She was really flustered as she was being carried by Natsu.

"Natsu! Natsu! Tell her!"

"You see Lucy. You told me that we're going to announce that we are back so..." He said while grinning. "I raised the beacon for Fairy Tail's revival in the place where it would stand out the most."

He wrote the word Fairy Tail across the castle using his Flame Magic.

"Don't worry, that flame is a kind that will disappear sonn on its own."

Lucy sighed as she said, "You guys really never changed."

She smiled knowing that she is the only one who gets what she really meant.
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