Fairy tail: Dragon of Infinite Apocalypses
1 Ch 1_A Tale and a Past!
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Fairy tail: Dragon of Infinite Apocalypses
Author :The_Mad_Tinker
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1 Ch 1_A Tale and a Past!

Once upon a time there was a girl this girl was names Mavis Vermillion. Life was not kind to her but this did not stop her from being a brilliant and curious person not totally dampened by the world that was corrupted around her.

As her life moved on one day Mavis met a group of three consistence of Precht, Warrod Sequen and Yuri Dreyar in the year X686. This group of three was from a treasure hunting guild before meeting Mavis one day on her home an island named Tenrou where a past guild used to resided till it was destroyed.

After they meet Mavis and the three treasure hunters went on a quest to find Tenrou islands treasure Tenrou Jade but they latter found out it was in the hands of a dark guild named Blue skull so they fought and beat them but now without a price paid by Mavis but that part is for another time.

After beating Blue skull and almost finishing their adventure Mavis didn't want it to end so see and the other three came and mad up the guild named fairy tail the journey to find out if fairy have tail an never ending adventure this guild will later be known as the strongest guild in Fiore made up of the strongest and weakest wizards to make one giant family.

In the far future this guild will house a group that will be known as the strongest team Natsu Dragneel the salamander, Lucy Heartfilia the celestial wizard, Happy the exceed, Gray Fullbuster the ice mage, and finally Erza Scarlet known as Fairy tails Titania or Fairy queen.

Even though these few characters are powerful this story is not about them no this is about a boy named Tyler Vermillion born in a planet named Earth not Earthland where Fairy Tail is. Tyler was an abused and uncared for person who never got to live his life normally or got to have a childhood for that matter no he was born into a rather terrible family his mother was messying around and accidently got pregnet and was forced to give birth by her parents but instead of learning to love him he was shuned and beaten daliy by his mom becuase he dosent have a father or that type of figure he was left at home alone when she left to work or have fun till one fatetful day.

This fateful day was not the day he was saved from his hell no it was the day he learned there will always be another hell awaiting you this should not be something a kid should know or think like especially for a 5 year old.

This hell came in a form of a middle aged man will rough features a dull list eyes named well he dosent have one name so just for the sake of it he will be called john well john is an assaissn he was sent out by his orginzation to buy or kidnap kids and bring them back to the orginzation for training and make them into cold blooded killing machines and so like that for the next 10 years he went through the most horrible things both physical and emotional after being sold to them by his mother to john and after turning age 15 he was no longer trainning but only sent on missions doing nothing but killing, kidnaping, sleaping, and eating till one day he came across something that gave him back some emotion that he lost in his 27 years of living and this thing is called by many things such as light novel, manga, and anime where he learned of his most favorite series Fairy Tail, Highschool dxd, Naruto and a few others.

His favorite out of the alrady listed had to be Fairy tail and Highschool dxd the first two listed because of the dragons which he came to love and respect epically the ones from Highscool dxd the informus and powerfull Great Red the dragon of Apocalypse and Orphis the Ouroboros Dragon also known as the Infinite Dragon.

And so his life continued with reading and watching light novels, manga, and anime added to his repetitive live of killing till the year 2018 where he will die at the right old age of 35 by by being labled as obsolete and was sentenced to be terminated by the orginsization where he live and woked for the last 30 years finaly getting his deserved peace and freedom in the abyss or so he thought.
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