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Fallout 4 Infinity
Author :LordSpecter3366
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Dang! I want to write but this High Blood Pressure keeps getting in the way, only if it would stop taking my energy I can have enough energy to Concentrate on writing. (?)

Guess I will take a small nap and get my energy back up so I can start writing. [?]

Turning the lights out and getting into bed, he fell asleep quickly, unknown to him his body finally wanted to give, the damage done by his High Blood Pressure sent his Organs to shut down and it killed him as he slept.


My Son! (?)

Are you awake! (?)

Opening his eyes to the sound of a Woman speaking and looking around he became confused and spoke.

Who are you? (??)

What! Son, you... You don't remember? (?)

Miss, I think you got it wrong, I don't know you, so I can't be your son. (??)

Poor woman thinking I am her son, and made her way into my house and room thinking its her place. [??]

The Woman before him looked hurt and sad even devastated, she is in a scientist coat, her long black hair flowing down but she has the Lab Coat from Fallout that is the confusing part. Looking to the side and seeing he is in an Unknown house with the same set up as in Fallout 4, confusion of what is going on.

Where am I? (??)

My Darling, you are at home in Sanctuary. (?)

Fallout 4? [??]

What is your name? (??)

You really don't remember? Damn that Husband of mine! To hit you and make you even forget who your mother is and more! We are leaving, there is a Doctor there and you need to be checked out. (?)

Can you tell me your name? (??)

Sorry, Kelly Lord, your Father insisted on Naming you Brendon Lord, even though I wanted Tyler, his name is Jim Lord. (Kelly)

Brendon Lord? That is two half's of two of my the in game names I used. Brendon Skyrim means Specter in the Dragon language and Lord being Fallout 4 name testing out what words Codsworth would say and not. [Brendon]

What year is it? (Brendon)

Have you remembered something? It is August 2077, the 5th. (Kelly)

If that is correct and everything is true, I Died and came to Fallout 4, let's see that is two months before the Fallout Game starts? Or it is all a sick joke... [Brendon]

Mother? I Don't remember your name or much of anything I hope you understand that if I don't treat you as my mother it's because of that I will try to remember what I lost, so I would like to look around before anything and see if I will gain my memories back or have something come back to me. (Brendon)

If you want to go and look around you can, but first you will be coming with me like I said there is a Doctor at my work, let him check your injury and if everything is fine I will let you go and do your own thing only if he agrees that you are able to go. (Kelly)

Okay, but I feel fine like I was never hurt I just don't remember anything, but if it will help you feel better I will come with you to see this Doctor. (Brendon)

Good! Let's go! (Kelly)

Getting pulled by her we left the house and looking before me is the huge tree fully in bloom with a road circling it as houses is circling the outer road from the location the house is on the South East Side, left of the house that Codsworth last enters when he clears out the buildings in the beginning of the game it's one of the many building you scrap because it is completely destroyed. Following my new mother we walked south-east and as I look around passing many buildings but then one cought my attention seen the Main character of the game with his family, he has Black and Gray mixed hair and a long scar on his left side of his face from his military history, he seemed to notice me and looked over it felt like I was being observed in a curiosity way. His glance was temporary and he turned back playing with his son and laughing with his wife.

That was that Youtube character I came across just resent what was his name again? Right it was StephenPlays. [Brendon]

Moving through Sanctuary, the beautiful sight of blooming flowers, colorful trees, active town that is way bigger it seems to go on for at least a mile or even little longer. Taking a right and going up a dirt path, this is the path that leads up to the vault, following along the path we made it to a wooden bridge and crossed over it flowing clear water running below it we made our way up a hill and a fenced off area blocked our way but it was unlocked and the gate was pushed open. Making our way even further and arriving at a Construction site but it's more or so finished just the Heavy equipment has yet to be moved but truck with lots of boxes being off loaded.

We make it to a small room having a single door a window with a red button and a man sitting on a chair reading a magazine, he looked up and walked out with a happy face.

Kelly! (?)

Hello Jack, you're on watch this time? (Kelly)

Yup! My Boring Brother is inside doing some practice runs like a test or something like that, Boss orders. (Jack)

Just stand on the lift and you will be sent down like normal, but you do know your son can't go deep in. (Jack)

I do, just taking him to see the Doctor had a small problem. (Kelly)

I will not keep you waiting if you are looking for the Doc. (Jack)

We moved to the large lift it looks like a gear with Vault black 111 pained on it and a Gold back ground the elevator moved down, having lights unlike the game making it get dark as it goes down, took a bit of time before arriving at the bottom as it needs to be deep to protect against bombs after all, there we arrived at our stop and the gate opened smoothly and fast once again unlike the game having a dramatic entrance slow and loud this was well oiled and smooth, getting off the lift and moving into the Vault after passing through a cheack point I saw everything is more or so the same as it was in game, going through a few turns and twists the Vault is bigger then in the game and has more rooms, arriving at the Doctor room the Doctor spoke.

What brings you here Kelly? (?)

Dave, my Son here got hurt and lost his memories, can you help me out? (Kelly)

Sure, tell me what do you last remember. (Dave)

Nothing, I don't even remember my name. (Brendon)

Hmm... (Dave)

Dave stood up and walked around and got a helmet type thing and placed it on Specters head.

This will do some scans and see if anything has damaged your brain. (Dave)

Walking over to thick computers, he started tapping away on it and the helmet shook like it will blow up but it did not and soon stopped a second later and Dave Spoke.

The reading shows you had Trama damage to your head it would have killed anyone but your alive, fascinating! nevermind not so fascinating, it seems you are alright, you have been given a Stimpak just in time, it has healed you up quickly you will be fine, as for your memory loss might go looking around to see if anything jogs your memory? but don't push yourself to hard you feel dizzy in any way sit down and rest at any spot you can then head home right away and get some sleep. (Dave)

He is alright? (Kelly)

Yes, he is fine physically, but as for his memory it will have to come to him over time and looking around will be the best way. (Dave)

Thank you Dave, Brendon take this Black Card this will let you get what you want as you look around you can buy lunch with it, so you don't need to worry about money as there is enough to but a City inside, it also has a helpful ability to get people to do what you want them to do without asking questions. (Kelly)

Seeing her smile and give a wink, its a look of Get a girl and have fun, looking away and coughed.

Thanks, I will be heading off, I will drop by when I'm done. (Brendon)


this is a test to see if you like this set up better then the previous one, changes are From the name has been changed, its not a 3rd person view but the MC point of view, and more details and changed on removing part that is not needed and improved it.

I was going to do the Chapter completely then ask if its better but ... over 5000 words is lot to go through and will actually take me a few days to finish without messing up by speeding through it.

this is to see what you the readers who read up to this far think of the new changes.

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    《Fallout 4 Infinity》