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113 Transformation of Attitude
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Fey Evolution Merchant
Author :Amber Button
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113 Transformation of Attitude

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The Moon Empress brought Lin Yuan back to the Radiant Moon Palace. After checking on his injuries carefully, she said with concern, It is my fault. When you left, I didnt even think to let someone follow you. You have been shocked, but it is also good. This incident taught you something that I dont know how I should have taught you.

While speaking, the Moon Empress paused for a moment and looked at Lin Yuans in a very serious manner. Everything you possess in this world is nothing as compared to your strength.

Lin Yuan nodded after hearing the Moon Empress words. At that moment, Lin Yuan was looking at the Moon Empress with eyes that were entirely different from before. Previously, Lin Yuan might have known that the Moon Empress was his Master, but he was still in the process of adaptation. After all, no relationships were built overnight.

However, when Cheng Wu had tried to kill him, and he had been helpless to resist, it was the Moon Empress moonlight that had saved him. It was the current eras absolute expert that had protected him.

Had it not been for Lin Yuan, would the Moon Empress have to make things difficult for Cheng Wu? Would all those experts have gathered?

Lin Yuan was indescribably touched. After having to face the harsh world and reality with determination since the age of eight, now that he had been protected from this crisis, a sore feeling arose spontaneously.

It was a kind of feeling that Lin Yuan couldnt divulge and could only suppress it in his heart. The unfamiliar term Master was suddenly engraved within his heart at the age of 18.

When the Moon Empress saw Lin Yuan looking at her, she frowned and looked at Lin Yuan with concern. It is definitely a shock to experience such an incident for the first time. But it will not happen in the future, Master is here.

Lin Yuans eyes had this sore feeling, but it was very dry, and no tears would flow out. Although his eyes were dry, his heart was filled with plenty of warmth.

Lin Yuan pursed his lips for a long time and opened his mouth but couldnt say a thing. He was only able to speak after a moment. I am no longer afraid now. I know that in this world, ones strength will always be the foundation to protect oneself.

Seeing how Lin Yuan recovered so quickly, the Moon Empress nodded with satisfaction.

Lin Yuan recalled when all those experts mentioned the incident that happened ten years ago. However, if the incident involved all those pinnacle experts, it wasnt possible to read about it on the Star Web.

At that moment, Lin Yuan noticed the Moon Empress handing over a box. Three crests were inside the box, and they were the same crests as the ones Lin Yuan had received after passing the Class 2 Creation Master exam.

However, each crest had an additional and abnormally exquisite carvingthe symbol of a crescent moon!

When Lin Yuan received the Moon Empress box, he immediately bowed and called the Moon Empress as Master.

A smile appeared on the Moon Empress cold face. She then handed a token, which was warm to the touch and pure like jade, to Lin Yuan. The jade token was engraved with two crescent moons, and they were connected on the top and bottom tips, giving off an ancient feeling.

This is the Radiant Moon Token. Previously, you refused all of my gifts. Now that you have already gone through the ceremonial rites to have me as your Master, I dont know what to give you either. Take this Radiant Moon Token, and if you need any spiritual ingredients, you can just bring this Radiant Moon Token to the Radiant Moon Palaces spiritual ingredient vault.

Lin Yuan solemnly received the Radiant Moon Token. After experiencing this incident, his attitude was already different.

Before the life-or-death experience, Lin Yuan had been thinking to rely on himself and take each diligent step on his own. He might still be thinking like this, but his mind was now a little open.

His persistence to rely on his own capability to collect spiritual ingredients was indeed correct.

He had already gone through the ceremony rites, and the Moon Empress was now officially his Master. Lin Yuan knew that his greatest challenge right now was to collect spiritual ingredients. This was also why his feys quality had yet to reach the Legend quality. It also resulted in Lin Yuan having three Willpower Runes for nothing.

His Jasmine Lily was already Bronze X/Epic. He only lacked a few spiritual ingredients to upgrade it to the Legend quality. By fusing the Willpower Rune he had comprehended in the mountains, the Jasmine Lily could evolve into a Fantasy Breed.

If that was the case, Lin Yuan would be able to possess a Bronze Fantasy Breed. Ling Xiao had previously mentioned that the earlier the fey progressed to a Fantasy Breed, the greater the potential.

Therefore, Lin Yuan was very ambitious and wanted Red Thorn to also reach the Legend quality at Bronze. Once Red Thorn reached the Legend quality, he would be able to fuse it with the Willpower Rune he had comprehended during the massacre, allowing Red Thorn to become a Fantasy Breed too.

Lin Yun had comprehended the third Willpower Rune when he had been observing the change of day and night. This Willpower Rune might be a little compatible with Chimey, but it still lacked a little. Chimeys exclusive skill was Clear Sky, and it carried the power of the sun. However, this Willpower Rune involved the change between day and night, so Lin Yuan had another plan for this rune.

Lin Yuan was still able to contract one more fey or a source-type lifeform with an extremely low spiritual energy requirement. As of now, Lin Yuan had never even been in a rush to form a new contract. If there was a suitable fey that was compatible with the willpower rune he comprehended during the change of day and night, Lin Yuan wouldnt mind having an additional fey.

After getting attacked by Cheng Wu, Lin Yuan had already prioritized the increase of his strength as the most important matter now. It wasnt difficult for Lin Yuan to increase his strength, and all he needed was time.

Thus, Lin Yuan made a slight adjustment to the plan he had in his mind. For the next year, he set his goal on increasing his strength. Given the Radiant Moon Palaces spiritual ingredient

resources, Lin Yuan believed that he would undergo a transformation during this one year.

Seeing that Lin Yuan accepted the Radiant Moon Token, the Moon Empress was extremely happy. Go and rest well for the next two days. Your physical injuries might have recovered, but if you feel anything wrong with your spirit, tell me.

As a Master, the Moon Empress knew that there were things that she wasnt able to provide guidance, such as the first kill or the first escape from death.

These transformations to the attitude were things that a spirit qi professional had to overcome themselves, and a Master could only give guidance.

Lin Yuan left the Moon Empress inner palace and returned to his pavilion. He sat on the chair as his mind was still flashing back with the scene of the Gold Ring Spine Gu flying toward his neck area. However, Lin Yuan wasnt afraid and was filled with courage instead.

After experiencing this formless setback, Lin Yuan knew that he had to work hard to become stronger.

He entered the Spirit Lock spatial zone and checked on Red Thorn, Genius, and Chimey. After seeing that they were doing fine, Lin Yuan was finally relieved.

Red Thorns vines that were sliced by the Spine Gu had also grown back out. Unexpectedly, the Red Thorns quality had upgraded from Flawless to Epic after this battle. It was also at Elite IX.

Lin Yuan was delighted. Red Thorns quality upgrade might have been related to the battle, but it was mainly due to the nutritious flesh within the diamond-grade fey storage box. After all, Red Thorns evolution relied on consumption.

If it consumed large quantities of flesh, Lin Yuan believed that Red Thorn would evolve into the Bronze in the next day or two. It would allow Red Thorn to welcome its first exclusive skill. By then, it would be Red Thorns first and true metamorphosis as a source-type lifeform.
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