Fey Evolution Merchant
114 The Legendary Blue Flash Purple Butterfly
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Fey Evolution Merchant
Author :Amber Button
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114 The Legendary Blue Flash Purple Butterfly

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Lin Yuan didnt withdraw Genius and Chimey into his spiritual spatial zone, nor did he let them reside in the pavilion. Instead, he kept them within the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

The Platinum Cane Luffa and the Celery Vine were placed on the table inside the Spirit Lock spatial zone by Lin Yuan. An ordinary wooden table was gradually turned into jade due to the spirit qi concentration that was ten times more concentrated than the outside world. It was now extremely exquisite.

Lin Yuan now had an idea to place more wooden materials within the Spirit Lock spatial zone and allow them to turn into jade after a period of time. Turning wooden to a jade-like texture might not be useful, but it was very rare. The great appearance also allowed the price to be marked up, especially jade-textured furniture were considered luxury items.

When Genius and Chimey were hungry, they could just consume the Platinum Celery Vine and Cane Luffa from the table. After experiencing that battle earlier and seeing Lin Yuan vomiting blood, Genius and Chimey were obediently sticking onto Lin Yuan.

After every minute or two, Chimey would be chirping noisily beside Lin Yuans ears, and it would only relax after Lin Yuan guaranteed that he was fine.

Genius was also crouching on Lin Yuans shoulder and saying, Yuan, I was scared to death. I am useless and couldnt be of any use in combat.

Lin Yuan quickly rubbed Genius head until it let out a comfortable purr. Lin Yuan then said, Had it not been for your glasses form, allowing me to dodge the qi force at the crucial moment, I might not have been able to crawl up after the first wave of attack. Therefore, Genius is great!

Genius meowed a few times after hearing Lin Yuans response and climbed up the table to seek a comfortable position before sleeping soundly.

After seeing Lin Yuan praising Genius, Chimey chirped loudly and flew beside Lin Yuans ear again. Lin Yuan then chuckled and plucked off a leaf of the Celery Vine before feeding it to Chimey. Chimeys Sound Thrust is great too. Had it not been for Chimeys Sound Thrust, it would have been impossible to nearly injure Cheng Rui.

After Lin Yuans praise, Chimey ate the small teared up shards of Celery Vine leaves happily. Once it ate and drank to its fill, it flew toward Genius head with satisfaction before sleeping within Genius fur.

The battle earlier had exhausted plenty of Genius and Chimeys spirit. The easiest way to replenish the spirit exhaustion was to have a great sleep.

As for the Gold Wind Speed Rapid Antelope, Lin Yuan had already placed it for sale on his Star Web store. Plenty of people offered to buy ittheir offers great at thatbut Lin Yuan hesitated to sell it.

Lin Yuan walked to the water tanks beside the spirit pool and noticed that many of the Five Fortune Ranchu eggs had already hatched. Numerous small fish were swimming within the water tanks, and they were less than half a centimeter long.

The Spirit-Siphon Goldfishs baby fish didnt require any food when in an environment with rich spirit qi. However, Lin Yuan still scooped the first batch of baby fish into another water tank. The baby fish had poor vision, and due to the rapid growth in this rich spirit qi environment, they might just eat up those eggs that had yet to hatch.

The spirit pool also had plenty of Normal Spirit-Siphon Goldfish that had evolved into elite-grade. However, these Elite Spirit-Siphon Goldfish only dared to swim at the border of the spirit pool. Only Lin Yuans contracted Spirit-Gather Goldfish, Blackie, would be able to enjoy the central and spacious part of the spirit pool.

From time to time, it would sink to the bottom of the pool to consume one Butterfly Shell, giving off a truly relaxed feeling.

All of a sudden, Lin Yuan noticed a very interesting scene. The Spirit-Gather Goldfish, Blackie grabbed a Butterfly Shell and swam toward the edge of the pool. It then brandished its tail to push aside two Elite Spirit-Siphon Goldfish, leaving behind a female Five Fortune Ranchu.

Blackie spat out the Butterfly Shell toward the female Five Fortune Ranchu, and after seeing the female Five Fortune Ranchu carefully eating the Butterfly Shell, Blackie then turned back with pride and swam back to the center of the pool.

After the female Five Fortune Ranchu ate the Butterfly Shell, it swam toward the center of the pool carefully.

Blackie didnt bother about the female Five Fortune Ranchu that swam over, but when other Elite Spirit-Siphon Goldfish swam over, Blackie would ruthlessly swing its big tail to chase them away.

Lin Yuan was flabbergasted and involuntarily recalled about the fiendish couple when he had picked up the bottle cap. He suddenly felt as though he was fed with dog food by his own fey and said silently in his mind, Animals have emotions and feelings too.

At that moment, Lin Yuan suddenly heard an extremely delicate sound. He turned around and noticed that the butterfly cocoon he had placed on the table had cracked open lightly. A newborn Blue Flash Butterfly was trying its best to emerge.

The newborn Blue Flash Butterflys wings were still very tender as they were all crumpled together and couldnt extend fully.

Lin Yuan only walked over and watched without doing anything else. A butterflys first obstacle was to extend its wings, and it was the hardest obstacle that plenty of butterflies werent able to overcome. However, once it overcame this obstacle, the butterfly wouldnt have any more obstructions and would be able to soar freely in the blue skies.

But once the Blue Flash Butterfly extended its wing fully, Lin Yuan was stunnedthe wings werent blue but purple!

Lin Yuan was dumbfounded and didnt hesitate to use Morbius exclusive skill, Spirit Lock, to set this purple-winged Blue Flash Butterfly as a spirit-locked fey.

Lin Yuan was unable to come back to his senses even after forming the contract with the Blue Flash Butterfly.

Am I really that lucky to form a contract with a Blue Flash Purple Butterfly that almost never appears within the Blue Flash Butterfly species?

The Blue Flash Purple Butterfly was considered the purest existence among the Blue Flash Butterflies. As soon as it hatched from the butterfly cocoon, it would go through an evolution toward the ancestry line, awakening the flawless model among the Order Lepidoptera.

Blue Flash Purple Butterflies were truly too rare, so rare that they only existed in ancient texts before the Spirit Qi Awakening. Most of the people treated the Blue Flash Purple Butterfly as a species that didnt exist, and they were feys that existed only in concepts.

Even fey pageants treated the Blue Flash Purple Butterfly as Fantasy Breeds that werent Fantasy Breeds.

Because of Blue Flash Purple Butterflies legend, the Blue Light Goddess Butterfly, which evolved from the Blue Flash Butterfly, was actually put at the first place during fey pageants. However, the officials werent able to determine if Blue Flash Purple Butterflies actually existed. After all, it wasnt possible to prove the Blue Flash Purple Butterflies existence just by taking reference to the ancient texts.

Therefore, the Purple Light Goddess Butterflys absolute beauty wasnt taken into consideration for the Blue Light Goddess Butterflys ranking. Otherwise, the Blue Light Goddess Butterfly wouldnt have fallen out of the top three due to its inferior abilities.

When Lin Yuan looked at the Blue Flash Purple Butterfly and checked True Datas information, he couldnt help but slap his forehead. The Blue Flash Purple Butterfly was indeed a fey that evolved toward the flawless model when hatching from the butterfly cocoon.

The basic ability of a Normal Blue Flash Purple Butterfly, Silence Scale Powder, was entirely different from the Silence Scale Powder from a Blue Flash Butterfly.

The Blue Flash Butterflys scale powder could be scattered by great winds and other natural environmental effects, especially when the scale powder was washed off by rainwater, so its Silence ability would lose its effect.

However, the Blue Flash Purple Butterflys Silence Scale Powder had the strongest trait as it had the ability to attach. After contacting the target, the tiny scale powder would sink into the targets skin.

Unless it was an incineration ability, such as Blazing Flame that could burn off the scale powders powerful effects, great winds would have a tough time removing the scale powder from inflicted targets. At the same time, rainwater would only enhance the effects of the scale powder on the skin.

The Blue Flash Purple Butterfly is truly powerful!

Lin Yuan let out an involuntary sigh. From now on, the Blue Flash Purple Butterfly was no longer a legend, as there was one in Lin Yuans hands!
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