Finding The Meta
28 The fount of all gnoll-ledge
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Finding The Meta
Author :hhikng
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28 The fount of all gnoll-ledge

Two gnoll warriors and two gnoll grunts ran at me barking and yipping in their weird language. The warriors wore a fur armor and carried crude longswords. The grunts wore only a loin cloth and wielded shortswords. These gnolls were only level 2 and had limited artificial intelligence. These beginning monsters were meant to be easy to fight, to get you addicted to the game. As you progressed in blank the monsters would show more and more intelligence and require much more skill.

I knew from watching videos that these gnolls were limited to only one of four basic attacks. A thrust, left slash, right slash, and overhead chop. Getting caught at the wrong angle with some of these attacks could still get you killed, so I still had to be wary.

The gnoll grunts moved slightly faster than the warriors and came around the corner first. I activated rapid strikes and attacked the first gnoll I saw. Time seemed to slow for a moment as I directed my attacks.


You have dealt 95 damage! (100/195 hp)

The first slash cut open the chest of the gnoll grunt. Blood gushed from the wound.


You have dealt 95 damage!

The second attack sliced open the wound even more, causing the gnoll to fall to his knees.


You have dealt 102 damage!

You have slain gnoll grunt! Gained 10 experience. (60/2000 XP)

The third attack hit his neck and cut off the gnoll grunts head. The sword was not slowed and plowed into the gnoll grunt beside him


You have activated cleave!


You have dealt 101 damage! (94/195 hp)

The gnoll grunt drew back his sword and pointed it at me. He was obviously using a thrust attack which is simple to dodge, at least in regards to the limited AI. When they begin the attack they have to pick a target location, once they do this they will follow through with the attack regardless of how circumstances change. So I simply stepped to the right and activated power attack, aiming for the neck once again in hopes of activating cleave. This time I tried to aim my attack into the gnoll warrior behind my target. The gnoll grunt stayed true to his programming and thrust his shortsword into empty air as my blade ended his life.

Critical Hit!

You have dealt 200 damage! (0/195 hp)

You have slain gnoll grunt! Gained 10 experience (70/2000)


You have activated cleave!

My attack cut straight through his neck, and his head fell to the ground. My sword kept moving aimed at the exposed neck of the gnoll warrior.

Critical Hit!

You have dealt 200 damage! (0/200 hp)

You have slain gnoll warrior! Gained 10 experience (80/2000)

His head also fell to the ground with a wet thump.

The last gnoll warrior used a left slash. I watched the angle of his aim and moved my body to dodge by stepping to my left. I chopped down at the top of his unprotected head with a swift counterattack.


You have dealt 75 damage! (125/200 hp).

His head was harder than I thought it would be, and my sword only left a small gash.

The warrior used a right slash and I quickly stepped to my right and used another overhead chop into the same spot.


You have dealt 75 damage! (50/200 hp)

The wound on his head became a fountain of blood. The trama to his head dazed the gnoll making him unable to counterattack.

I struck one more time.


You have dealt 69 damage! (0/200 hp)

You have slain gnoll warrior! Gained 10 experience (90/2000)

His head split open revealing the grey matter of his brain as he crumpled lifelessly to the ground.

That was easy. I did get a double crit, which was unlikely to happen again, but I was no longer worried about taking on four at a time. The experience was good as well and so far I had been lucky with drops so this may be a good place to grind after all.

I looted the gnolls.

-8 gnoll ears

x2-basic health potions

x2-basic mana potions

x2-crude dagger 5-7 damage (value 1 copper)

x2-fur chestpiece +10 armor (value 1 silver)

The bodies began to disappear into digital nothingness once I finished looting. The entire battle only lasted about two minutes, which gave me 28 minutes to clear the rest of the camp. At four mobs every two minutes I would finish after 48 minutes. The scouts will respawn by then. I refused to wait for another hour to restart so I decided to try and take out half the camp and hope I found the elite mob.

24 minutes later I had killed 24 gnoll grunts, and 24 gnoll warriors.

Gained 480 experience! (570/2000)

x48-gnoll ears

x24-crude dagger

x20-basic health potions

x20-fur chestpiece

x2-steel longsword

x3-copper shortsword

1 silver 30 copper

The gnolls had proved to be no challenge at all, and the worst part was I had not seen hide nor hair of the elite gnoll Naxila had mentioned.

I was beginning to think she lied to me when I saw him, or to be more accurate her! The elite!

She was amonst a group of gnolls who were groveling at her feet and following her around like she was in heat. The elite gnoll interceptor had golden fur and a golden mane. She wore full leather armor and had a longsword strapped to her back. The sword glowed blue with a magical aura.

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