Fury Towards The Burning Heaven
1032 Turning Heaven and Earth Upside-Down
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Fury Towards The Burning Heaven
Author :Yao Ye
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1032 Turning Heaven and Earth Upside-Down

There was indeed chaos reining in the Snow Region; within ten days, thousands of people were killed.

Out of this number, many of them were from the Tiger Subdue Sect, the Fire Chi Race, the Mammoth Race, and the Mantis Blade Sect. They were all killed by a single blow, with their brains smashed to smithereens. According to accounts made by disciples from other races who were wandering the region, there was a martial expert from the Dwarf Race that had gone crazy. He was killing everyone he saw and was incredibly powerful. He kept muttering about seeking revenge for two of his young clan heads.

Once the news had spread, everyone in the Snow Region felt that they were in danger. All races also hurriedly recalled all their people back home. Out of those who were killed, not a few were four and five-starred martial experts; they were all killed with one lethal blow. The strength of this martial expert from the Dwarf Race had reached epic proportions; he probably had reached the Demigod Realm.

The Tiger Subdue Sect, Fire Chi Race, Mammoth Race, and Mantis Blade Sect were infuriated. At once, they sent men to the Dwarf Mountain to confront the Dwarf Race, asking the latter for an explanation. At the same time, they also sent out martial experts and their armies to kill that crazed Dwarf Race martial expert that was killing indiscriminately.

The Dwarf Race was dumbfounded.

When did such a formidable martial artist appear within their ranks? However, it was true that in the previous battle, many elders and martial experts from the Dwarf Race had died in battle or went missing. Furthermore, no one knew what this dwarf looked like. Members of other races, like the Phantom Race, found that the dwarfs all appeared the same. They were all short, had eyes like a bull, and looked extremely fierce and menacing.

Hence, the Dwarf Race also didn't know who was killing at will outside. Qiu Shan had personally investigated this matter and ordered the Grand Elder of the Dwarf Race to bring fifty martial experts and search for this person. For a dwarf to have such power, that was a fortuitous thing for the Dwarf Race. They could not let the martial experts from the other races kill him.

What gave Qiu Shan a headache was that this dwarf had seemed to have lost his senses. It was fine that he was seeking revenge for Qiu Ming and Qiu Bai; why did he also kill members of the Fire Chi Race and the Mammoth Race? These were the Dwarf Race's allies. If the alliance was destroyed because of this, there would be many problems to follow.

Qiu Shan immediately sent men to Fire Chi Race and Mammoth Race to explain the situation and said that once this person was found, Qiu Shan would personally bring him to Fire Chi Mountain and Mammoth Mountain to receive punishment. As for Tiger Subdue Sect, Qiu Shan sent men to inform that the killer was not a dwarf from the Dwarf Race. With regard to the Mantis Blade Sect, Qiu Shan didn't bother to reply to them at all. Since they had already become enemies, he didn't see the need to respond.

With many armies on the move, everyone was looking everywhere for this Dwarf Race martial expert. What was depressing was that this person had suddenly disappeared. Tens of thousands of people had turned the Snow Region upside-down, but no one could find a trace of this man.

After many days of searching, when the armies were getting ready to retreat, that mysterious Dwarf Race martial expert resurfaced again. He killed a small troop of Tiger Subdue Sect members, each with that same lethal blow; their brains were also smashed to bits. When the martial experts from Tiger Subdue Sect rushed to the scene, he disappeared without a trace once again.

On the third day, there was news from the Fire Chi Race. A patrol force of a few hundred men had been annihilated north of Fire Chi Mountain. The modus operandi was exactly the same; it was the work of that same dwarf.

The Clan Head of Fire Chi Race was furious. He personally searched a five-hundred-kilometer radius but could not find anything. That man appeared to be able to soar into the sky and dive into the ground; even a Demigod could not track him.

On the fifth day, a thousand-strong troop outside Mantis Blade Mountain was killed; he had shown himself again.

On the eighth day, on the outskirts of Mammoth Mountain, eight-hundred men were slaughtered. When the Clan Head of the Mammoth Race went to investigate, he had vanished into thin air again.

On the eleventh day, this mysterious dwarf surfaced one thousand kilometers south of Tiger Subdue Mountain. This time, he was even more ruthless. He murdered a total of one thousand five hundred people, including three elders and five-star martial experts.

The entire Tiger Subdue Mountain was shaken as was the entire Snow Region when word spread.

Never once in the past tens of thousands of years had something like this ever happened. A single man facing the armies of a few great races. While he indeed killed many people, what was most crucial was that the few Demigods could not find him at all.

However, it could be ascertained that this man indeed possessed powers of a Demigod; if not, how was it possible that he could have killed so many martial experts? Even five-star martial experts were killed with one single blow. Based on the corpses and the battle scenes, it felt as if those who were killed didn't even have the ability to resist. They were easily killed by one of his awls. This strange methodology scared many formidable martial artists witless.

Furthermore, this man's speed was exceptional. The distance from Tiger Subdue Mountain to Fire Chi Mountain was very far. A five-star martial expert would not have been able to make the journey within two to three days. Only a Demigod could possess such speed.

Moreover… the various Demigods had headed out immediately after each incident but were unable to trace this man. His speed was indeed astonishing.

Dwarf Mountain was also seething with excitement. For one, they were happy for the Dwarf Race for having produced such a strong martial artist. However, this man was a lunatic; and the Dwarf Race could not find him—much less bring him back. If he continued such wanton killing, the alliance with the other two races was sure to fall apart. The Tiger Subdue Sect and the Mantis Blade Sect would also not let the Dwarf Race off easily.

Qiu Shan could not sit still anymore and gathered all the dwarfs back to Dwarf Mountain. He personally led the efforts to find this martial expert, desiring to bring him back. Qiu Shan was hoping that this man could regain his senses. At that time, the Dwarf Race would have two Half Gods, greatly boosting the Dwarf Race's might. They would then not need to fear the other races anymore.

Cao Peiwen and Mantis Blade were indeed strong, but did they dare to come to Dwarf Mountain?

If they dared to come, Qiu Shan could sit tight and manage things on Dwarf Mountain while that martial expert could go and cleanse Tiger Subdue Mountain and Mantis Blade Mountain. Under this circumstance, both sides would suffer heavy losses. Cao Peiwen and Mantis Blade would definitely choose to act with great caution and be wary of the consequences.

Cao Peiwen, Mantis Blade, and the Clan Heads of Fire Chi Race and Mammoth Race also could no longer stay in their mountains. They all personally led the effort in tracking down this man, swearing to kill him. The various Demigods searched high and low throughout the Snow Region. They did not believe that this man really could avoid all their search efforts.

Heaven Devil Mountain, Heaven Devil Palace!

Mo Shen heard the reports and smiled bitterly. He looked at the hopeful Mo Yao'er next to him and said, "He really didn't lie to you this time. He had gone to take care of a big matter. This lad is indeed an unlucky star; wherever he went, things would happen. Not only that, he had to make sure to turn heaven and earth upside-down."

Mo Yao'er received the report and read it many times. Her face was extremely anxious. She grabbed Mo Shen's arm and said, "Majesty Father! Qiu Shan, Cao Peiwen, and Mantis Blade had all gone out. Mo Xing… Jiang Yi is in danger. You should go and help him, if not he will definitely die."


Mo Shen shook his head, sighed, and said, "Everyone says that a daughter married is like water spilled! This phrase is indeed the truth. He doesn't even like you, and yet you still side with him and want to help him? Curmudgeon Cao, Mantis Blade, and Qiu Shan are all not to be trifled with. If I were to go up against them, I will also have a slim chance of surviving. It doesn't matter if I die, but if I died, the million people in Heaven Devil Race would be in trouble, too."

"Majesty Father!"

Mo Yao'er heard this, and her face turned pale. She was full of guilt as tears fell from her face. She bit her lip and lowered her head; she did not know what to say. She was shy and guilty but yet worried. A hundred types of emotions were welling up in her heart.

"Foolish lass."

Mo Shen gently touched Mo Yao'er's head and said, "Don't worry. That lad is most probably just like a cat; he has nine lives. If Curmudgeon Cao and the rest couldn't kill him before this, they won't be able to kill him now. How many days has it been? Yet, the lad's power had grown immensely once more. He could kill five-star martial experts and one thousand five hundred men in an instant. At that time, he was only one thousand kilometers from Tiger Subdue Mountain. How fast is Curmudgeon Cao?

"To disappear without a trace by the time Curmudgeon Cao arrived, it can be seen that this lad was killing five-star martial experts as easily as pinching an ant to death. He also has the Heaven Evasion ability. As long as he is not too foolish, Curmudgeon Cao and the rest ought not to be able to kill him."

Mo Yao'er was still uneasy. She desperately said, "But Curmudgeon Cao is an eight-star martial expert. Jiang Yi is still not a Demigod…"


Mo Shen laughed lightly and said, "Trust Majesty Father. Although Curmudgeon Cao is indeed an eight-star martial expert, the only skills he can use are the eight-star dao pattern and the Shield of the Earth. As for his other techniques, they are only so-so. As long as that lad does not come into contact with them, Curmudgeon Cao will not be able to do much to him."

After saying this, Mo Shen stood up and walked to the windowsill. He looked far out to the ice plains. His brows furrowed as he muttered seriously to himself, "Why does this lad want to impersonate someone from the Dwarf Race? He is putting the Dwarf Race in a dangerous predicament. Could it be he was seeking revenge for Yao'er? However, him causing internal conflict in the Snow Region is ultimately bad for the Snow Region. Should I expose this lad's identity? Sigh…"

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