Fury Towards The Burning Heaven
1033 Indeed, He was not From the Dwarf Race
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Fury Towards The Burning Heaven
Author :Yao Ye
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1033 Indeed, He was not From the Dwarf Race

North of the Snow Region, there was a small mountain that everyone called the Saint Mountain!

To the people in the Snow Region, Saint Mountain was forbidden ground. Every race had their own rules set by their ancestors, forbidding anyone from going to the north of the Snow Region—forbidding anyone from going to Saint Mountain. As to why it was forbidden ground—what was so scary about that mountain, many people did not know.

The Clan Heads of all the great races, however, knew clearly. That was the territory of the de facto king of the Snow Region, the Heaven Hidden Sect. Anyone who wanted to enter Heaven Hidden Sect had to enter via Saint Mountain.

Of course, not anyone could enter Heaven Hidden Sect. Even if Mo Shen wanted to, he had to seek an audience earnestly. If the Sect Matriarch of the Heaven Hidden Sect did not want to see him, Mo Shen also could only head back.

At this time, ten thousand feet beneath Saint Mountain, there was actually someone sitting cross-legged and cultivating. Although a few dozen people were guarding Saint Mountain, none of their divine senses were particularly strong; they could only sense things within a few thousand feet away. They did not realize that person's presence at all. After all, who would dare to make trouble here at Heaven Hidden Sect?

Those guarding Saint Mountain were also not particularly strong. If someone wanted to barge in using force, there should not be too much of a problem. However, even if one managed to force their way in, so what? More than a dozen Demigods were residing in Saint Mountain; the Sect Matriarch was also someone who rivaled the Nine Thearchs. Anyone who entered would only be throwing his life away.

Hence, the person underneath Saint Mountain now was extremely bold, even to the point of wanting to throw his life away!

As a matter of fact, this person was indeed bold. After all, a person who even dared to make the North Thearch his enemy could not be timid. However, Jiang Yi was really smart this time. If he hid here, even if Cao Peiwen and company turned Snow Region upside down, they would still not be able to find him. They would also never have guessed that Jiang Yi dared to hide here. It was probably that even Heaven Hidden Sect could not have guessed that Jiang Yi was hiding under the Saint Mountain.

Half a month!

Cao Peiwen and company had searched the entire Snow Region again but could only wring their hands and head back home respectively. They were all Clan Heads of the great races, the pillars of the Snow Region; they could not be seen as blindly running about. They would become the laughingstock for the remaining Demigods. As their status was high, they could not be seen every day outside, facing the elements.

Five days later, Jiang Yi resurfaced again. He made his way furtively underground, and after a significant distance away from Saint Mountain, he immediately used his Heaven Evasion and left. This time, he went to Fire Chi Mountain. He waited outside the mountain for one day and one night. Using his Divine Perception, he could predict where his enemies were and attack preemptively. He easily found his target. It was another five-hundred-strong small patrol group.


Even before he appeared, his Rainbow Soul Spear had flown ahead of him. Like the Death God's sickle, it flew through the brains of all the five hundred people present. Many did not have the time to react before their soul spirits were smashed to bits. Their bodies fell as they died, not knowing how and why.


As there were a few hundred people present, even for the Rainbow Soul Spear it took time for it to make a complete round. One person had reacted and threw a signal flare up into the sky. The flare flew up into the sky and exploded, lighting up half the sky. However, this person died immediately after releasing the signal flare.


Jiang Yi shot out from underground, wielding two awls in his hands. His body moving like the wind, he made a round at everybody present. Five hundred brains were smashed to pieces. Without hesitating, he then tore the spatial zone and fled using his Heaven Evasion.


Merely a few breaths after Jiang Yi had left, a fiery-red streak came dashing through the sky. The Clan Head of the Fire Chi Race Huo Yan had come as soon as he could. However, this place was tens of kilometers away from Fire Chi Mountain. He was, after all, not a real god. From the time he received the signal till the time he reacted and came still required a little time.

From the time Jiang Yi attacked till he used his Heaven Evasion, it had only taken not more than ten breaths of time. No matter how fast Huo Yan was, he would not have been able to rush here in such a short period of time.

"This is too overbearing, too overbearing!"

Looking at the ground littered with maimed corpses, Huo Yan was filled with rage as he roared. He became a ray of a rainbow and sped around within a five-hundred-kilometer radius, activating his divine senses to the maximum. However, as before, he could find nothing.

Three days later, Jiang Yi acted again. He killed eight hundred men on Mammoth Mountain.

Six days later, Jiang Yi killed five hundred men on Mantis Blade Mountain. Ten days later, it was Tiger Subdue Sect's turn, losing a thousand men. When Cao Peiwen had rushed to the battlefield, Jiang Yi had long fled.


Cao Peiwen searched the vicinity and confirmed that he couldn't find the murderer. He was so filled with rage that he let out a giant palm full of energy. From afar, a small mountain exploded and was razed to the ground. There was trembling within a fifty-kilometers radius.

"Sect Patriarch, please do not be angry!"

A group of elders from the Tiger Subdue Sect hurriedly ran over. Cao Peiwen's snow-white beard was flaying about with rage. His eyes flashed as he said coldly, "Don't just stand there. Go and search! If you all can't find him, don't come back!"

"Yes, yes!"

The group of elders hurried rose up and was just about to spread out and search when Cao Duantian, who was standing at one corner, waved his hand and said, "Don't bother finding. You guys won't find him."


Cao Peiwen's icy cold eyes looked towards Cao Duantian, waiting for him to explain. Cao Duantian cupped his hands and said, "Sect Patriarch, I have a half-baked idea."

"Speak!" Cao Peiwen's cold voice rang out. Seeing Cao Duantian looking pointedly at the elders behind him, Cao Peiwen waved his hand; and the elders quickly retreated. Only Cao Shishui was left with them.

Cao Shishui was his sister, and so Cao Duantian did not mind that much. He bowed and said, "Sect Patriarch, I have been thinking about something for a period of time. Why is this person being crazy and killing everyone within sight? Why is he only killing members of the Tiger Subdue Sect, the Fire Chi Race, the Mammoth Race, and the Mantis Blade Sect? Since he is already mad, why isn't he killing people from other races? Why isn't he killing people from Heaven Devil Race or the Dwarf Race?"

Cao Peiwen frowned and was deep in thought. He had been so mad this period of time that even though he had thought about some matters, he had been too fixated on catching Jiang Yi and hadn't thought too deeply about much else.

Cao Shishui's brows raised. She was Cao Peiwen's most favored princess. This was evident from the fact that Cao Peiwen hadn't said anything when she decided to remain.

She thought about it and said, "Could it be he only remembers some things from before he went crazy? For example, he recalls that he's not supposed to kill the Dwarf Race? Perhaps… he only remembers the battle with the Ice Beast King and hence viewed every army present then as his enemy?"


Cao Duantian laughed mockingly and said, "The Fire Chi Race and the Mammoth Race are both allies of the Dwarf Race. Even if this person was really crazy, he couldn't have forgotten this, right? Furthermore, every time he attacks, he is extremely careful and meticulous. He never picks big groups, only the smaller ones. After killing, he would flee instantly. If he was a lunatic, how could he be so rational? Perhaps you might say that his luck is good. No matter how lucky one is, it's not possible that he just manages to escape every single time, right?"

Cao Shishui's eyes widened as she asked with shock, "Brother, do you mean to say that he is not crazy? But… if he is not crazy, why is he killing so wantonly? Why is he also killing people from the Fire Chi Race and the Mammoth Race?"

Cao Peiwen's eyebrows furrowed. He evidently could not make sense of this as well. Cao Duantian gave a slight smile and said, "What if this person is not from the Dwarf Race?"


Cao Shishui was in disbelief. She shook her head and said, "That's not possible. So many people have seen him. Furthermore, it is evident from the battle scenes that all who were killed had their heads smashed by awls."


Cao Duantian laughed for a period of time and said with much confidence, "I believe that this person is neither crazy nor a member of the Dwarf Race. He should be using some sort of mystical ability to change his appearance to look like a dwarf. Those battle remnants are the best evidence! So many people had died, and one and all had their brains smashed. Furthermore, there are no signs of him using other mystical abilities. Those who had died seemed to not have moved much from their original positions. Think about it: if we saw a person carrying awls killing people, what would we do if we felt that we couldn't win the fight? We would either unleash our attacks or run away, right? However… why is it that there are no signs of such actions from the battle scenes? These people didn't even try to flee? However fast an awl can be, it takes time to kill people one by one, right?"

"Soul spirit attack!"

Cao Peiwen's eyes flashed as he opened his mouth and said, "This person possesses a powerful soul spirit ability. He used awls to smash people's brains in order to cover up his actual attack! Indeed, he is not from the Dwarf Race."

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