Fury Towards The Burning Heaven
1034 Luring the Snake out of the Cave
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Fury Towards The Burning Heaven
Author :Yao Ye
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1034 Luring the Snake out of the Cave

Tiger Subdue Sect was also an expert in soul spirit attacks. They deeply knew how horrifying such attacks could be. Not only was the killing speed fast, but these attacks could also kill a group of people without a trace, without any visible wounds on the enemy.

Cao Shishui also came to the same understanding. If these people were really killed one by one using awls, many of their bodies would also be smashed, with their limbs crushed apart. However, even though so many people had died, all of them had their brains smashed out; there were no other visible wounds on their bodies. Hence, the only explanation was that these people were killed first and then had their brains smashed to bits.

"This person is very smart!"

Cao Shishui's eyes twinkled as she said, "He disguised himself as someone from the Dwarf Race, carried awls, and yelled about wanting to avenge Qiu Bai and Qiu Ming. He intentionally wanted more people to see his appearance so that he could misdirect them."


Cao Shishui thought about it more and became confused again. She asked, "What is his goal? Does he want to make enemies out of all these races? Did he disguise himself so that no one would know his true identity?"


Cao Duantian smiled lightly and said, "He does not necessarily have grudges with us, at least not with all of us. He should be bearing a grudge against the Dwarf Race. He wants us to seek revenge from the Dwarf Race and use our hands to kill the Dwarf Race. Actually… I might actually have seen him once."

Cao Duantian told the story of how someone from the Dwarf Race had thrown an awl at the Mantis Blade Sect during the hunt of the Ice Beast King, which started the huge battle between the two, to Cao Peiwen and Cao Shishui. After that, he secretly smiled and said, "Sect Patriarch, if I hadn't guessed wrongly, this person's true identity has been known to us before."


Cao Peiwen asked, "Little Tian, who is he?"

Cao Shishui also asked curiously, "Brother, even I have heard of this person before?"


Cao Duantian smiled, pointed a finger to the south, and said, "That person should be from the East Imperial Continent. He has a unique mystical ability that allows him to disguise himself as anyone, even mimicking their soul spirit auras. He also possesses many other strange mystical abilities, one of which is exceptionally famous. It is called the Heaven Evasion Divine Skill."


Cao Peiwen's eyes narrowed and flashed a few times. His murderous look became even more crazed as he said coldly, "I see, wreaking havoc in the East Imperial Continent was not enough; this person actually came to the Snow Region to do the same? Does he really think he is unbeatable?"


Cao Shishui was initially still a little confused. However, she soon understood. She opened her small mouth and said with astonishment, "Brother, are you saying… this person is Jiang Yi? How could it be? What is Jiang Yi doing here in the Snow Region? Even if he really came here, why is he doing this? He is making the entire Snow Region his enemy by acting in this manner."

"Although I do not know the exact details, there is a high chance this person is Jiang Yi!"

Cao Duantian was very confident. He continued. "To be able to avoid the pursuit of so many Demigods; not even a seven-star martial expert could do that. If it was an eight-star martial expert, even the Matriarch of the Heaven Hidden Sect would not be able to sit this out any longer. The Snow Region is her territory after all! If a martial expert from the East Imperial Continent was killing wantonly, she has no reason not to come out."

"That's right!"

Cao Shishui blinked her eyes and asked, "Brother, why hadn't Heaven Hidden Sect intervene in this matter? Historically, every time people from the East Imperial Continent came, it was always the Heaven Hidden Sect that came out to block and repel such advances."


Cao Duantian laughed out loud, attracting Cao Peiwen's attention. Cao Duantian explained, "If I hadn't guessed wrong, this person has another identity. We have seen him before. He is Mo Xing from the Heaven Devil Race!"

"Mo Xing!"

Cao Shishui's eyes widened again. Last time on Tiger Subdue Mountain, Jiang Yi's crazed and loving expression when he saw Su Ruoxue had left a mark on her. After eliminating Qiu Bai, Huo Gu, and Meng Da on Ice Island single-handedly, that hellish scene was also not something Cao Shishui would ever forget.

"That's right, he is Mo Xing!"

Cao Duantian was very certain. He said, "Jiang Yi could change into anyone; it would have been too easy for him to enter Heaven Devil Race. Furthermore, the speed in which Mo Xing rose through the ranks was too fast. A previous nobody suddenly rising up and killing Qiu Bai, Meng Da, Huo Gu, and a few thousand martial experts is unbelievable. If it was really a normal member of the Heaven Devil Race—even if he could kill, he would also have exercised restraint for fear of implicating Heaven Devil Race."

Cao Peiwen's face grew solemn. He suddenly spoke and said, "Little Tian, your analysis is quite good. Continue!"

Cao Duantian was slightly blushing; Cao Peiwen rarely praised anyone. It was extremely rare for him to say such a thing. Cao Duantian hurriedly said, "Mo Xing is Jiang Yi. When he saw a Saint Lady from Heaven Hidden Sect the day before Sect Patriarch's birthday banquet, his reaction was extremely odd. He also said he had met that Saint Lady before. Shishui was there, too. She probably could also feel that he had deep feelings for that Saint Lady. After that on Ice Island—after he killed Qiu Bai and company, I had brought my men over. However, Fifth Eldress was coincidentally present and saved Jiang Yi!"

Cao Peiwen was a little confused. He said impatiently, "Simplify matters!"

Cao Duantian nodded and continued. "Based on my conjecture, Jiang Yi had come to the Snow Region to save Saint Lady Xue. On the East Imperial Continent, he had also started a war with the North Thearch over a woman. As Sect Patriarch, you know that once someone enters Heaven Hidden Sect, there is no way out. Hence, I guess that Jiang Yi must have made a deal with Heaven Hidden Sect… for example, extinguishing the Dwarf Race! Him infiltrating Heaven Devil Race, together with everything that has happened, must be all working towards eliminating the Dwarf Race."

If Jiang Yi was here and heard these words, he would definitely be shocked to his core. Cao Duantian's conjecture was nearly spot-on. The last time, Jiang Yi had also almost died on Ice Island; that was also Cao Duantian's set-up. It could be seen that this young clan head of the Tiger Subdue Sect, the first prince of the Snow Region, was worthy of his titles.

"I still don't understand."

Cao Shishui stroked her hair and said, "Why does Heaven Hidden Sect want to eliminate the Dwarf Race? If they really wanted to, they could do so themselves simply. Even if Brother had guessed everything right… with Jiang Yi's power—since he managed to kill five Demigods on Stupa Mountain, shouldn't it be easy for him to kill Qiu Shan? Why is he doing all these things?"

"The first point is easy to explain. Sect Patriarch should know."

Cao Duantian's gaze looked towards Cao Peiwen. The latter nodded in agreement. Cao Duantian then frowned as he wondered out loud, "As for why he doesn't kill Qiu Shan immediately, I do not know the answer either."

"Alright, alright!"

Cao Peiwen saw that Cao Shishui intended to continue her questioning and waved his hand impatiently. "Many of Little Tian's conjectures make sense. However, these are meaningless. The crux of the matter now is—how do we catch him and kill him? If we allow him to continue killing like this, I will no longer have any face or standing left."


A confident smile appeared on Cao Duantian's face. He smiled and said," Sect Patriarch, do not be anxious. It doesn't matter whether he is Jiang Yi or not; I already have a plan that will kill him easily."

Cao Peiwen's eyes flashed as he growled and said, "Oh? Speak quickly!"

"Very simple!"

Cao Duantian's eyes looked to the southeast. He stretched his hand, pointed, and said, "It doesn't matter what his identity is. His goal is clear. He wants to use our hand to kill; he wants us to get rid of the Dwarf Race. In that case… let's do as he desires. I would like to ask Sect Patriarch to please deploy our armies and to inform Mantis Blade Sect, Fire Chi Race, and Mammoth Race as well to head to Dwarf Mountain!"


Cao Shishui's raised a hand to cover her mouth like a frightened small rabbit. Her eyes were filled with fear.

Cao Peiwen's eyes glistened as a smile appeared on his face. He looked at Cao Duantian with approval, and nodded his comprehension. "Little Tian's scheme is not bad. Since we cannot catch him, let's lure the snake out of the cave. Once our armies are on the move, this man will definitely head to Dwarf Mountain as well."

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