Fury Towards The Burning Heaven
1035 Knowing that the Tiger was in the Mountain
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Fury Towards The Burning Heaven
Author :Yao Ye
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1035 Knowing that the Tiger was in the Mountain

The armies were on the move swiftly!

Not only the army from Tiger Subdue Sect, but those from Fire Chi Race, Mammoth Race, and Mantis Blade Sect were also deployed. Each race had gathered three-hundred-thousand-strong armies and was heading towards Dwarf Mountain in massive, streaming columns.

Each three-hundred-thousand strong army extended in a straight line that stretched dozens of kilometers. The military flags were making thudding sounds as they were blown by the strong winds. From afar, the cold glow of the warriors' battle sabers formed a white line; it was a terrifying sight.

Although all four races had rallied their forces at around the same time, their armies moved at differing paces. The Mantis Blade Sect in the northwest moved the fastest while the Fire Chi Race that was closest to Dwarf Mountain moved the slowest. By estimates, all four armies would reach the vicinity of Dwarf Mountain around the same time, ten days later.

Once the news was out, there was pandemonium everywhere.

Numerous great races sent out their scouts. If the four races really attacked Dwarf Mountain, the Dwarf Race would definitely be annihilated. At that point in time, one of the sacred mountains would be vacated. There would then be one great race that would replace the Dwarf Race to be part of the new Snow Region Ten Sects.

There were nearly a thousand races, big and small, in the Snow Region. At least twenty of the great races also had Demigods. After eliminating the Dwarf Race, the four races would not occupy Dwarf Mountain. They did not have the military strength to guard it, and it would be easily taken by the other great races. Hence, once Dwarf Mountain was vacated, there would definitely be another great race that would take its place.

A sacred mountain!

That was one of the best places in the Snow Region, a land filled with high spirit concentration. Whoever possessed a sacred mountain would be able to continuously cultivate martial experts and be prosperous henceforth. Having a sacred mountain as their home would also be a status symbol. When traveling in the region and hunting ice beasts, no one would snatch that race's kill or try to kill someone from that race.

Hence, regardless of whether the four races would destroy the Dwarf Race, many great races were excited and had gathered their forces to head to Dwarf Mountain, too. If there was a chance, they would definitely fight to the death to take this sacred mountain as their own.

In an instant, there was turmoil in the Snow Region. Many great races seemed to have forgotten how formidable that mysterious dwarf was. Even the scouts from lesser races were out and about, reporting back as the situation unfolded.

Heaven Devil Palace!

Mo Yao'er heard the news and suddenly became very excited. She ran to Mo Shen's study, shouting even before she entered. "Majesty Father, the four races have deployed their troops. This time, the Dwarf Race will definitely be eliminated. Hehe. The Dwarf Race had killed so many of our people; they will finally get their just desserts!"

Mo Shen had long received this news. He saw the satisfied look on Mo Yao'er's face, smiled bitterly, and shook his head. "Tiger Subdue Sect has a learned person. The Dwarf Race might not necessarily be eliminated; they have ulterior motives behind this move."

"What do you mean?" Mo Yao'er's mind was slightly simpler. She blinked a few times and asked, "Majesty Father, the four races have made such a big deal out of this matter this time. Since they have deployed their forces, they would definitely act upon it."


Mo Shen raised his teacup and drank a mouthful. His hand was not like that of a normal Heaven Devil Race member; it was exactly the same as that of a normal person. He placed his teacup down, looked at Mo Yao'er, and asked, "What benefit does eliminating the Dwarf Race bring to the four races? There is no benefit at all for the Fire Chi Race and the Mammoth Race right? Quite the opposite, that would actually destroy their alliance. Since that was the case, why are they still sending their armies right to Dwarf Mountain's doorstep?"

Mo Yao'er became even more confused. She tugged at her hair and asked, "Indeed, why is that?"

"It is all for one person."

Mo Shen gazed towards the southeast and said, "Why did Jiang Yi impersonate someone from the Dwarf Race and started killing indiscriminately? He wanted to infuriate the four races for them to seek vengeance against the Dwarf Race right? Hence, the four races are going along with his plan knowingly, with the ultimate goal of flushing him out. If I hadn't guessed wrongly, Curmudgeon Cao, Huo Yan, Mantis Blade, and company should currently be with their armies, waiting for Jiang Yi to head to Dwarf Mountain!"


Mo Yao'er's face suddenly became pale. As she thought about the four Demigods secretly lying in wait to attack Jiang Yi, she shivered and hurriedly grabbed Mo Shen's hand, saying, "Majesty Father, please go and save him. If he died, I, I…"

Mo Yao'er did not complete her sentence. However, tears were welling up her eyes. She looked at Mo Shen with pleading eyes. Mo Shen closed his eyes, waved his hand, and said, "Alright! Even if you didn't say anything, I would definitely go to Dwarf Mountain. With such a grand affair happening that concerns the situation in the Snow Region, how could I not go and observe the battle? However, I naturally wouldn't fight Curmudgeon Cao and others head-on. Whether this lad lives or dies depends on his destiny."

Mo Yao'er stamped her foot and said, "I will go with you, Majesty Father."

"Such willfulness!"

Mo Shen's face became serious as he reprimanded Mo Yao'er. "You will not be going anywhere. When will you be able to change your character? You will behave yourself and cultivate here at home. If you do not listen to me, I will not bother with that lad anymore."

After speaking, Mo Shen vanished from the study and appeared outside of Heaven Devil Palace. He channeled his essence force with one hand, and Heaven Devil Palace was lit by a piercing light. He activated the restrictions.

Mo Shen looked at Mo Fu, Mo Qi, and company waiting below and ordered. "I am heading out. Until I am back, Heaven Devil Mountain is to be under complete lockdown and be on alert day and night. No one is to release Sacred Lady from Heaven Devil Palace, or I would kill without mercy."


Mo Fu and company knelt with one knee as they received the order. They watched as Mo Shen sped towards the southeast. Mo Qi and Mo Fu exchanged a look; it was a look filled with regret.

A hundred races were gathering on Dwarf Mountain, and yet they had no fate to witness such a sight. What a pity.

"Yet another big troop!"

Around ten thousand feet below the Ice Sea, Jiang Yi had transformed into a member of the Heaven Devil Race and hid himself there. He was relying on his Divine Perception to detect any movement on the surface.

The Ice Sea was located in the middle of the ten sacred mountains. Many great races had to pass by the Ice Sea in order to get to Dwarf Mountain. Jiang Yi had detected many races and many armies over the past few days. There were more than ten such armies, more than a million people.

The armies from the four races and the scouts from all races in the Snow Region were all on the move; there were people everywhere. Jiang Yi was extremely safe disguising himself as a member of the Heaven Devil Race. Two days ago, a Demigod had even scanned Jiang Yi using his divine senses. However, that Demigod had not paid particular attention to him; there were people everywhere. A scout from the Heaven Devil Race could not be any more normal.

"The armies of the four races should be reaching Dwarf Mountain in five days, right?"

Jiang Yi softly murmured to himself. His eyes opened as he walked one full circle in the underground passageway. He finally decided to make his way to Dwarf Mountain.

Cao Duantian was indeed accurate. Jiang Yi had been indiscriminately killing the troops from the four races precisely to instigate them to attack the Dwarf Race. Now that they were on the move, Jiang Yi could not sit still. He wanted to personally see if the Dwarf Race would be exterminated or not.

He was also very clear that Cao Peiwen, Mantis Blade, and company would definitely head to Dwarf Mountain as well. After all, Qiu Shan was a Demigod. If Jiang Yi went close to Dwarf Mountain, there was a chance these Demigods would be able to see through his disguise.

However, whether the Dwarf Race was exterminated or not would determine if Jiang Yi could go and see the Heaven Hidden Sect Matriarch… if she would help Su Ruoxue regain her memories. What if the armies of the four races went to Dwarf Mountain but did not act?

He had to be nearby to monitor the situation. If necessary, he would intervene again to instigate a bloody battle or directly assassinate Qiu Shan! Once Qiu Shan was dead, the Dwarf Race would definitely be annihilated. Even if some survived, the countless other great races would chase the remaining members of the Dwarf Race off Dwarf Mountain. The first task set by Heaven Hidden Sect would then be accomplished.

The Mirage Divine Ability and Heaven Evasion Ability were his greatest assets. There was bound to be people all around Dwarf Mountain. Even if Cao Peiwen and company scanned everyone one by one, they would definitely not be able to discover him. As long as he did not make any reckless moves, who could find him? If he sensed anything amiss, he would immediately use his Heaven Evasion to flee; no one would be able to catch him.

Hence, even though he knew the tiger was in the mountain, he still decided to head towards the tiger mountain!

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