Fury Towards The Burning Heaven
1038 Big Fish Appears
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Fury Towards The Burning Heaven
Author :Yao Ye
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1038 Big Fish Appears

"They're really attacking the mountain!"

The lurking scouts nearby were all stunned. They had not even spoken much before this person took such drastic action. Were the four sects really looking to exterminate the Dwarf Race?

Bang, bang, bang!

It was just one round of attacks, but a significant number of people from the Dwarf Race dropped from the sky. At least ten-thousand people had been attacked by the soul spirits of the Tiger Subdue Sect. The Mantis Blade Sect also killed tens of thousands of dwarfs. It was obvious that these people were not playing around this time.

"The Fire Chi Race and the Mammoth Race at least have a conscience."

The scouts on the other two sides came back with some news. Those from the Fire Chi Race and the Mammoth Race had not taken action to attack the mountain. They've only feigned attacks so far. This caused the scouts on that side to feel at least a bit of gratitude.

The fire snakes from the Fire Chi Race were dancing at the base of the Dwarf Race's mountain. One look down could frighten anyone. However, these Fire Snakes were not the strongest weapons that the Fire Chi Race had. Instead, they were just low-level flames. Flames like that would not even kill the weakest of the dwarfs, much less the strongest of them.


The Mammoth Race was even worse at feigning attacks. A huge group of giants rushed toward the Dwarf Race's Mountain and began waving their weapons and fists around with gritted teeth. However, they did not kill any dwarfs. Instead, they just kept attacking the mountain. The first layer of residences on the Dwarf Race's Mountain was now destroyed.

The Fire Chi Race and the Mammoth Race tried to fake their attack, but it made no real difference to the bigger picture. In fact, it was enough that the Tiger Subdue Sect and Mantis Blade Sect were attacking the Dwarf Race with full force. What's more, it was not like the Fire Chi Race and Mammoth Race were letting the dwarfs go completely—they were at least keeping a portion of the Dwarf Race occupied.

An intense battle had ensued between those from the Tiger Subdue Sect and Mantis Blade Sect and those from the Dwarf Race. Both sides were not holding back at all. The death toll kept rising. The battlefield looked terribly gory. The north side and east side of the Dwarf Race's mountain were now dyed red by the blood of the fallen.

The Tiger Subdue Sect wanted the Mantis Blade Sect to just feign attacks in the beginning. However, since the Mantis Blade Sect got attacked by the other three sects while fighting for the Ice Beast King on the Ice Mountain, they lost all but three thousand of their men. These three-thousand men were severely injured at that. This particular race was known for being crazy. Why would they let an opportunity like that slip away? Thirty-thousand Mantis Blade soldiers went forward and attacked with all their might, with no regard for whether they got injured or killed. They swore to wipe out the Dwarf Race completely.

The Tiger Subdue Sect went all out as well. This was something that caused a lot of the elders from Tiger Subdue Sect to be confused.

Did they not come to lure all the mysterious elders of the Mantis Blade Sect out? They could choose to employ any means to do it. Why did they really have to fight to the death? The dwarfs were charging forward ferociously. They seemed to have gone crazy—they no longer cared whether they died in battle. Even if they did, they wanted to delay their extermination for as long as they could. In these short fifteen minutes, the Tiger Subdue Sect had lost more than ten thousand people.

"Keep attacking! Flatten the entire Dwarf Race's Mountain!"

Cao Duantian waved his hand, his expression remaining cool. He looked at the people in front of him who were falling to the ground. This was hurting his heart as well. However, despite the number of Demigods looking around, they could not find Jiang Yi. What was he to do then? He had no choice but to allow his people to continue attacking.

From the way Jiang Yi was used to doing things, Cao Duantian knew that Jiang Yi was extremely careful. If he did not make the act seem real, Jiang Yi would not be convinced for sure. In any case, wiping out the Dwarf Race was no loss to the Tiger Subdue Sect. Instead, it would increase the latter's reputation. In the future, who would dare to offend the Tiger Subdue Sect?

"Kill, kill, kill!"

The dwarfs were outraged by now. There were many dwarfs, but very few strong ones were among them. All the formidable martial artists that Qiu Ming and Qiu Bai led earlier had all been killed by Jiang Yi. They also lost many formidable martial artists while they were trying to kill the Ice Beast King. Now, there were a pitiful few formidable martial artists left. Thus, the dwarfs could not defend themselves properly against the attacks of the Tiger Subdue Sect and the Mantis Blade Sect. As the latter two sects continued to attack them, more and more of them became flattened to the ground.

As Qiu Zhe had said—if they tried their best, perhaps they would have a chance to live. Perhaps the Heaven Hidden Sect would reach out and lend them a helping hand on seeing their plight. If they gave up protecting the Dwarf Mountain, they would definitely be wiped out by their enemies.

Groups and groups of dwarfs charged out. More than half of them were killed by the attacks of the Tiger Subdue Sect's soul spirits and the Mantis Blade Sect's knife formation. The remaining half of them got through the knife formation just to delay the armies a little longer before they were killed ultimately.

Time ticked by. Four hours later, the Dwarf Race's death toll reached more than a million. The two sects' three-hundred-thousand-strong armies had been reduced to a hundred thousand as well.

The corpses at the base of the Dwarf Mountain were forming another mountain of their own. Fresh blood flooded the region, and the metallic smell of blood traveled at least five kilometers out. The armies from both sides were seeing red now. They no longer paid any heed to the commands of their commanders. Instead, all they wanted to do was kill one another.

The Dwarf Race had a total of three million people, but excluding the elderly, the women, and the kids, the battle-worthy men numbered 1,500,000. This was including those who were weak.

Now, close to a million warriors of the Dwarf Race had died. They were on the brink of being wiped out. If they continued to fight, the Dwarf Race would surely lose its army. The remaining elderly, women, and children would also be wiped out very soon after.


An old voice echoed throughout the region as a black figure landed atop the Dwarf Mountain. He was holding a hammer in his hand. He gazed through his wrinkled eyelids at the corpses at the base of the Dwarf Mountain, and his heart hurt. He turned to look far away and said, "Mantis Blade, Curmudgeon Cao, stop hiding around. Come out and fight. It is me that you want to kill. If you're able to do so, you won't need to kill any more of our dwarfs. I will make sure that they kill themselves."


Those of the Tiger Subdue Sect and the Mantis Blade Sect stopped fighting without the commander's orders. They retreated. Qiu Shan had finally appeared. There was no point in fighting anymore.


A cool voice was heard. A figure shot down on the east side of the region. The cool night winds immediately stopped when they passed by him. The lone horn on his hand sparkled in the night sky. A strong bloody aura emitted from his body, causing the people around him to be unable to even lift their heads.

"Greetings, Clan Head!"

Everybody from the Mantis Blade Sect retreated and got their knees. They looked up, with immense amounts of respect and warmth in their gazes, at Mantis Blade.

"Shorty Qiu!"

Mantis Blade called out in a cool voice. "The three of you ganged up against me that day. Karma strikes. Now, it is your turn. I will not gang up with them to fight you. Instead, I will send you to your death on my own!"

"Come on!"

Qiu Shan shouted as he charged toward the east. If two Demigods were to start fighting here, the Dwarf Mountain would surely be flattened out. Both sides' armies would be severely injured as well. Thus, just like the last time, the two of them chose to go far away to battle.

"Everyone, listen up! Keep fighting. Help me wipe out the Dwarf Race!"

Mantis Blade laughed mirthlessly as he continued flying toward the east. However, the two of them were not far above the ground. After all, the nightly astral winds were getting strong. Neither of them wanted to get killed by the astral wind patterns.


Hundreds of scouts near the east and a mighty commander immediately retreated. They did not want to incur the wrath of two Demigods.

Cao Peiwen and Huo Yan did not show their faces. Qiu Shan was not good at fighting. He was no match for Mantis Blade for sure. Without their help, Qiu Shan would surely die before long.

"Alright, stop fighting. Retreat 2,500 meters and wait for further orders."

Now that Qiu Shan had appeared, Cao Duantian could finally pull his troops back. Naturally, he did not want to fight any longer. He squinted his eyes and looked toward the east, a smirk appearing on his face. "Qiu Shan is taking action. The biggest fish has been baited. Would that other big fish appear as well?"

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