Fury Towards The Burning Heaven
1039 Qiu Shan Will Surely Die
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Fury Towards The Burning Heaven
Author :Yao Ye
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1039 Qiu Shan Will Surely Die

"Qiu Shan is out?"

Cao Duantian had guessed rightly. The moment Qiu Shan appeared, Jiang Yi made a move. He was nowhere near the huge battle earlier. He had remained more than fifty kilometers away and used his divine senses to keep an eye on the situation here. Now, however, he was activated.

Although his divine senses were not strong enough to detect Cao Peiwen, Mantis Blade, nor Huo Yan, he was sure that all three of them were present as well. They were just hiding their auras to remain under wraps.

Mantis Blade also appeared, just like Jiang Yi had guessed. Although he knew it was dangerous, he could no longer sit still and wait. He began to move stealthily toward where Qiu Shan and Mantis Blade were fighting.

He did not necessarily have to take action. He was just afraid that he would lose sight of Qiu Shan once again.

As long as Qiu Shan was still alive, the Dwarf Race could not be wiped out. Jiang Yi guessed that the other four races did not really dare to wipe out the Dwarf Race as well. Otherwise, they might suffer the wrath of Qiu Shan's crazy quest for revenge. This would be a lose-lose situation for all parties involved.

Jiang Yi had already figured everything out a long time ago. Nearby where Qiu Shan and Mantis Blade were fighting, thousands of scouts and tens of thousands of formidable martial artists were watching. He could hide nearby and not attract any attention to himself.

Swish! Swish!

He flew very quickly through the underground passages. Nearby, Jiang Yi detected several scouts heading toward the battleground. This battle between Qiu Shan and Mantis Blade was a huge one. If Qiu Shan really died, the entire situation in the Snow Region would change.

Qiu Shan and Mantis Blade flew out about twenty-five kilometers before they began fighting. Jiang Yi took a total of fifteen minutes to rush near the battlefield, but he did not dare to come too close either. He remained about five kilometers from the battleground and kept using his divine senses to get a hold on the situation.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Since Jiang Yi moved out, Qiu Shan and Mantis Blade had been fighting for a while. Both of them kept the fight low. Mantis Blade stayed on top of Qiu Shan the entire time. Qiu Shan was clearly much weaker than Mantis Blade. Be it in terms of speed, strength, or defense, Mantis Blade was the clear winner.

Jiang Yi kept his divine senses locked on Qiu Shan and discovered that none of his dao patterns were hitting Mantis Blade. Mantis Blade's mystical abilities were sharp, and he was much too fast. In fact, he was so fast that even Jiang Yi could not get a hold on his figure.

No matter what, though, Qiu Shan was a Demigod. Each attack that he attempted caused the skies to stir and the ground to shake. Rocks floated and gathered in mid-air. Those were not just images either—they were actual rocks, each about three meters in diameter. They resembled asteroids as they crashed down toward the ground at a rapid speed.

The soil in the entire Snow Region was hard, but now, they had been shaken loose by this battle. Cracks began to appear in the ground, which was shaking uncontrollably. Jiang Yi and many scouts heard an ear-piercing crash. Their bodies trembled as the rocks fell down toward the ground.

These did not count for anything. Along with the collapse of the huge rocks, everyone felt a formidable pressure that caused them to be injured. They coughed up blood uncontrollably.

"The Earth-Elemental dao pattern. This should be a five-star dao pattern."

Jiang Yi nodded in the dark. If he attacked Qiu Shan, he would not have been able to avoid the falling rocks. The rocks were falling at top speed, and there were way too many of them. Even if he had the Astral Winds Divine Shield, he would only be able to block off one or two rocks. The moment the Astral Winds Divine Shield broke, his body would be knocked into the soil.

This Meteorite Formation really could buy time and create space. It caused everyone to slow down. Under the prowess of a Demigod, Jiang Yi guessed that even more than ten-thousand five-star formidable martial artists could be wiped out by Qiu Shan.

It was obvious!

Qiu Shan's scary attack was nothing to Mantis Blade, however. The battle swords flew out from Mantis Blade's horn and danced above his head. Any meteorite that fell toward Mantis Blade was cut into two by his swords. He emerged from the attack unscathed.

Even his body turned into some sort of apparition and began dancing around in the sky. He waved both his hands around and caused wind blades to shoot out. Each wind blade cut an opening in the sky. The wind blades were about 3 meters long each, and they traveled at top speed. It looked almost effortless for them to cut apart Qiu Shan's meteors.

These wind blades could even turn around like the soul spirits of the Tiger Subdue Sect. They were moving so fast then each one could reach Qiu Shan and attack his divine shield.

The battle had already gone on for ten to fifteen minutes. In other words, Qiu Shan had already been attacked by the wind blades for ten to fifteen minutes. The Demigod's essence force was extremely rich and intense, but the one attacking him was also a Demigod—a stronger one at that. It was already commendable that Qiu Shan hung on for such a long time.

"Fire-Elemental dao pattern. This must be at least five-star as well, right?"

Jiang Yi's heart thudded as he watched on. If he were the one being attacked by the wind blades, he probably would have been killed in a matter of seconds. From the relaxed look on Mantis Blade's face, Jiang Yi guessed that he was not giving this battle his all. Otherwise, Qiu Shan would be dead by now.

"I should check if Curmudgeon Cao and Huo Yan are hiding nearby."

Seeing that the battle could end at any moment, Jiang Yi released his divine senses to look around. In the State of the Union of Heaven and Man, his divine senses became much stronger. He had a much clearer picture of his surroundings. If Cao Peiwen and the others were hiding nearby, he had a good chance of locating them.

He looked around very carefully three times, but apart from the scouts and the groups of formidable martial artists, he did not find Cao Peiwen and the other two people. Jiang Yi also looked very closely into each person's eyes. No matter how well one could disguise himself, their eyes would not lie. He looked into the eyes of every single person within a 1500-meter distance, but he still could not find the three targets.

"Did they really not come here? Or are they not hiding that nearby?"

Jiang Yi could not figure it out; neither did he have any more time to keep thinking about it. Mantis Blade was getting impatient. Once again, he waved both of his hands and caused all the wind blades to merge into one. They merged and became a huge wind blade, which cut through the air and broke every single meteor in its way into pieces. At last, this huge wind blade stabbed Qiu Shan's divine shield.


Qiu Shan's body flew backward from the impact. His divine shield was still intact, but the impact from the wind blade's collision had caused him serious internal injury. His body landed hard on the floor, causing a pit around him.


His body flew out of the pit, and he spat out fresh blood. It was obvious that he was internally injured.

Tsk! Tsk!

Qiu Shan had just flown out when Mantis Blade gathered a second super wind blade, which once again stabbed at Qiu Shan in a flash. Qiu Shan's body once again crashed hard into the ground. His divine shield still remained unbroken, but the armor in front of his chest had exploded. There was a clear dent in his chest. The blood was flowing out of his mouth uncontrollably.

"Qiu Shan is finished!"

Even the blind could see that Qiu Shan was being beaten up pitifully. If Qiu Shan did not run away now, there would only be one outcome for him—death! Mantis Blade was the third strongest man in the Snow Region. He indeed deserved his title.

However, Qiu Shan did not run away. There was nowhere for him to go. He was sure that he would die here today. If the Heaven Hidden Sect's Matriarch did not appear, the dwarfs would be wiped out. There would be no reason for him to live then.

Swish! Swish!

Once again, Qiu Shan flew up and waved both of his hands in the air as if ready to deal the strongest blow yet. However, this time, a voice echoed in his mind: "Qiu Shan, run underground, and your dwarfs might still be saved. Otherwise, you will be wiped out for sure."

Qiu Shan's entire body stiffened. His eyes lit up with a glimmer of hope. The voice was familiar. Without any hesitation, he summoned all his essence force and caused his divine shield to light up.

Tsk! Tsk!

Mantis Blade's super wind blade was coming toward him again. It caused Qiu Shan to be thrown back onto the ground. He looked even more pitiful now. His flesh was visible through the wound in his chest, and blood continued to pour out of his mouth. This time, however, Qiu Shan did not rush forward. He rushed toward the underground passageway in terror.

"Trying to flee?!"

Mantis Blade's gaze turned cold. He started to give chase, but two figures charged toward him from afar. Before Mantis Blade could reach Qiu Shan, two Fire Snakes appeared. A giant's voice traveled toward him. "Live and let live. Mantis Blade, let Qiu Shan go."


Jiang Yi's expression hardened. It was a good thing he came, or Qiu Shan would have gotten away today.

His divine senses locked in on Qiu Shan, who was headed in this direction with blood still flowing from his mouth. Jiang Yi's face turned murderous. He decided to take the risk and take action.

Qiu Shan had to die.

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