Gambit of the Living Weapon
143 The lion“s den
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Gambit of the Living Weapon
Author :Call_Me_Ben
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143 The lion“s den

"Young miss!! Young miss, are you ok!!??" Detra screamed while trying to help Ellie get up

"I'm... Fine..." said the young girl trying to massage her back to make the pain go away. Even if her shield managed to block the impact of her parent's attack, she still received a lot of damage from having her whole body smacked against a large piece of metal.

Ellie was mixing many emotions right now. She was happy to see her parents again and relieved that they were not harmed, but also confused as to how they managed to use magic to attack her and terrified that they might use it again. She raised her head to look at them again and spotted a stuffed frog doll approaching her.

"So much for being invincible..." Xadi commented while walking towards the two women and a baby after being throw out of Ellie's head.

They glared at him for a moment but quickly had their attention grabbed by two figures in red approaching with their staves charged with magic. Ellie saw her parents coming closer and raised a wall of diamonds after panicking.

The two red-eyed mages aimed their weapons and began to blast the wall with water and ice magic combined. The impact made the wall shake a little, but the diamonds managed to sustain the attack.

The mages then turned around the wall to search for their targets but quickly realized that they had all vanished from behind it. They began to look around trying to find them when the sound of a baby crying started to echo throughout the park.

They listened closely to the sound and realized that it was coming from the area with the giant teacups. Turns out Ellie and her group used the small chance they had to enter the window of the trailer she was thrown into and escaped from the other side, proceeded by trying to hide inside the giant red teacup.

Ellie's mother began to gather water magic on her staff and blasted the cup with all her strength.

"Aaaaahhhh!!!" Ellie, Detra, and Xadi screamed as their hiding spot was launched by the magic and collided with the other cups around it launching them into the air one by one like bowling pins. They finally stopped moving once their red cup smashed itself against the entrance of the rollercoaster.

"Ugh... Everything hurts..." Ellie mumbled, trying to hold her stomach so she wouldn't throw up, "Why are my parents attacking me??"

Detra rubbed her head to make her pain go away and took a look at Lance to see if he was ok while answering her question, "They were possessed by spirits... And by the looks of it... They were spirits of very talented mages..."

The group finally got out of the giant red teacup and watched as the possessed parents approached.

"How do we return them to normal??" Ellie screamed while trying to stand up.

"We need blessed energy... Young miss, can you use your power to mirror Marcus?"

"On it!!" Ellie said while trying to concentrate and remember what she learned from Daren. She then started to whisper to herself, "My body is a weapon... My body is a weapon... My body is a weapon...", until she finally began to transform herself into a metal crossbow.

"Perfect!!" Detra said while grabbing Ellie in her crossbow form and aiming it at the two mages.

[Wait... What are you doing??] Ellie asked inside Detra's mind.

"What else? I'm going to shoot them!" Detra answered.

[WHAT!!!??] Ellie screamed and immediately reverted back to her human form, which caught Detra off-guard, "You can't shoot my parents!! They're my parents!!!"

"Then what's your great plan??" Detra asked while glaring at the girl.

"Uuuuuh..." Ellie said while trying to come up with a plan.

She then noticed that her shadow was starting to increase in size. She was confused by it and looked up to find that a large piece of ice of the size of a car was falling from the sky right on top of her.

"Oh my God!!" She screamed and proceeded to raise her arms to create a pair of pillars made of blue diamonds to protect them. The ice crashed against the diamond and started to spread itself around the group after turning into a pile of dust.

Ellie's heart felt like it was going to stop for a second from that fright but didn't had time to compose herself. She turned around and noticed that her father was summoning several pieces of ice to throw at them.

"Dad!! Come on!! It's me!!!" she cried, "It's your daughter!! Ellie!!"

The mage ignored her comment and simply released his ice attack again.

Ellie saw the massive object coming at her and began to whisper one more time, "I'm a weapon! I'm a weapon! I'm a weapon!", proceeded by turning her arms into a pair of silver blades. She tried to remember how Marcus sliced one of Xadi's ice attacks during their battle on the city earlier and tried to repeat his move.

She raised her arms and thrusted them into the ice. She managed to break the frozen attack but was once again pushed back due to the force of the impact.

"Guahhh!!!" she screamed as she fell down on the ground.

"Young miss!!" Detra yelled, followed by glaring at the plushy frog by her feet, "Xadi!! Can't you help her or something??"

"What do you want me to do?? I don't have a staff with me!!" said the toy while ignoring Detra's glare.

Ellie tried to stand up but was immediately brought back to the ground by a massive body of water being dropped on top of her by her mother.


Ellie was about to be drowned by her own mother's attack, and if that wasn't enough to kill her, her father was preparing three spears made of ice aimed right at her.

"She's going to die... They are going to kill her at this rate!!!" Dera began to panic, not knowing what she should do and was about to start charging towards the two mages to try and stop them, when she heard a voice coming from the tent's direction.

"What in the world is going on here...?"

The mages immediately canceled their attacks and began to kneel towards the origin of the voice. Detra turned around and spotted her, a young girl with chestnut skin, long black hair tied up by two ponytails, eyes with different colors, one brown and one green, and wearing a red robe that covered her whole body.

"Mia..." Detra whispered at the sight of the girl leaving the tent and marching towards them.

"Seriously... How is anyone supposed to take a nap with all this no- Huh...?" Mia said while scratching her head and yawning before taking a closer look at the cause of the disturbance, "East...? What are you doing here...?"

"Mmmm..." Detra was thinking about how to approach this situation. She was worried that a bad choice of words could get her and Ellie killed in the spot.

"You!!!" Ellie screamed interrupting their conversation and drawing the attention to herself. Every single fiber of her body started to be filled with an immense desire to attack Mia with all of her strength, but before she could lose herself in her own rage she managed to make a question, "What did you do to my parents you monster!!??"

Mia just tilted her head while processing the issue and looking at the girl with half-opened eyes, still in the middle of fully waking up, "Your parents...? You will have to be more specif... I killed a lot of people over the years... Which ones were your parents...?"

Ellie then finally stood up and glared at Mia while pointing at the two mages kneeling down, "I'm talking about them, you moron!! Change them back to normal!!"

Mia looked at the direction she was pointing while rubbing her chin for a moment and finally snapped her fingers as if she had just remembered the name of a movie she was planning to watch again, "Ooooh!! These two!! You are stick-girl's niece!! Right, right... Sorry for forgetting you... When you lived as long as I have, people's faces just start blending with one another..."

"Wraaaghhhh!!!" Ellie screamed in anger as she raised her arm to make a giant blue diamond to smash against Mia, but her mother acted faster and smacked her with a waterball interrupting her attack and making her fall once again, "Ugh!!"

"Anyways... What are you doing here...? Stick-girl wasn't supposed to find this place until after tomorrow..." Mia said, followed by glancing at the area trying to find something that wasn't there, "Where is she anyway...?"

"She's not here..." Detra explained, "The young miss wanted to try and fight you on her own to protect her aunt..."

"... On her own...?" Mia took another look and gazed at Ellie while she was completely wet from her mother's attack and barely able to stand, "Is this a prank...? In what universe could she take on me on her own...??"

Detra didn't know what to say. The fact was that she tried as hard as she could to convince Ellie to change her mind and forget this idea, but the girl just wouldn't listen to her.

"Well... I was bored anyway... Might as well kill some time before stick-girl shows up..." Mia said while removing her red robe and revealing a long purple sleeveless shirt underneath as well as dark blue shorts, followed by gesturing to Ellie's mother to lower her staff, "Come on stick-niece! Show me what you got!!"

Ellie stood up one more time and glared at Mia again. This was her once-in-a-lifetime chance. Take Mia down right now and stop Myriad from ever becoming a reality. She started to gather all the magic energy she had and launched a barrage of blue diamonds at the duel-colored eyed girl.

Mia saw the incoming attack and began to whistle, "Magic diamonds? Not bad!!" She said while simply jumping over it and landing on top of the diamonds on her way down.

"What!?" Ellie said while reacting with shock.

"Come on, don't stop now! What else you got?" Mia taunted while gesturing with her fingers for Ellie to hit her again.

"Grrrr!! Stop mocking me!!!" Ellie yelled while making more diamonds emerge from the ground and chase after Mia, but just like before, the girl simply jumped up and down and easily dodged every attack as if it was a game for her.

"Hey, I think you almost had me this time... Wanna try again?" Mia said while sitting on top of one of the diamonds as if it was a chair.

Ellie then used her other strategy one more time and began to shout "I'm the weapon! I'm the weapon! I'm the weapon!" followed by turning her arms into silver crossbows aimed at Mia.

"Uuhh... Excuse me...???" Mia said, finally showing a shocked reaction due to seeing the girl using the same ability as Marcus.

Ellie began to shoot a torrent of silver arrows at Mia, who in turn moved away from the top of the diamond she was sitting on and used it as a shield to block the arrows.

"Stop Dodging!!!" Ellie shouted. The mirror mage proceeded to run after mia who was hiding behind the diamond, but when she tried to find her, the girl was gone.

"Young Miss!!! Look up!!" Detra screamed.

Ellie followed her command and raised her heard to see that Mia was dropping from the sky and coming right towards her. She raised her crossbow arms to shoot at her but Mia was faster and extended her arms, followed by turning them into whips made of vines and completely wrapping Ellie like a Christmas gift.

"Ughh!!!" Ellie said as she was completely tied up and fell on the ground.

Mia then stepped on her, turned her arm into a blade made of leaf, and pointed it at Ellie's neck, "Had enough?"

Ellie simply stared at the blade lightly touching her skin while sweating heavily. Mia had defeated her while barely making any effort.

"I have to admit, you piqued my curiosity... But you still should have stayed put like a good girl and obeyed my rules... Now that you tried to pull off this little prank, I'm going to have to punish you..."

"... Punish... Me...?" Ellie whispered, still paying attention to the blade that was very close to her head.

Mia then started to smile, "Troublesome children need to be educated so they will stop giving trouble to others..."

She then looked at her two servants and snapped her fingers. The servants then stood up and rushed towards the tent.

Ellie just looked at her confused, "What are you going to do...?"

The sound of a huge roar from a massive creature echoed through the air.

Mia removed her foot from the top of her and gave a few steps towards her tent, "Like I said... I was preparing my last gift for stick-girl before we could start the second phase of our game... This was going to be used later this week... But now that you tried to mess with me... I'm gonna have to mess with her..."

Detra approached Ellie and the two started to watch as the top of the tent began to raise itself towards the sky as if it was being pulled by some invisible fish hook.

Ellie then looked again, and realized that the tent wasn't being pulled, it was being pushed by a creature that was inside of it.

"Mia... What is this???" Detra asked while staring at the tent combusting itself into flames and revealing a pair of massive lizard-like creatures with bat-looking wings where their arms should be and spitting fire from their mouths.

Mia just looked at Ellie and Detra with the widest grin she could make, "A parting gift!"


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