Game in Middle Earth
45 Chapter 45.
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Game in Middle Earth
Author :Sagerwisk
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45 Chapter 45.

With the enemy troops fleeing in disarray, the alliance troops began the persecution and harassment of the Adrinû troops that were running for their lives, without hearing any order from their superiors and, therefore, without following any order.

For the first time since the beginning of the battle of Belegost, the iron phalanx of the dwarves undid their defensive formation and they began to advance in an organized manner. In such a lethal way that, every time an enemy was in front of a dwarf, it would pierce him with his pike.

The battlefield was becoming a real pool of blood, and the few Adrinû soldiers who might still feel like fighting abandoned that desire and kept running away.

While all this was happening, Adrinû watched with an ashen face, from the camp, how his troops ran in terror and died endlessly under the edge of the pikes and axes of their enemies.

The few soldiers who had remained in the camp as a garrison and saw what was happening, even though they dared not run away while Adrinû was present, many of them were nervous. There were even some whose legs were shaking.

"Shouldn't we start retiring, my lord?" - Kâin, Adrinû's faithful servant, was one of the latter and now that the battle was obviously lost he wanted to retire as soon as possible and save his own skin.

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But Adrinû didn't answer him, he didn't even look at him, it was as if he hadn't listened to him. The barbarian leader was watching, with his bloodshot eyes, as his great ambition crumbled. - 'How?' - Adrinû couldn't understand it, everything was going well, his frequent victories and conquests had made him powerful.

'I followed his plans to the letter and, until now, everything had gone so well, 'he' was never wrong...' - Suddenly, he changed the objective of his gaze to the object covered by the blanket on the table, in his tent - 'Why?'

Adrinû was still racking his brains, wondering what might have failed. - 'My army was far superior in number to yours, what made you so strong? Will 'he' have been wrong, among all the people and creatures of this world?'

While the barbarian leader was locked in his thoughts, all the soldiers around him were very nervous and awaited his command.

"Riders! My lord, riders approach the camp at high speed! They don't seem friendly!" - A sentry who had not abandoned his duty, quickly alerted his leader and, with him, the entire camp.

"My lord, what should we do?" - Adrinû still said nothing, so Kâin insisted again.

Adrinû looked at the riders who were getting closer and closer. He knew they were coming for his head, his instinct told him.

"Do they have the courage to come to finish us off?" - Adrinû roared and quickly anger began to arise from within. - "Quick! Train and prepare for defense. They won't let us run away. Not now." - Anger made the barbarian leader not want to retire, he also knew they were going to get him and they were not going to let him escape, so Adrinû would fight to the death and he would take as many as he could. with him until the moment of his death came.

Not all the soldiers in the camp reacted to his orders, but most of them began to mobilize and occupy positions.


Aldarion was galloping at full speed with his horse, Acan Dae. Aldarion felt great, the feeling of the wind hitting his body, the sound of his comrades behind his back ... the feeling was very heady.

Each time they were closer to the camp, and Aldarion noted that there was a stir in the camp, the enemy had realized they were coming and they were preparing for his arrival.

The camp had improvised palisades for defense, but they did not have doors to obstruct the entrance, so the enemy soldiers began to form at the entrance with spears to try to stop the riders.

The greatest quality of the cavalry was their mobility, and if they stopped they would become easy targets to tear down, so a few meters from crashing into the soldiers and starting the combat, Aldarion urged his men to accelerate to increase the damage of the shock.

"Come on brothers, they are just a scared group! Do not entertain yourself with these weaklings, we just have to kill their leader!"

"Ah!" - the dunedains behind Aldarion roared in reply

Hearing the roar of the riders and seeing that not only did they not stop when they saw them, but that they seemed more euphoric, the soldiers began to lose the moral morale they had left. Their legs began to shake, there were even those who urinated on top. Suddenly some began throwing their weapons and fleeing.

The formation was beginning to crumble and when Aldarion and his troops collided with the defense line, they crossed it without any difficulty and they continued advancing throughout the camp.

Both Aldarion, like the dunedains, waved their swords from side to side without stopping for a moment. They were real butchers, where they passed they were leaving a path of flesh and blood, and this only made the soldiers in the camp fear them even more, so they no longer wanted to fight and everyone began to flee.

"Don't run away cowards!" - From the center of the camp, a barbarian was roaring at all the soldiers fleeing in disarray.

Aldarion turned to him, for his instinct told him that this man was Adrinû. Cutting with his sword each enemy that was on the way, Aldarion finally arrived at his target.

Aldarion spurred Acan Dae and raised his sword so that, as he passed by him, cut off the head of a single cut.

Adrinû was distracted while shouting at the soldiers fleeing around him, so it should be easy for Aldarion to do so, but at the last moment, Adrinû had a feeling and dodged the sword, rolling on the ground.

Aldarion was surprised, but not for a long time and tried again. Although this time, Adrinû was ready and grabbed a stick that was next to him and that was certainly long. He dodged Aldarion once more and used it to hit and throw him off the horse.


Hi guys!

Some of you will be wondering "will the novel have fallen?", Others "When will there be a new chapter?" And others will have been very patient. But it's here!

Tell you that I have not had easy access to a computer with internet until now. That added to the lack of inspiration due to the bad grades I have had this course, I did not try, I'm really sorry.

I hope to upload more chapters now. Thank you very much for the patience.
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    《Game in Middle Earth》