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After hearing Ning Xin's words, Yin Yan was able to breathe a little better. He carefully supported Ning Xin who was still feeling a little weak, and they stood obediently with the crowd.

"Who is that young lady?" Ning Xin asked, looking at Jun Wu Xie in the distance, standing right beside Long Qi.

Jun Wu Xie's flawless face with her unmatchable beauty immediately stung Ning Xin's eyes the moment she spotted Jun Wu Xie.

Having always been proud of her own looks, Ning Xin was suddenly feeling rather inferior before Jun Wu Xie.

In terms of both looks and grace, she could not help but feel Jun Wu Xie had the upper hand in both of those areas!

Nevertheless, Yin Yan shook his head. He had never seen Jun Wu Xie before.

"This gentleman here is our Zephyr Academy's Vice Headmaster, Ning Rui." Fan Qi introduced Ning Rui with an awkward laugh as he pulled his fellow disciple out from the crowd to come before Jun Wu Xie and Long Qi, where he said to Ning Rui: "And here are our two distinguished visitors. This gentleman here is Long Qi, a general with the Rui Lin Army, and the lady here is the Young Miss of the Lin Palace, Jun Wu Xie."

Ning Rui was inwardly shocked, and he quickly hid the surprise in his eyes as he greeted the guests.

A distance away, Fan Qi's formal introduction had caused a particular person's eyes to widen with alarm.

When Fan Jin received the summons, he had just awoken from his drunken stupor and his mind was still rather groggy and he was still barely conscious as he was being dragged here. Before he could figure out what was really going on, his ears had suddenly heard the words "the Young Miss of the Lin Palace, Jun Wu Xie". That had startled him and he raised his head immediately to take a clear look at the young girl beside Long Qi.

It was just one gaze, and Fan Jin found that he could not take his eyes off what he saw.

The sun's rays were shining upon the unbelievably beautiful girl, its soft slight seemingly enveloping the figure in a warm golden glow. Her long hair was dark as ink, as strands of coloured silk ribbons weaved among those luxurious tassels, falling lightly upon her back. Her skin was snowy white, aglow with a faintly pinkish tinge. On that exquisite little face, he could almost feel the frosty chill, obviously expressing unapproachability, that made people stay away.

That one unintentional peek, made Fan Jin unable to ever erase this mesmerizing image from his mind. In the future, even with the long grinding passage of time, he had not able to wipe away this scene he witnessed today, which would stay fresh in his mind.

That was Jun Xie…..

Fan Jin heart shook. The features on that face were completely different, but the chilling frost that showed in those eyes were nevertheless so familiar to him.

He had known that Jun Wu Xie was a girl, but he had never for a moment thought that her real appearance would be so astounding.

He finally understood why the men from the Rui Lin Army had disregarded Ning Xin's beauteous looks. When before Jun Wu Xie, Ning Xin's bit of beauty would be just like a withered flower that had fallen to the ground, becoming not even worth mentioning.

Fan Jin stood rooted to the ground, and he could not recover from his shock for a long while.

"Basically everyone who had been involved are already here. We have discussed about the matter and we have taken the necessary actions. I wonder if this is to Miss Jun's satisfaction?" Fan Qi said carefully, looking anxiously at Jun Wu Xie. The girl was obviously younger than both his sons, but she somehow made Fan Qi extremely tensed.

"Dare I ask, what actions did the distinguished academy take?" Jun Wu Xie asked, completely unmoved.

"Cough….. Together with their leader, Lu Wei Jie, the guilty bunch of disciples have been driven out from the Zephyr Academy and never allowed to return. And I have already stated formally to other academies, and written a scathing critique of their undesirable traits and character. I believe that will teach them a good lesson." Fan Qi reported honestly.

One of Jun Wu Xie's eyebrow raised, and the corners of her mouth hinted of a sneer.

"And that is what the Headmaster deems appropriate?"

Fan Qi gulped, and hesitated a moment before he nodded.

Jun Wu Xie gave out a chilling laugh and said: "Disciples from your distinguished academy attempted to murder our men from the Rui Lin Army and the Cloud Treading Peak. Your distinguished academy promised us then that your disciples would be brought back and properly dealt with, and promised that we would be satisfied with it. But now that the academy has gone back on their word, would you like to take a guess whether I am satisfied?"

Jun Wu Xie's tone when she spoke had always been cold. And now, the chill in her voice was even colder and more intense which made everyone there shudder suddenly.

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