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"What did we do that caused you to feel that we have gone back on our word?" Fan Qi wiped at his brow once again that was sweating profusely.

Jun Wu Xie's frosty eyes swept over the gathered crowd without giving Fan Qi a single word of reply when her gaze suddenly stopped, fixed on a person among the mass of disciples.

"Long Qi."

"Your subordinate awaits your orders."



Long Qi clean and clear voice had barely faded when his towering frame had already whizzed like a whirlwind, and shot himself right into the crowd. A series of surprised shrieks ensued, and quick as lightning, Long Qi grabbed two people from among the disciples and whizzed back to come before Jun Wu Xie once again!

Two wailing cries sounded suddenly. The two people found themselves being carelessly thrown before Jun Wu Xie's feet, and they started trembling uncontrollably.

The two figures who were thrown like rag dolls onto the ground were in fact Ning Xin and Yin Yan. Never did they for a moment think that they would be picked out by Long Qi himself and thrown into such a humiliating position under the watchful eyes of all the other gathered disciples.

When Ning Rui saw that his daughter was treated in such a manner, his face immediately changed and he stepped up at once.

"Miss Jun, what is the meaning of this?"

Jun Wu Xie's mouth curled up with a hint of a sneer and said: "What do I mean? Isn't it just too painfully obvious? The few of you just decided on your own that by expelling a few disciples, the matter would then be resolved? And you are still blatantly hiding the real mastermind behind this whole plot right here. What? Do you really think that just because our Rui Lin Army is from the faraway Qi Kingdom, you can just brush the whole matter off so easily?"

As she spoke, Jun Wu Xie bent down and grabbed a whole bunch of Ning Xin's hair and gave a sharp tug as she straightened up.

The sharp searing pain that tore through her scalp made Ning Xin scream and wail pitifully. Yin Yan who was right beside her was crying from fear as he curled up and made himself appear as small as possible, tears and mucus flowing down his face.

"Stop!" Seeing his only daughter mistreated in such a manner by Jun Wu Xie, Ning Rui's eyes were aflame.

"Stop?" Jun Wu Xie gave out a chilling laugh. "I gave all of you a chance. If all of you had handled the matter fairly and impartially, I would not have pursued the matter. But it is clear that only the accomplices were dealt with and the mastermind behind all of it hidden and concealed, to cover up the truth. Do you need me to remind you? The two culprits ultimately guilty of deliberately luring in a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast in an attempt to murder the members of the Rui Lin Army and the Cloud Treading Peak are these two people still right here. Is this the reply you are giving us?"

Upon hearing Jun Wu Xie's words, a uproar erupted from the crowd all around them.

Those words that Lu Wei Jie had said when he left had inexorably planted a seed of suspicion in all the disciples' hearts then, and everything that Jun Wu Xie said today had just reaffirmed Ning Xin's and Yin Yan's crimes from suspicions to fact!

Yin Yan and Ning Xin had belonged to the same team as Lu Wei Jie during the Spirit Hunt. While every single member of that team with the exception of these two, had all been expelled and driven out of the Zephyr Academy, who still remained here, made the circumstances surrounding the matter deeply suspicious.

"Miss Jun must have misunderstood. The matter has nothing to do with these two people. It was all Lu Wei Jie's doing." Ning Rui said, trying very hard to suppress the rage welling up within.

Ning Xin's hands were clasped over her head and trembling like a quail hatching, and she rushed to parrot what Ning Rui said.

"It was Lu Wei Jie! Lu Wei Jie did it all! I have nothing to do with it!"

"Oh?" Jun Wu Xie tugged sharply with her hand. Ning Xin was screaming so badly she could not say another word.

"If I remember it correctly, this lady here is the only daughter of the Zephyr Academy's Vice Headmaster, am I right? And the other one groveling on the floor there would be her sidekick. The words the Zephyr Academy are telling us might sound very nice and pleasing, but in reality, aren't you all showing yourselves to be just as capable of abusing your powers and position to protect your personal interests? Nangong Xu, get your sorry self right here this instant!"

Jun Wu Xie demanded loudly in a chilling tone.

Even Nangong Xu was shocked and he hurriedly stepped forward.

"You knew exactly what transpired that day, tell it to your Vice Headmaster, what exactly happened then." Jun Wu Xie sneered.

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