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"Your Majesty from the Fire Country, this man has lost his mind! The words of a raving lunatic must not be believed!" The Condor Country's Emperor went on to say loudly, cold sweat streaming down his back, as he stared frantically at Jun Xie.

Jun Wu Xie looked at the highly flustered and panicked Condor Country's Emperor as Fei Yan continued to placate Grand Tutor He. She took out an elixir to stabilize Grand Tutor He's emotions before she slowly turned back to the Condor Country's Emperor to say: "Not to be believed?"

The Condor Country's Emperor then said in a challenging tone: "You can very well go to the courtyard to and check. There isn't any Emperor of the Buckwheat Kingdom in there! The Buckwheat Kingdom's Emperor did indeed come to the Condor Country before but he disappeared without a trace thereafter. As to where he really went, how could I possibly know it? This man is obviously a lunatic. Having lost his own Emperor he is thinking to pin it all upon my head!"

Grand Tutor He was so angry he was just gasping heavily for air. Fortunately Jun Wu Xie had given him that elixir earlier which stopped anything drastic from happening.

Jun Wu Xie stared at the continuously lying Emperor of the Condor Country and said chillingly: "Now, that is really rather strange as it makes me wonder how did I come to have found the Buckwheat Kingdom's little Emperor in that courtyard of yours before."

"What….." The Condor Country's Emperor stared blankly at Jun Wu Xie.

Fei Yan who was standing on one side then stared at the Condor Country's Emperor and said: "Already losing your sight and now you can't understand our His Majesty's words as well? Don't tell me you have already forgotten that someone stole the Buckwheat Kingdom's little Emperor from your courtyard just recently?

The expression on the Condor Country's Emperor's face changed completely as he stared at Fei Yan incredulously, a crazy guess suddenly rising within his mind.

"That day….. It was you….."

Caught up in panic, the Condor Country's Emperor had completely not thought of the possibility that the Buckwheat Kingdom's little Emperor could have been stolen from under his nose by Jun Xie and his men. But now that he thought back about it, the six Purple Spirits that had suddenly appeared was really strange and how rare were Purple Spirits under these Heavens afterall?

And Jun Xie had so coincidentally brought these several Purple Spirits here today…..

And realizing that it could be too much of a coincidence, the truth of the matter was really not that hard to guess at.

That day, the ones who had rescued the Buckwheat Kingdom's little Emperor had been Jun Xie and his men!

In an instant, the Condor Country's Emperor felt as if all his strength had been sucked out of him and he slumped back into his throne, the cold sweat flowing down his face continuously which very soon soaked into his Dragon robe.

His body trembled incessantly and his lips had completely lost all colour.

"Are you still not going to admit it?" Fei Yan asked as he stared at the Condor Country's Emperor, his heart already filled with disgust.

The Condor Country's Emperor's mouth gaped open as he looked at Jun Xie, his eyes quickly filling up with fear.

Jun Wu Xie merely continued to look at him coldly and did not say a word.

But the silence from Jun Xie made the Condor Country's Emperor feel even more uneasy.

He scramble down from the throne in a flurry and planted both his knees upon the ground as he struggled to scramble in a sort of half crawl to come before Jun Xie, tears streaming down his face as he said: "I did not do that, I wasn't responsible for it….. It was Elder Huang….. It was all Elder Huang's doing! He was the one who wanted me to invite all the rulers from the various countries into the Imperial Capital, thinking to use the opportunity to make the rulers issue an Imperial Edict, to use the soldiers and the citizens from the various countries to produce the Poison Men. The Buckwheat Kingdom….. And the Buckwheat Kingdom's little Emperor was selected by him as well! He wanted to use them to showcase the powers of Scarlet Blood to the other rulers and he picked the Buckwheat Kingdom's little Emperor. He was the one that made me do this….. Everything was his idea….. I have nothing to do with it….. nothing….. It's all him! All him! !"

In order to save himself, the Condor Country's Emperor shifted the entire blame for all the crimes onto Elder Huang's head and although it wasn't completely accusing him unjustly, it was nevertheless still carried out in a highly despicable manner.

Grand Tutor He's eyes then closed, his face contorting up in heartache and sorrow.

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