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Jun Wu Xie stared at the Condor Country's Emperor howling away and in a moment of impatience, she gave him a kick that sent him flying away!

Fallen to the ground, the terror filled Condor Country's Emperor knelt, his body shaking like a leaf, begging pleas pouring out incessantly from his mouth.

Jun Wu Xie's gaze was cold as ice. She knew that All Dragons Palace was behind the Poison Men and Scarlet Blood but she had not known that the reason the little Emperor had been chosen was because Elder Huang chose him. She had earlier intended to spare Elder Huang for the time being but she had now changed her mind!

Since the people from the All Dragons Palace did not even look upon the people in the Lower Realm as human, how could she possibly make herself swallow that injustice! ?

"How are you going to compensate the Buckwheat Kingdom?" Jun Wu Xie said those words in a chilling tone.

Kneeling upon the ground, the Condor Country's Emperor said hurriedly: "I'll pay! I'll pay any amount! I take out everything in the Condor Country's Treasury and pay it all to them!"

"You think just that will be enough?" Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed up.

The Condor Country's Emperor then said warily: "The Buckwheat Kingdom….. The Buckwheat Kingdom only lost two rulers….."

From the Condor Country's Emperor's perspective, compared to the heavy losses suffered by the Qi Kingdom, the Buckwheat Kingdom's losses were small.

Moreover, the Qi Kingdom was allied to the Fire Country but the Buckwheat Kingdom had nothing to do with the Fire Country.

Jun Wu Xie then said icily: "The Buckwheat Kingdom's little Emperor is my little brother."

"What….." The Condor Country's Emperor's face was filled with shock as he stared at Jun Xie.

Those words even caused the gasping and panting Grand Tutor He to become startled in shock. The fact that Jun Xie had been willing to stand up for the Buckwheat Kingdom had already made him immensely grateful but he had never thought that Jun Xie would suddenly claim their His Majesty as his….. brother.

Jun Wu Xie looked at the flabbergasted look on Grand Tutor He's face and when she recalled the bumbling address the little Emperor used to call her, her eyes darkened slightly as she said: "He addressed me as little Big Brother, didn't he?"

Having called her his little Big Brother, she was willing to become that Big Brother!

[Who dares to bully her little brother, she would definitely make sure that that person would die without a place for burial!]

Grand Tutor He's body shook, highly agitated as his heart became overwhelmed with gratitude and he kowtowed before Jun Xie three times loudly upon the ground.

With the Fire Country's dominating might, they did not need to do the Buckwheat Kingdom any favours. By Jun Xie's actions, he was merely negotiating for the Condor Country's surrender on the Buckwheat Kingdom's behalf.

Jun Xie had not only saved their His Majesty, he had even been willing to avenge them. Jun Xie had now even taken the Buckwheat Kingdom under his protective wing and with such grand display of benevolence, Grand Tutor He felt he would not be able to reciprocate for that even over several lifetimes!

In contrast to Grand Tutor He's tearful gratitude, the Condor Country's Emperor felt the dark clouds of doom looming over his head.

With the Buckwheat Kingdom's little Emperor having become Jun Xie's "little brother", the compensation, would then be…..

"Based on the Qi Kingdom's compensation, draft out another copy but make it out to the Buckwheat Kingdom." Jun Wu Xie looked at the Condor Country's Emperor sunk into the dark pits of despair, as he issued out his final decree.

Jun Xie's words had rang within his ears, like the tolling of his death's knell.

[Based on the Qi Kingdom's and make another copy?]

[The Qi Kingdom's compensation had already made him give up half of his Condor Country's empire, and to draft another….. Wouldn't that mean he would be giving the entire Condor Country away! ?]

"No….. This cannot be….. It cannot be like this….." At that moment, the Condor Country's Emperor felt as if the most disastrous calamity had befallen upon him. [Jun Xie did not come here to negotiate terms for compensation….. He came here to obliterate the Condor Country!]

Two sets of compensation and he had to give up the entire Condor Country. For this day henceforth, the Condor Country would cease to exist!

Jun Wu Xie said with a chilling smile: "It must be."

"I beg you! Spare me once! Spare the Condor Country!" The Condor Country's Emperor kowtowed continuously, hitting his forehead upon the ground loudly before Jun Xie. Before the group of Purple Spirits in front of him, there was no way he would be able to resist and he had no other way out but to beg Jun Xie to spare him.


Jun Wu Xie had already decided to erase the Condor Country from the face of these lands.

"I can spare the Condor Country. You will only need to issue the two sets of compensation and the Condor Country will be spared from annihilation. But sparing you, impossible."

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