Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
1256 Unhappy with Retribution 1
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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
Author :North Night
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1256 Unhappy with Retribution 1

The Condor Country's Emperor stared completely stunned at Jun Xie, never having expected that his reply would be such.

Jun Wu Xie had already intended for the Condor Country to be destroyed but she did not want to achieve that through war. Through the method she was using right at this moment, she would not only spare the people of the Condor Country from the atrocities of war, it was a whole lot less trouble and simpler for her.

Without losing a single foot soldier to take down the second mightiest country throughout the lands. Such a maniacal and amazing feat, could only be achieved by her.

The Condor Country's Emperor was slumped upon the floor, his face pale and ashen.

Not even in his dreams would he have thought that things would fall into such a state, that the mighty Condor Country would actually be forced into such a corner, how was he expected to accept it all?

"Don't do this….. Don't….. I beg you….." The Condor Country's Emperor could only plead and beg. He had no other way out. From the moment Jun Wu Xie had stepped into the Imperial Palace's main hall, it had been destined that he would no longer have a way out.

How was he going to resist? Seven Purple Spirits holding him hostage here within the main hall, if he dared to resist in the slightest, he would surely be killed immediately.

The Condor Country's Emperor who had once forced the rulers of the various countries into a helpless corner was today being forced to have a good taste of the despair and feeling of impending doom, and this time, Jun Xie had similarly not given him any hope of being able to break free.

"Little Yan." Jun Wu Xie called out as she stared at the sobbing and howling Condor Country's Emperor still slumped upon the floor.

"Here." Fei Yan walked up with a wide smile on his face.

"Bring the brush, ink, parchment and ink slab over, to let him finish issuing his last Imperial Edict." Jun Wu Xie said unfeelingly.

Fei Yan immediately went to fetch the items and brought them right before the Condor Country's Emperor.

The Condor Country's Emperor stared in horror at the blank parchment spread out before his eyes and the terror rose to an extreme level that showed within his eyes!

"No! I will not write it! I am the Condor Country's Emperor! Everything within the Condor Country belongs to me! I will not write a single character!" Overwhelmed by the utter despair, the Condor Country's Emperor let out a roar of finality. He looked absolutely wretched, the crown having unknowingly fallen from his head, his hair mussed up in a hapless mop, that made him look absolutely ridiculous.

Jun Wu Xie looked at the Condor Country's Emperor who had suddenly exhibited a last burst of courage and a chilling smile came upon her lips.

"Pry his mouth open."

The Condor Country's Emperor was greatly startled. He made a desperate attempt to run away but was immediately caught by the shoulder and rendered completely immobile by Qiao Chu who had shot out like an arrow the moment the Condor Country's Emperor had moved!

Qiao Chu held him down by the shoulder with one hand and pried open his mouth with the other.

Jun Wu Xie pulled out an elixir from within her Cosmos Sack and with a light flick of her finger, the elixir was flicked into the Emperor's mouth. Qiao Chu forced him to swallow the elixir and then released him.

"What did you feed me? What was it!" The Condor Country's Emperor clutched at his throat, staring fiercely at Jun Xie.

"You will soon find out." Jun Wu Xie replied lightly.

And just at the very moment that Jun Xie's voice fell, an excruciating and heart rending pain tore him up inside, exploding throughout the Condor Country's Emperor's body in an instant!

It was like he had swallowed countless blades into his body and they were swirling inside him. His internal organs, his flesh and his bones, every inch of him was experiencing that agony that was not humanly tolerable. In an instant, the Condor Country's Emperor had lost all his strength, falling to ground in a twitching heap, his body so tensed up his face had turned purple.

"If you are unwilling to write, I will not force you and you can just enjoy yourself here. You can very well just issue it only after you have straightened out your thoughts. I am in no rush anyway." Jun Wu Xie's voice was light but cold, not unlike February's wind filled with the freezing chill of winter, that seeped right into the bones when it blew.

The Condor Country's Emperor lay there continuing to twitch, the tears and mucus flowing uncontrolled mixing up in a mess upon his face, the pain so agonizing it made him roll upon the floor.
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