Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
1257 Unhappy with Retribution 2
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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
Author :North Night
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1257 Unhappy with Retribution 2

He had never realized that such agonizing pain even existed in this world where every single inch of his bones felt like it had been broken by someone, every piece of his flesh like it was being set aflame, his internal organs being stirred by a scorching red hot iron. Under such excruciating agony, he thought that he was going to die, but in reality, his consciousness was clearer than it had been at any time, and even if he longed for himself to fall away in a dead faint, it would be impossible.

He remained clearly conscious, feeling every single bit of that unimaginable pain that could drive a person out of his mind.

Grand Tutor He stared unsympathetically at the Condor Country's Emperor as he writhed and struggled in his agonizing state, hot tears flowing out from his eyes.

"I'll….. Write….. I'll write….." The excruciating torment made the Condor Country's Emperor wish he could die, but couldn't, all the suffering he had inflicted upon others at that moment seemingly being heaped in its entirety onto his body.

He would rather die, than to have the torment continue on.

"I….. beg….. You….. I….. I'll….. Write….." [He'll write anything they want, as long as all of this stops!]

Jun Wu Xie swept her gaze to look at Qiao Chu at the side. Qiao Chu immediately took out an elixir from his belt that Jun Wu Xie had given to him earlier and quickly stuffed the pill into the Condor Country's Emperor's mouth.

In an instant, the impossible pain that drive people out of their minds disappeared without a trace.

The clothes on his body completely soaked in his own sweat, the Condor Country's Emperor slumped upon the floor like a dead dog, his breathing becoming highly erratic.

Everything that happened just a moment ago, suddenly felt like a terrifying nightmare.

"Get up. Don't just lie there so lazily on the floor." Qiao Chu picked up the Condor Country's Emperor and made him kneel anew before the blank parchment.

There wasn't the slightest tinge of colour upon the Condor Country's Emperor's face. With a trembling hand, he picked up the brush at the side, and lifted his eyes to glance at Jun Xie, his eyes exhibiting only terror, not daring to hold the tiniest bit of hatred at all.

Shivering as he drafted out the terms for the compensation to the Buckwheat Kingdom, the Condor Country's Emperor affixed the Imperial Seal upon the Edict and his entire being slumped, like his spirit had gone out of him, half kneeling in his spot without moving a single inch.

Qiao Chu took that completed Imperial Edict and handed it to Grand Tutor He. Grand Tutor He immediately fell to his knees in terror, not daring to receive it even if you were to beat him to death.

"The fact that the Fire Country's His Majesty had exacted vengeance for my His Majesty is already the greatest benevolence shown to us. As for this….. we would never ever dare to take it as we are greatly undeserving, and I would implore Your Majesty to retract it." Grand Tutor He was already immensely grateful to Jun Xie and was already unable to repay the benevolence, so how could he still accept half of the Condor Country's empire?

"This is not for you, and neither is it for the Buckwheat Kingdom." Jun Wu Xie said as she looked at the startled and terrified Grand Tutor He. "It is for my little brother."

Grand Tutor He was taken aback and he knelt and prostrated himself before Jun Xie once again, his head lowered as he received the Imperial Edict within his hands.

The Condor Country's Emperor had knelt in his spot, his terror filled eyes having never left Jun Xie a single moment.

"Is it now….. now….. alright?" He asked softly, the domineering and oppressive arrogance no longer present in his voice.

He did not want to suffer that kind of pain, and would rather use the Condor Country's empire in exchange for his wellbeing. Such a despicable person, was really not fit to declare himself as an Emperor.

Mo Qian Yuan was willing to die and live with the kingdom, the little Emperor's elder brother was willing to sacrifice himself in place of his Imperial Guards.

The rulers of the two small kingdoms, were aware that the citizens were the very foundation of a country, but this was one point that the Condor Country's Emperor would forever not understand, and would no longer have a chance to understand.

"Let's go." Jun Wu Xie stood up, and without even turning her head back once, she left the Condor Country's Imperial Palace's main hall.

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