Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
1258 Unhappy with Retribution 3
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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
Author :North Night
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1258 Unhappy with Retribution 3

Walking out from the main hall, Qiao Chu looked at Jun Wu Xie's cold and icy face from the side and could not help but ask curiously: "Little Xie….. You are going to let that Condor Country's Emperor off like that?"

Jun Wu Xie turned to look calmly at Qiao Chu.

"When have I said that I will spare him?"

"But didn't you….."

Before Qiao Chu could finish his sentence, from within the main hall behind them, a mournful wail rang out shrilly, the sound piercing into their ears till they hurt.

The several youths immediately turned their heads back and saw the Condor Country's Emperor slumped upon the floor, his body curled up into a ball as he trembled violently.

"That….." Qiao Chu's eyes stared wide with shock as he looked at Jun Wu Xie. When they had just walked out of the place, he had still been fine. How was it that in just mere moments, the Condor Country's Emperor had turned into such a state?

Jun Wu Xie looked up to the gradually clearing sky and said: "I've said it. Spare him? Impossible."

The elixir that Qiao Chu had fed to the Condor Country's Emperor in the end was not an antidote at all. That was just a pill that numbed a person's nerves that temporarily prevented the person from feeling any pain. Although taking that pill would make a person be unable to feel any pain at all, but once its effects wear off, the other effects of that drug would also immediately manifest, combining with the effects the first elixir that was fed, bringing to the person not just pure and simple excruciating pain.

These two pills when paired together, would make a person fall into unimaginable agonizing torment, suffering the seemingly endless torture for seven days and nights. Within those seven days, nothing in existence would be able to cure that condition, and once the seven days run its due course, the Condor Country's Emperor would then die from the trauma, but before death claimed him, he would have to suffer the inhuman torment, for an entire seven days!

And that was the final vengeance, Jun Wu Xie had exacted upon the Condor Country's Emperor.

She would not allow him an easy death, as that would be too good for him! !

With the highly mournful wailing from the Condor Country's Emperor behind them, Jun Wu Xie and the others walked out of the Condor Country's Imperial Palace. The guards within the palace did not dare to impede the group in the slightest, and allowed them to grandly waltz out from the Imperial Palace.

Before leaving the palace, Jun Wu Xie stopped in her tracks. Ever since they stepped out from the main hall, Ye Sha had disappeared from sight and he suddenly returned at that moment.

"That Elder Huang is no longer within the Imperial Palace." Ye Sha had followed Jun Wu Xie orders and searched for Elder Huang within the palace. But after going a full circle through the place, he had found no sign of Elder Huang's presence.

Obviously, that wily old fox had upon stepping out through the Imperial main hall's doors, immediately sensed that something was amiss and quickly made a quick escape.

"He might be able to escape from the Imperial Palace, but would he be able to make it out of the Imperial City? I want him to be flushed out!" Jun Wu Xie said with her eyes narrowed. She would definitely not spare Elder Huang, the main culprit responsible for all this.

"Yes!" Immediately after acknowledging the order, the figure of Ye Sha disappeared before their eyes.

Jun Wu Xie and her companions then departed from the Condor Country's Imperial Palace. But when she had just stepped out through the gates of the Imperial Palace, she was suddenly met with a group of lavishly dressed men sporting a crown each on their heads standing right before her.

The various countries' Emperors who had been confined to remain within the Imperial City had heard the news that the Fire Country's Emperor was coming and they knew that Jun Xie had gone inside the Imperial Palace. They had not dared to barge into the Condor Country's Imperial Palace and they had had no choice but to wait for Jun Xie to appear here outside the gates.

Jun Wu Xie frowned slightly and stared at the group of unfamiliar faces before her eyes.

Qiao Chu and the others who were behind her had moved themselves in front of Jun Wu Xie, blocking out the inquisitive gazes of the group of rulers, their eyes turned suddenly wary.
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