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A clear red drop of blood formed upon Jun Wu Yao's thumb.

"Lord Jue!" Ye Mei suddenly called out in shock.

Jun Wu Yao then let the drop of blood fall onto the little Emperor's lips, the bright red drop of blood slowly flowing over the little Emperor's lips to fall into his mouth.

"What it lacked, is merely only my blood." Jun Wu Yao said with a light laugh, his eyes filled with mocking ridicule.

Under the Heavens, no one else besides him would be able to create true Scarlet Darkness.

"Lord Jue, how could you….." Ye Mei exclaimed as he stared incredulously at Jun Wu Yao. [His Lord Jue had actually taken his own blood and given it to a little brat from the Lower Realm….. How could that be! ?]

"As long as it makes Little Xie happy." Jun Wu Yao said and turned to leave nonchalantly. He did not care about whether the little Emperor lived or died, and neither did he care about the little Emperor's wellbeing. He only knew that Jun Wu Xie cared, and he had acted because of that. If not, the life and death of the Lower Realm would not matter to him in the least.

Ye Mei drew in a deep breath and looked at the little Emperor lying upon the bed, but this time, the murder he had felt had greatly diminished.

The blood of the Dark Emperor, was something that countless people could only dream to have. A countless number of people in the Middle Realm had expended immense amounts of effort, just seeking to gain a drop of the Dark Emperor's blood, but not a single person had succeeded. But this little one from the Lower Realm had actually been so fortunate today…..

Ye Mei did not give the little Emperor another glance after that, and immediately followed Jun Wu Yao outside.

When Jun Wu Xie woke up, Jun Wu Yao was sitting beside her bed and looking at her smilingly. Seeing that handsome looking countenance immediately upon waking up, Jun Wu Xie's heart involuntarily skipped a beat.

Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit had usually always slept together with Jun Wu Xie but for some unknown reason today, they were both curled up into a ball and hiding in a corner of the room. When they saw that Jun Wu Xie had woken up, the eyes of the two naive beasts were suddenly filled with anxiety, looking like they had suffered great injustice and were seeking for their Mistress to protect them.


Jun Wu Xie had not noticed the plea in their eyes.

"How long did I sleep for?" Jun Wu Xie asked softly as she looked at Jun Wu Yao.

"Not long." Jun Wu Yao replied with a smile.

Jun Wu Xie got up and the little black cat at the side swished its tail lazily and yawned widely, languidly leaping onto the floor as well.

Looking at the two naive little beasts huddled on one side and not daring to move, the little black cat's face remained the same as it had always been.

After getting up, Jun Wu Xie was made to have something eat by Jun Wu Yao before she immediately went to check on the little Emperor's condition.

She had just walked into the little Emperor's room when she was suddenly stunned to freeze in her spot. The little Emperor who had been lying motionless upon the bed all this while without making a single sound had unknowingly woken up. What made Jun Wu Xie even more speechless was…..

She was seeing the little Emperor currently chewing upon his blanket…..

The embroidered blanket had been torn to a complete mess by the little Emperor and piles of the cotton wadding was scattered all over the bed, but the little Emperor was still innocently chewing upon the blanket, and was even going to stuff the cotton wadding that had fallen out into his mouth!

Jun Wu Xie was still feeling a little stunned and she immediately went forward to pull the blanket away from the little Emperor's hands.

The little Emperor appeared to be shocked for a moment and his face turning to look highly aggrieved, he looked up at Jun Wu Xie and said timidly: "Yit blanky….."

"….." Jun Wu Xie could not find the words. This was the first time the little Emperor had spoken after he was afflicted with Scarlet Blood, but the words he said did not give her any joy at all.

[What do you mean "yit blanky"! ?]

[Just how hungry was he! ?]

"Have somebody prepare some food and bring it in." Jun Wu Yao said to Ye Sha at her side as she rubbed at her temples.

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