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Ye Mei had turned to stone, and the little black cat had frozen with shock.

It would never even in its dreams have thought, that its bumbling little Mistress would…..

[Have learnt to forcibly go kiss a man!]

[Its world had been turned into one from an alternate fantasy realm and it needs some quiet now!]

The little black cat moved shakily as it followed behind Jun Wu Xie to return back to her room. After reaching back, its mind was still filled with the persistent image that it had witnessed earlier.

[What happened to its Mistress?]

[Has she been influenced by the great Demon Lord's sinister ways?]

[Mistress! Snap out of it quick!]

"I don't abhor it, and had even liked it. To me, he is different from any other person." Jun Wu Xie was seated upon a chair, coming to a conclusion after the prior clarification she had just gone to seek.

The little black cat lay upon the ground, shedding tears in abject silence.

[Its Mistress was being napped away.]

[Woe is me!]

"What….. What are you thinking of doing….." The little black cat cried without tears as it looked at Jun Wu Xie.

"Trying to determine what's really between me and him." Jun Wu Xie said confidently.

The little black cat didn't think the tears would be so hard in coming.

"Then you have gotten your answer?"

Jun Wu Xie hesitated a moment, and said uncertainly: "Almost."

[That wasn't kinship, and neither was it friendship.]

The little black cat felt that its life was no longer worth living and it lay upon the floor playing dead.

The ends of Jun Wu Xie's lips suddenly turned up in a smile and resting her chin in her palm, she looked out at the beautiful scenery outside her window.


After Jun Wu Yao finally recovered from his shock, he sat silently upon a chair at the side. He raised up a hand, and covered it over his mouth and nose, to ponder in silence.

Ye Mei at the side secretly gulped, his eyes not daring to glance anyway else, afraid that he would see anything beyond his Lord Jue's control…..

[Cough….. He did not see anything.]


The sound of a drop of water that fell was heard and Ye Mei kept his head down not daring to raise it. But a faint scent of blood wafted past his nose and he looked up in surprise to stare at Jun Wu Yao.

Jun Wu Yao's face creased up into a frown and gave a low shout: "Scram out of here."

Ye Mei scampered out of the place in a hurry and closed the door tightly behind him, his heart thumping madly.

[Lord Jue this time….. had fallen into really deep trouble!]

Just several moments later, Ye Mei heard the sounds of water splashing continuously.

Feeling the pain of his Lord Jue….. 

[Young Miss, playing with fire without extinguishing the flames might really kill somebody!]

Ye Mei did not know how long he stood guard outside the door, but it was only after night had fallen that a tiny figure appeared right before him.

"Yit Uncle….." The little Emperor looked up at him with his little mouth open, his face almost drooling as he looked at Ye Mei.

Cold sweat beaded upon Ye Mei forehead and he quickly reached into his pockets to take out a jade ring and placed it before the little Emperor. The little Emperor took it in his hands expressionlessly, and went over to one side to go munching on his own…..

"Cough….. Big Brother Ye Mei, what are you doing here?" Qiao Chu asked as he looked at Ye Mei squatting outside Jun Wu Yao's room and found it a little strange. Although Ye Mei and Ye Sha were always at the sides of Jun Wu Yao and Jun Wu Xie, the two of them were usually hidden in the shadows, seldom seen to remain in a spot without moving.

"Where's Big Brother Wu Yao?" Qiao Chu asked as he stared at the tightly shut door into the room. The image of Jun Wu Yao and Jun Wu Xie kissing earlier had created a great impact upon his mind and it had taken Hua Yao and the others a long period of preaching before his heart had finally been able to settle.

[That's right.]

[Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao were not real siblings afterall.]

[The were both gorgeous and talented and there wasn't anything wrong with that.] 

"Dumb Qiao." Ye Mei said as he looked at Qiao Chu and said profoundly: "At this time, I would advise you not to remain standing around here and bring that little one somewhere else to go play."


"I am saying this for your own good." The previous fire not extinguished and a new flame was ignited. Ye Mei firmly believed that his Lord Jue's mood wouldn't be too pretty at the moment.

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