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Jun Wu Xie's silence just made Jun Wu Yao more certain of his guess and realizing that it was rare to see Jun Wu Xie displaying such a demeanor for someone else's sake, he immediately knew that Little Jue had a place in Jun Wu Xie's heart, just as she had said before, where she truly saw the little kid as her own "little brother".

"Scarlet Blood was created based on modifying the Dark Emperor's Scarlet Darkness and the Scarlet Darkness was what brought the Dark Regions into being. Throughout the entire Middle Realm, no one dares to offend the Night Regime and do you know why is that so?" Jun Wu Yao asked.

"Because of their might." Jun Wu Xie replied.

Jun Wu Yao smiled and said: "To your answer, it's yes, and also a no."

He sat down beside Jun Wu Xie, as Jun Wu Xie's mind would not be bothered by the smell of blood on his clothes at that moment.

"Although the Night Regime holds powerful might, but they are not feared merely because of their strength, but the innate unquenchable bloodthirstiness within them. Usually, they are merely a bunch of highly powerful fighters, but whenever they encounter anything that had to do with the Dark Emperor, a highly bloodthirsty urge would manifest uncontrollably within them. That phenomenon is brought about by their undying loyalty etched within their spirits and once evoked by someone, the effects of the Scarlet Darkness would rise within their bodies, turning them into a horde of demons climbed out straight from the depths of Hell."

The Night Regime was loyal only to the Dark Emperor alone. They paid no heed to the conflicts within the Middle Realm and they existed only to protect just that one man.

"Scarlet Blood is not a complete product but a large part of it is highly similar to the Scarlet Darkness. Although it's true that the little Emperor's spirit had been sacrificed, but the Soul Calming Jade is able to use the remnants of his soul's essence, as it tries to find some traces of his dissipated spirit, to restore it anew. You do not need to worry that the spirit in that child would be someone else's as he will still be him and that would not change. But as the deficiencies in his spirit had been too severe, his consciousness is unable to tell right from wrong, or the truth from lies. He is only capable of reacting based on his instincts and if I am not wrong, the fact that you've saved him from before must have really left a very deep impression upon him." 

"Even if his spirit at that time had greatly dispersed, all that he saw would still leave faint traces behind. At this moment, the only person that little kid trusts is you and in his eyes, you are just like what the Dark Emperor is to the Night Regime." Jun Wu Yao turned his head slightly to see the frown on Jun Wu Xie's face gradually easing away and his eyes filled up with a smile.

Ye Sha and Ye Mei remained deadly silent, and they had their eyes lowered.

Nobody understood the meaning of Jun Wu Yao's words more deeply than they did. The kind of instinct that came from deep within their spirit was something that no one could subvert and the explosive power that it gave them would not be evoked for any other person, but only for the Dark Emperor that they all were loyal to.

It was something that they themselves were not able to control.

When they saw how Little Jue had reacted, they immediately understood what had happened to Little Jue. Jun Wu Yao had given Little Jue a drop of his blood, but he had not left his brand upon his soul. Their Lord Jue must have guessed that the little Emperor held endless gratitude towards the little Emperor and he had delivered the little fella to go remain at Jun Wu Xie's side.

The Scarlet Darkness had never been used upon children as a child's awareness was weak and it would be extremely difficult for the child to control the instinctive urge the Scarlet Darkness brought. Moreover, Little Jue was originally inflicted not with Scarlet Darkness but was Scarlet Blood…..

The replica that the Scarlet Blood was, would ultimately still not be as stable as the original Scarlet Darkness afterall.

Even when Jun Wu Yao had given his blood to Little Jue after he was afflicted, the Scarlet Blood would still not be able to give one the complete effects of the Scarlet Darkness.

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