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Scarlet Darkness does not harm a person's spirit but Scarlet Blood would!

Scarlet Blood is afterall an incomplete product and although it lacked just that one ingredient, but it was the most crucial one.

It was just one drop of blood, and it made a world of difference.

From what Ye Sha and Ye Mei could see, Little Jue's condition had already stabilized. Although his spirit was not complete and he did not possess full analytical abilities, his consciousness was however distinctly clear without showing any symptoms of chaos or disorder.

He was but a child and without possessing a complete spirit, it was impossible for him to be able to differentiate between things that well.

If Jun Wu Xie looked upon Little Jue as a pawn, she would be glad that Little Jue was in that condition, but she saw the little one as her "little brother."

Jun Wu Yao's words made Jun Wu Xie fall deep in thought. She went silent a moment and then suddenly stood up, to walk herself towards Fan Zhuo's carriage car.

She leapt onto the carriage's platform agilely and drew the curtain on the carriage aside. Immediately, she saw that tiny little figure huddled in a shaking little bundle in the furthest corner of the carriage, and upon that adorable face, were crystalline tears flowing down from his large eyes. He was sitting there alone and weeping soundlessly, hugging his knees tightly while his body shook with his sobs.

Seeing the figure of Jun Wu Xie suddenly appearing, Little Jue's eyes were suddenly filled with panic. He was suddenly flustered as he looked at Jun Wu Xie, the look in his eyes turning into anxiety and unease, but no longer showing any aggrievement.

His mouth opened slightly as if wanting to say something, but turned out he did not dare to and the tears just continued to flow down his cheeks.

As Jun Wu Xie looked at the little figure, his reaction made her subconsciously think of the little Emperor when she had first met him. 

He had looked just as timid like he was now.

He had not changed.

"Don't….. Don't be angry….." Little Jue said softly with a trembling voice as he looked pleadingly at Jun Wu Xie. He did not know where this feeling of unease was coming from but he was really afraid. Afraid that Jun Wu Xie would abandon him.

"Little Big….. Brother….. Don't be….. angry….. with me….."

His voice was shaky, and interjected with sniffles, as he did not dare to cry out aloud, trying his best to hold in his sobs.

Jun Wu Xie suddenly felt her chest tighten and constrict and she went straight inside the carriage to sit inside as she looked at Little Jue tearing up helplessly.

"I am not angry." Jun Wu Xie said as she looked at Little Jue, her eyes serious. "Even if I am angry, it will not be at you. I am just….."

Jun Wu Xie did not continue with her words. After she had rescued the little Emperor from the Condor Country's Imperial Capital, Jun Wu Xie gathered from Grand Tutor He that the lone Poison Man that had protected the little Emperor at the cost of his own life had not been anyone else but the little Emperor's elder brother.

The poison had penetrated too deeply and he had already lost his awareness where he was unable to recognize anybody.

But it was at the moment when the little Emperor was in danger that his elder brother had suddenly appeared, using his unnaturally broad shoulders, to shield the naive little Emperor.

Even after having his mind completely destroyed and still possessing the presence of mind to do that, in Jun Wu Xie's eyes, that was almost a miracle.


She had not been able to save that miracle.

That was the first time that Jun Wu Xie had not known what to do, despite being equipped with her skills and knowledge in Medicine but was unable to put it to use.

That was the case for the little Emperor's elder brother, and it was the same for the little Emperor himself.

Jun Wu Xie was angry, only at herself, never ever blaming it upon anyone else.

She had once thought, if only she had been more skilled in Medicine then, would she have been able to save the little Emperor's brother? Would she be able to cure the little Emperor?

In that way, the little Emperor would not have to suffer such agony, and he would be able to go back to the Buckwheat Kingdom with his elder brother, or he might have been able to continue to enjoy his life as the little Emperor, or maybe he could have become a duke that strove to become a Beast Tamer as he trained under his elder brother's protection.

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