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In that way, the little Emperor would then have no need to endure any such suffering, and he would be able to go back to the Buckwheat Kingdom with his elder brother, or he might have been able to continue to enjoy his life as the little Emperor, or maybe he could have become a duke that strove to become a Beast Tamer as he trained under his elder brother's protection.

Unfortunately, she had not been able to save the little Emperor's elder brother, and had even almost lost the little Emperor as well…..

Throughout the two lives Jun Wu Xie had lived, the past and the present, these were the only two instances that she had felt that her deep knowledge and skills in Medicine had been completely useless.

"Little Big Brother….. not angry….." Little Jue seemed to be able to feel that Jun Wu Xie's demeanor was not as sharp and chilling as before and he instinctively felt that Jun Wu Xie would not be averse to him going closer. Nevertheless, he was still highly cautious as he shifted his little bottom closer, testing the waters as he closed the distance between them but nudging himself closer bit by bit.

Jun Wu Xie looked at the nervous little face and the pair of eyes that were filled with unease, seemingly deeply fearful that she would really reject and abandon him. Jun Wu Xie then suddenly laughed lightly despite herself and raised a hand in imitation of Jun Wu Yao to rub Little Jue on the head.

Little Jue's eyes widened as he stared at Jun Wu Xie. This was the first time that Jun Wu Xie had carried out such a heartwarming action upon him and although he did not understand the meaning behind such an action, he at least knew that he like it very much.

"You are my little brother and I will never abandon you. You will also never ever need to fear me." Jun Wu Xie said as she tried her best to make her eyes appear warmer.

[Having "lost" a Big Brother but now she has a younger brother, the Heavens have been rather kind to her haven't they?]

It was not known whether Little Jue understood Jun Wu Xie's words but after hearing them, he stopped crying and just stared at Jun Wu Xie with those large sparkling eyes of his.

That sense of unease, seemed to have faded away quite a bit.


Seated outside by the fire, Qiao Chu and the rest of the gang did not dare to go interrupt Jun Wu Xie and Little Jue, and were left with no choice but to exchange nervous glances with each other, their gazes subconsciously floating over to end up falling upon the figure of Jun Wu Yao. They were all feeling rather curious about what Jun Wu Yao had done at the Heaven's End Cliff.

That highly mournful wail, had stayed fresh and vivid in their minds.

However, Jun Wu Yao did not intend to say anything and after waiting for a rather long while and he still did not see Jun Wu Xie coming out from the carriage, he got up and walked over to it.

When he lifted the curtain leading into the carriage, he was met with a highly heartwarming sight.

Inside the horse carriage, Jun Wu Xie was seated leaning to one side, soundlessly asleep, while Little Jue who had become tired from crying was lying her lap, drifted off into his dreams.

That quiet and tranquil sight, made a smile rise within Jun Wu Yao. He let down the curtain gently, and turned himself around to walk back the way he had come.

"We will get ourselves some rest here today, and bright and early tomorrow, we set forth for the Heaven's End Cliff."

He'll just let the two little ones get some good and proper rest.

Against Jun Wu Yao's suggestion, no one dared to contest in the slightest. They did not know what was happening with Jun Wu Xie and Little Jue in the carriage and they had even waited till nightfall when they still did not see the two of them coming out from the carriage. Fan Zhuo was going to go back to his carriage to get some rest when he was told by Jun Wu Yao that he could come to his carriage to rest for the night instead.

That invitation…..

Immediately frightened Fan Zhuo where sudden chills ran through his entire body. He quickly shook his head and tactfully declined it, where in the next immediate instant, he had run up to Hua Yao and Qiao Chu begging for them to put him up for the night.

The three youths, squeezed themselves together, cramped up with a single horse carriage for the entire night.

[That had been such a joke!]

[Sleeping within the same carriage with Big Brother Jun Wu Yao, who would be able to even sleep! ?]

That night, Jun Wu Yao only had Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit who were so terrified of him they were trembling throughout the night within the carriage as company where he managed to get a moment's shuteye. He had not been able to fall asleep from beginning to end and Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit were just too terrified to even close their eyes at all…..

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