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Jun Wu Xie was not interested to hear that man's ramblings at that time but all the things that he spoke about which reached her ears then was still largely remembered by her.

Quicksand was formed, in actuality by the fact that there was water trapped within the grit and sand grains, where it reduced the friction between each individual grain.

If one was able to evaporate the water from within the sand, then the phenomenon that was quicksand would not manifest.

Jun Wu Xie stared across the endless sea of sand and she suddenly pulled out a huge bottle from within her Cosmos Sack, which held some transparent liquid inside it. Qiao Chu was intrigued and did not know what Jun Wu Xie wanted to do. He was not unfamiliar with what was in the bottle as when they had lit their campfires on the way here, Jun Wu Xie had always dripped a few drops of that liquid onto the wood to make them burn more easily.

Jun Wu Xie silently splashed the fluid upon the sand in front of her and then waved her hand, asking the companions to step back a few steps.

Just as everyone was becoming curious about Jun Wu Xie's actions, she suddenly drew out a stick of flame ember and threw it upon the sand that was soaked with the fluid.


In an instant, a scorching blaze roared to life, just like a fiery dragon that shot outwards at a blinding speed!

The bright red dancing flames burned merrily upon the golden sand, like a dragon of fire snaking through the desert.

In the already roasting temperature, it instantly shot up further. Even though they had retreated back several steps, Qiao Chu and his companions could still feel that boiling wave of heat sweeping over them. It felt as if they were going to be cooked and they had had to summon up their spirit powers to block out parts of that absolutely searing heat.

"Little Xie, what are you doing here?" Qiao Chu asked, his hands stretched out and waving in the air, like he was trying to fan the heat away from him. He was already almost turning into a roast pig so why would that lass still want to add fuel to the fire! ? He was getting cooked here.

Jun Wu Xie did not pay Qiao Chu's grumbling any heed but just stared at the quicksand engulfed in flames.

That was a chemical she concocted that had an extremely low combustion point to be used for them to light fires easily if the humidity in the air got too bad and she had not expected to find such a use for it here.

The golden sands were unable to further fuel the fire and after the fluid was quickly burned up by the flames, the searing heat disappeared quickly and the heatwaves swirled and rolled over the sand's surface. When seen from a distance away, the scenery became heavily distorted by the heatwaves.

"Move!" Jun Wu Xie suddenly called out as she led by being the first to step upon the scorching sand.

What was amazing was that the golden sands did not sink this time. Although still a little loose, but they were nothing like the quicksand from before.

That scene stunned Qiao Chu to stare blankly at her. Hadn't the sand in this area sunk like mad they moment they stepped upon it so why had it all hardened up after it was set ablaze by Jun Wu Xie?

In reality, Jun Wu Xie had merely made the vapour content within the sand on the surface layer evaporate away to dry it up and before the water from the bottom surged up, that area of sand would remain harder temporarily and this was the window of time they had to pass through.

Jun Wu Xie did not stop a single moment, setting the sand ablaze further front to open up the path as she advanced, not allowing the time for quicksand to form below their feet.

The merciless heat struck at the companions from all directions, the sands beneath their feet scorching hot after having just been burnt, where it felt like the fire was burning through the bottom of their shoes to sear the soles of their feet. Even with their spirit powers shielding their burning feet, that roasting temperature all around them still made Jun Wu Xie and her companions all dripping sweat like rain, pitter pattering upon the sand as they sped over the fiery golden sands that were almost hot as glowing coals!

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