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It's no wonder the Spirit Soul race was being destroyed, their ring spirits are really just too weak!

With that kind of attack capability, it really wouldn't even match up to Little Lotus.

"Has it fainted from fright?" Little Lotus asked as he blinked his eyes, his face highly innocent.

Poppy gave a low laugh. He didn't dare to go tease Jun Wu Xie anymore but…..

"It might have fainted but aren't you able to heal things? Come, carry the little thing and see if it will awaken." As he spoke, Poppy's hand tugged at Little Lotus' bib and quickly dropped the hamster who had fainted inside.

That soft and fluffy furball slid down his body and the little fella's face immediately turned pale, causing him to hop all over while waving his limbs, bawling loudly in tears.

Jun Wu Xie felt a headache come on and stared at Poppy smiling evilly. She then calmly pulled out a bottle of wine from her Cosmos Sack and grabbed Little Lotus, immediately pouring it into Little Lotus' mouth which was opened in a loud bawl.

Poppy's face quickly turned dark…..

After about ten minutes' scuffle, Poppy was pressed against the wall by Drunk Lotus and given a good and brutal bashing before it came to an end.

"What should we do with this hamster?" Drunk Lotus asked with an arrogant smirk on his face as he picked up the hamster who had shrunk itself back into a ball and asked Jun Wu Xie.

"If there's a ring spirit, then someone's definitely here." Jun Wu Xie said as she drew in a deep breath. All the previous nonsensical ruckus did not mean anything. The fact that the hamster appeared here almost verified her guess from before that within this Dark Emperor's tomb….. there was someone else!

And it was highly possible that it was someone from the almost extinct race in the Middle Realm, the Spirit Soul race.

"Why don't we first slaughter this tiny little thing and when we come across its owner, we'll then….." Drunk Lotus said as he drew a line across his neck. That caused the little furball to tremble even harder. It had already clearly felt the thick and tremendous murder spilling out from Drunk Lotus and it no longer possessed the strength to even curl itself up into a ball anymore but just laid there with its four limbs spread out, as it stared in despair at the silent Jun Wu Xie who was not saying a single word.

Jun Wu Xie stared at the little furball and suddenly thought about those creatures back in the pet hospital where the hamsters skittered around within their cage and begged for food with their adorable appearances, quickly causing her to lose any intent to kill.

If it had been a threatening enemy, she would not have hesitated in the slightest, but face with such a defenceless little furball, she did not have the slightest intent to kill it at all as doing that would only make her feel like she was a lunatic that abused animals.

"Let it go." Jun Wu Xie said decisively.

"What? Let it go?" Drunk Lotus was surprised that Jun Wu Xie would make a decision like this.

Jun Wu Xie said: "We have no feud against the Dark Regions and being here to rob the treasures from their Dark Emperor is already a blasphemy towards them. If possible, I really would not wish to get into anymore conflict with the people from the Dark Regions. Moreover….. It's completely innocent. But if we do get into a fight with the people from the Dark Regions later, it would then be an enemy. I do not want to have any harm done to it now."

Jun Wu Xie had a rather good impression of the Dark Regions and if not for the sake of their own survival, she would not choose to rob the Dark Emperor's tomb of its treasures.

Compared to the Twelve Palaces, they people from the Dark Regions were much more worthy of her respect.


She really didn't think that freeing such a tiny "hamster" would cause them additional harm. If they were to really come to blows, she would merely just need to push the little black cat in front of it and the little hamster would be reduced to a harmless ball once again.

With Jun Wu Xie's firm orders, Drunk Lotus had no way of refusing and could only put the hamster who was so shaking with fright onto the ground.

The hamster seemed to realise that it was now safe and it immediately stretched out its highly insignificantly tiny claws to scuttle a few meters away.

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